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ADAMS - The Migrations of the Adams Clan of Talladega County, Alabama, by Billy J. Adams, 1991

Adcock: Descendants of Henry and Sarah Adcock of Robertson County Tennessee, by Gloria Shipp Frazier

Aldrich Family Tree II: Descendants of Timothy & Lucina Aldrich

Alexander Family Collection Volume 1, compiled by Fredrea & Carrie Ann Cook, 2003

Alldridge, Aldridge, Roots and Branches, by Alldredge  and Trammell, 1990

Our Allens from Maryland to Muscle Shoals..., by Granville O. Allen, 1995

Alley Ancestors, by Gene Alley

Alley-Barnes Connection, by Gene Alley (1995)

Allison - Traces in the Sand, A History - Allison and Allied Families of Campbell Co., VA and Morgan Co., AL

Family of Amos (The), by Debbie Bowen Jacobs, Orig. 1992 Revised 2003, in subsequent printings

Arrington: Absalom, Some Descendants, Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, 1798-1984, Down From the Hills, by Mary Florence Arthur Word, 1984

Band of Angeleas (A), by Robert W. Anglea (1991) - out of print

Barber, Bishop, Leach, Richmond, Our Michigan Roots, by Marion D. Leach

Barnett-Smith, Europe & America 1600-1992

Barbour to Barber, by Woodrowe Barber

The Genealogy of Thomas Barnes of Hartford, Connecticut (1615-2001) Volumes 1 & 2, by Frederic Wayne Barnes and Edna Cleo (Bauer) Barnes (Out of Print - reported 2013)

Three Hundred Years of BARCLIFTS 1690-1990, by Frances Lee Burkhart, 1991

Henry Barkley Clan, by Benita Ruth Barkley Shields

Batchelor Family; Bachelor in VA; Batchelor in NC; Bachelor/Batchelor in TN, MO & TX; Batchler in TX; & Bachlor in OK & CA (The), by Lyle Keith Williams

Alexander Beall 1649-1744 of Maryland, by William Hunter McLeanKwa-hoo-sha-ha-ki (Flying Eagle) American Indian Warrior Hero A Glimpse Into the Life of Leaford Bearskin Chief of the Wyandotte Nation,  by Fredrea Gregath Cook

Kwa-hoo-sha-ha-ke (Flying Eagle) American Indian Warrior Hero A Glimpse Into the Life of Leaford Bearskin Chief of the Wyandotte Nation,  by Fredrea Gregath Cook, September 2009, ISBN 978-0-944619-96-4

That Darn Joe - The Life and Times of a Dakota Rancher, by Ted J. Becker and Glo Shemorry

Search of Beasley (In), by Robert Beasley (2005 Collectors Ed.) ISBN 0944619789 (Out of Print 2009)

An Historical Journey with the Beckstrom and Ingmundson Families, From the Middle Ages to the Present with Stops Along the Way at the Paulle, Leah, Reeve, Ellis, Bicknell and Related Families, by Edward A. Beckstrom, 1993

Beischel, Boerger, Brooks, Chandler, Collomb, Daniel, Dirksen, Fischer, Fromm, Grothouse, Hils, Kaverman, Kullman, Murwinkel, Metzer, Pence, Weber and Others, by Sister Benedicta Karter, O.S.B.

Family of James and Caroline BELL (The), by Virginia Brown, 2008

Bethesda Baptist Church, Carroll County, Georgia: the First Hundred Years, 1849-1949, by Mary Florence Arthur Word

Samuel Biddle Family History & Descendants, by William Curtis Stoner, Jr. & Girtha Lee Boydston Stoner

Bishop, John of Scotland, Family History of, Related American Families and Descendants, Robert H. Bishop of Oxford, Ohio, and Ebenezer Bishop of McDonough County, Illinois, by Stanley R. Scott and Robert H. Montgomery, reprint of 1951

Berkshire Family Scrapbook, by Francis H. Berkshire, 1990

My Heritage: A History of Black, Acklen, Lee, Williams, Young, Eskridge, Smith, Graves, Charlemagne, and Allied Families: from the time of Charlemagne to the present, by Lona Black Koltick, 1986

Blackburn Branch, 1759-1989: Family History and Descendants of James A. Blackburn of Alabama, with emphasis on Joel Blackburn, 1794-1873 & Anna Fry, 1796-1871 (Our), by Drusilla Cochran Sheldon

Blakes of Bibb County, Alabama, 1818-1988, by Chester Rankin Johnson, Jr., 1988

Blalock and Related Families, Pioneer Families of Virginia, The Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama and Texas, 1597-1988, by Delton Blalock

The BOND Family, by L. D. Bond, 1998

Borders Families (The), from the 1700's, by William Steve Borders, 1989

Boven Dutch Apple Pie: the Story of Boven Emigration to the United States, by John Henry Boven, Carol Gohsman Boven

Bowden, David W. Derwin

Bower/Winchcomb Connection, Being a Record of the Descendants of Isaac N. Bower (1775-1884) of Chemung Co. NY & James Winchombe (c. 1710-?) of Wiltshire, Eng. (The), by Collen A. Pustola (1996)

Song with a Tenor Lead - The Story of Joseph William Boyd & Mary Cerena Hampton w/Ancestors & Descendants, by Jim Boyd (2002)

John Calvin Boydston, Family History and Decendants, by Opella B. and Virgil R. Smith, 1992

The Family of Bray, by Virginia (Bray) Stephenson, 1997

The Breakiron Family History, by Lee Breakiron, 1995

Brendlinger, Brentlinger One Line of Descent From Josepf Brendlinger, by Alice Faye Cross, 1988

Come on out to Great Southwest Missouri, Daniel Brendlinger (1829-1914) George W. Brentlinger (1836-1923), by Alice Faye Cross, 1990

Briton, Britton and Allied Families of Ireland, Chile, and America, by Irma Baska Briton and Norman Alenk Briton, 1986

The Britt Family, Joyce Dunning, 1995

Brock - An Oral Family History, by E. Ralph Brock, Jr., 1989

Daniel Bromley Pioneer, 310 Years of His Ancestors and Descendants, by Richard F. Bromley, 1993

Brown, Ingles, La Grone, Houseal, Hopkins, Patton, Pettus, Reed, Smith, and Related Lines, Under the White Oak Tree, by Eugenia P. Fincher, 1989

Brown-Trowbridge Genealogy, by Hedy Chaffee, 1987

The BRUNER Brothers and Related Families, by Marilyn I. Miller, 1999

Brundage Family Genealogy, by Thomas W. Brundage, 1989

Bullock, Connell, Glass, Jones, Mann, Thompson and Related Families 1700's to 1991, by Patricia Hatfield, 1991

Burgess Family, V1 (The), by Harl Donald Burgess & Dr. Elbert Felton Johnston

Families Remembered: the Burnett, Prevatt, Walker, Stonecypher and other allied Families of Northeast Florida and Georgia, by John Albert Burnett, 1989 (out of print, but author plans to update and republish, reported October, 2010)

Burns, William W. of Anson County, NC, 1794-1874, and His Descendants, by Donald Edwin Burns, 1989

Bursons Who Came South (The), by Montez DeMonia Jones

Andrew Caddell & His Descendants, by Wayne Lewis Caddell & Billy Frank Caddell, 2002 (Out Of Print)

Cagle Families in the Southern States, Descendants of Leonhart Cagle ca 1684, by Jimmy B. Cagle, 2000

Caldwell, David and His Descendants in the United States of America, by William W. Caldwell, 1987

Carmarthen Memoirs of a Welshman, by Lewis Monroe Evans III, 1993 

Carter Cousins 1681-1989 Volume 1 Some descendants of James Carter & Susannah Griffith, Quakers of Bucks Co., PA, by Marie Thompson Eberle & Margaret Shipp Henley, 1989 - OOP 2009

Carter Cousins Volume 2 Some descendants of James Carter & Susannah Griffith, Quakers of Bucks Co., PA, by Marie Eberle & Margaret Henley, 1997

Casteel, by Jean Brown, 1985

Families of Thomas Carol Chandler, by Benita Ruth Shields

Charles: The Charles Branch of My Sunshine Tree, by Sybil Roberts Smith, 1984

Chasteen Genealogy & Family History, by Naomi Ruth Jackson Chasteen (1987)

Descendants of Estienne Chenault, by Belle Chenault, 1991

The Cinnamon Tree: A Family History and Genealogy from 1774

Cochrane & Ripley Families (The), by Ann Cochrane Gregath & Fredrea Gregath Cook (1993) ISBN 0944619037

The Descendants of Thomas Coatsworth and Mary Bainbridge, Middleton-In-Teesdale Durham County England, A Family History, by Eva M. and Helen Coatsworth, 1990

Coleman, The History of Thomas and Lillian (And Their Descendants), by Thomas Coleman, 1984

Wet Glaize Ambush (Judge James Carlee Colvin’s Murder on the Auglaize Creek Bottom, Camden County, Missouri and Subsequent Trial), Barbara June Aust Billerbeck, M.L.S., Fred William Billerbeck, Jr., Ph.D., Amy Elizabeth Billerbeck, M.L.S., & Fred William Billerbeck, III, J.D., 2008

Compton Families in America, From England to New York and New Jersey to Virginia To Tennessee to Alabama to Texas (1600's to 1984), by Delton Blalock, 1984

Copeland, 500 Years of Family History: England, Soctland, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, America, Canada, by Berry A. Copeland, 1981

Genealogy of Ancestors - Descendants: Cornner, McBean, Nowlin, Scott, Searle, Shelton, Wyman, York & Other Related Family Lines from Europe & America, by M. Pauline McBean York

The Cottingham's of Bibb County, Alabama Volume 1, Orig. by Anna Cottingham/1970, revised by Joyce Davis, 1981

Cranford, The Story of John and Elizabeth Wilkes Cranford, by Willodene Cranford Brumbach, 1984

Crawford, Early Pioneers on the Three Forks of the Kentucky River, by Miles Crawford, 1984

Metes & Bounds II: David Crews, Ancestors & Descendants, by Donna Porter

Harness Makers: First CROWDERS in America, by Patricia Crowder Yaw; Gabrielle Von Stralendorff, 2003

Ancestors and Descendants of George Wylie Crowder and Florence Nevada Maxwell (The), by Grace E Crowder; Ernest L. Ittner

Crowder Family Collection (The), by Fredrea Gregath Cook ISBN 0944619045

cullen, David W. Derwin

Edward Culver, John Porter, and Mary Estley: A Line of Descent from Two Puritans and a Salem Witch, with Allied Families, by Marilyn V. Mills, 1988

William Dady 1630 Immigrant to Boston His Descendants and Their Branch and Allied Families, by Steven G. Perkins, 2008

Daniel, Bradbury, Doss, Moore, Tinney, Gibbs, Turner, Ussery, Alewine, Dunkin...Families of Western Georgia and North Central Alabama, by Delton Blalock

Darrah Diggings, by Rosanna Parker and Mavis Brees, 1991

Daugherty: History of the Daugherty Family in America, by Jackson T. Daugherty, 1985/1987 (reported out of print in 1990)

Davis, There's No Wonder We Act the Way We Do, by Marie Evans Davis, 1985

William and Emeline - The Tennessee Beginning (Davis), by Richard W. Davis

Day Family 1597-1990 (Our), by Doyle Day ISBN 0944619517

Kanawa Co. Cousins, A History of the Families of Dean, Perry, Painter, Ritz, Related & Allied Families Incl: Lane, McDermott, Burgess, Morris, Hokenson, Vanderzee, Keller, Copen, Spencer, Glassburn, White, Sulovka, Mulesa, Slack, Elswick, Garten, by Charles & Carolyn Shields (1998)

The Beauty of DeMents, A Collection of Family Treasures and McInnis/McDuffie/McDonald of Skye Scotland, “A Family Exiled”, by Don Runnels, 2011.

A DeMoney-DeMonia Family De Moneia, Monet, Money, Monnet, LeMonie From France to America A.D. 1130-1981 Volume 1, by Montez Demonia Jones, 2007 reprint.

Denman, My Branch of the Family, by Roy Denman

DeRainville, by Joseph W. Rainville

Der Peters Familie, by Ernestine Peters Schmidt, 1988

Derwin, David W. Derwin

Dewitt-Duett, Roots and Shoots, by Avis William Dewitt, 1984

Some Diamonds, Harpers and Lums of the South, Addye Laura Diamond Kozel, 1990

William Dill Family & Relatives in America, Vs I, II, & III (The), by Gilbert S. Dill ISBN 0944619487

Stories of Our Family, by Stephen Dinker, 2009

History of the Ditto Families, 1700-2000, by Col. Robert Shean Riley (Ret.), June, 2011

Dorset (England) Forever, A Philosophical Travelogue, by Gwen Woodruff

Downings of Europe and America, by Ann Cochrane Gregath (reprinted and updated as V1&2 below):
Downings of Europe & America V1, by Ann Cochrane Gregath & Fredrea Gregath Cook ISBN 0944619353
Downings of Europe & America V2, by Ann Cochrane Gregath & Fredrea Gregath Cook

The DRIVER families in America Volume I Isaac Driver 1725/30, by Lucille Melhuish Driver, 1991

The DRIVER families in America Volume II James Driver 1765-1849, by Lucille Melhuish Driver, 1991

Duffetts of Ray County, Missouri and Their Descendants, 1848-1991 by Anna Lee Duffett Ashely

Dunning Footprints and Wagon Tracks, by Joyce Britt Dunning, 1998

Dunston, Ponder, Walker, by Bettina Pearson Higdon, 1981

Dusky & Allied Families - The Families of Dusky, Finney, Gallimore, Gladfelder, Green, Hill, Lanning, London, McQuown, Neufang-Knifong, Reed, Wasley-Wesley & Whitaker, by Ann Cochrane Gregath  ISBN 0944619320

Dyer Family History from England to America, 1600's to 1980, by Watson B. Dyer, revised 1986

Early New England Families & Some of Their Descendants Eng., Scotland, Ireland to America - Alexander, Bacon, Bishop, Blatchley, Chatfield, Coit, Cooke, Crane, Denison, Disborough, Gaylord, Griswold, Hall, Hand, Hubbell, Hull, Joy, Lay, Lord, Meigs, Mould, Nettelton, North, Osborn(e), Riddell, Sheather, Spencer, Stanton, Steevens, Stratton, Ward, White, by Ann Gregath & Fredrea Cook (1992) ISBN 0944619088

ECHOLS, Hughes, and St. John Families, by Ethel Hughes Echols, 2008

Pioneer Lift of the Emigh Family, by C. Bryon Spoon, 2001

Our European Origins, by Col. Robert Shean Riley (Ret.), June, 2011

Faith Family, by Loyce M. Robbins

Fink, Sak and Zoran Immigrants & Their Descendents from the Hasburg Empire (Austro-Hungarian Empire) Descendants of Andreas Fink (The), by Fred William Billerbeck, Jr., Ph.D., Stiteley &  Maday (2005)

The Fords of Northeast Alabama and Related Lines, by Rubye E. Sisson, 1990

Climb With Me, My Family Tree, by Benita Foster, 1989

Foster: A First Family of Alabama, by Bettina Pearson Higdon, 1983

Joseph Fox - His Descendants & Related Families, by Charles S. Fox (1998)

Fox and Stidham Families, by Berdie Steadman Fox, 1987

Michael Franks Family History and Genealogy: (six generations) (The), by Harley A. Franks, Mrs.; Donald J. Sublette; Franks Clan Association

Frazier, Descendants of William Frazer (Frazier) of North Carolina, 1700's to 1988, by Hilda Barnette, Ola Johnson, Larry Beeson, 1988

Funk, The Other Henry Funk, by Ruby Chaffee, 1988

Gaddy Tree (The), by Ruby Gaddy Johnston, 1990

Gardener, Gardiner, Gardinier, Gartner Genealogy & Allied Families, by Marshall Kim Gardner & Ann Cochrane Gregath

Out of the Past, by W. Howard Galloway, 1989

GAREY - Family Castles, by Michael Edwin Garey, 2014

Garrett, Catlett, Ware, and Related Families, by Sunie Garrett Talbert Elliott Fisher; William George Bilton; Claude Monroe Hill, 1989

Geigers of South Carolina, by Percy Geiger, reprint of 1945

Descendents of Johann Balthaser & Mary Margretha Getz

Givens, Allen Splawn, Roseberry & Calhoon Families of Northern MO, by Brenda E. (Givens) Abplanalp, 1988

Glovers of Marengo County, Alabama, by Sara Elizabeth Mason, 1989 (reported out of print)

Glymph An American Family

gomez - Mama and Papa's Twelve Children And the 'Y', by Cecil Gomez, 1996 (out of print)

Gonce and Wynne Genealogy, by Barbara Gonce Clepper, 1986

Good, In Search of the Good Live, by Kay Good Gregath, 1984 (still in print)

A Legacy to Our Children, Goodman/Dunlap Ancestors, by Gary and Ann Goodman, 1992

The Graham's of Noble Heritage

Green Family Cherokee Ancestors & Some of Their Descendants (Our), by Ann Cochrane Gregath & Fredrea Gregath Cook (1992) ISBN 094461907X

Green Family Quarterly (V1#1-V11#4), Edited by staff of Gregath Company, Inc. (1986-1996)

Greer: A Family Named Greer (1748-1986), by Pauline Greer Brown (reported out of print, 1991)

Greer and Related Families: Sanders, Sims, Glenn, Christmas, Smith, Ferris and Carver, of the Carolinas and Virginia, by Brent H. Holcomb

Gregath Family in Europe & America (The), by Ann Cochrane Gregath (1990) ISBN 0944619096

Groom Family Scrapbook: including the Descendants of Samuel Dabney Groom and Lucinda Thompson, 1821-1994 (The), by Joyce Lanier Krehbiel

The Griswold Family Volume 1, by The Griswold Family Association

The Griswold Family 6th and 7th Generation Michael Volume 2, by The Griswold Family Association, 2007

Grossnickel, Three Country Doctors, by Edwin Grossnickle, 1988

William Guffey (1786) Ancestors and Descendants And Some Related Families, by Alvin Joseph Guffey, 1999.

Guthery Family: Henry, David, William and Their Descendants of Cullman County, Alabama, by Ima Gene (Guthry) Boyd, 1979

Hale Brothers Ancestry and Descendants of The Three Sons of Roger Hale of Glastonbury, Connecticut - Titus Hale (1802-1844), Israel Foote Hale (1804-1891), Marvin Hale (1823-1890), by David A. Helm, 1997

Ancestors and Descendants of Gardner Cole Hale of Hale Springs, Alabama (The), by Gregory Evan Thompson

Hallabrin Heartlines, The Ancestors and Descendants of Frederick and Susanna Schossler Hallibrin, 1760-1984, Franzefeld, Hungary, to America, by Susan Brubach Mulherin, 1984

Aristocratic & Royal Ancestors - Jane Harry

Hamby, Descendants of Reuben Hamby, by Betty Hamby Cooper 1983

Hammock Family

Hanby, A Profile of Gabriel, 1786-1826, by the Blount County Historical Society, reprint of 1962

Marc Hardoin (Mark Hardin [I]) and Descendents, by Col. Robert Shean Riley (Ret.)Marc Hardoin (Mark Hardin [I]) and Descendents, by Col. Robert Shean Riley (Ret.), 2013 Reprint

The Descendants of Andrew and Jannette Penman Harkness Roxburghshire, Scotland, by Elmer George Dickson, 1990

1640 Descendants of Timothy Harney, Somerset County, Maryland, by Charles Harney, 1997

Hart Family Album with Allied Families, Craig Hart, 1982

AAlias Charley HART, William C. Quantrill in Lawrence, Kansas in 1860, by Charles F. Harrislias Charley Hart, William C. Quantrill in Lawrence, Kansas in 1860, by Charles F. Harris, 2008

Harris Trees & Branches, Descendants of John Taylor Harris, North Carolina and Tennessee, by Erma Harris Roberson and Thelma Harris Talbott, 1990

The Aaron HAYES Family, by Runette Braswell, 2011

Descendants of Samuel Partridge Hawes, 1777-1847, of Franklin, Massachusetts and Mount Pleasant, Illinois (The), by Raymond Gordon Hawes; Sue E Bowen

Cave Spring Henrys (The), by Benita Shields

Helms Descendants, 1720-1991, by Gerald C. Helms, Sara Myers, and William E. Helms, Jr., 1992

Helms of Germany and Pennsylvania by David A. Helm, 1992

Herndon & Inge Families (The), by George B. Inge, 1995

Hershey Family History Index: Companion to Hershey Family History by Henry Hershey - 1929 by Deborah White Hershey, 2007

Higdon-Whitaker, by Bettina P. Higdon, 1982

Hite-Joist (Yost Heydt) and Some of His Descendants, by Frances Cooper, 1983

Robert HODGE, Sr., of Livingston County, Kentucky, compiled by Barbara Roach Knox, 2005

Hoffmeyer Family, 1831-1983, by Carolina Nigg, 1983

Hopper and Killian Kin and Connections, by Jo Bailey Gladney

Horsley Families of America, 1650-1986, V1, by Brenda Horsley, Scot and Roy Deris Horsley, Jr., 1986

Howell-Cummings Connection, by Dorothy Howell Brown, 1987

Hudson Record, V1, by Donald Clair Heart, 1982, 1989

Hudson Immigrants, the Geography of Early Settlement, by Betty Jo Hudson and Phillip Wayne Rhodes (Hudson Family Association), 1981, 1990

Huffman Genealogy

Hutchison Family Including Clore, Blankenbaker, Kaifer, Garr, Snyder, Leutert/Lyter, Huffman, Arledge, Featherston, Wade & Rabb (The), by Alice Sekanick

Hyder Connections, Tennessee Roots, V1, Betty Hamby Cooper, 1987

Ingram, Memories That Never Die V1, by Maude Ingram Markee, 1984

Ingram, Memories That Never Die V2, by Maude Ingram Markee, 1986

Walking in the Shadows with the Jackmans, by Etta C. Jackman

Jackson (Hefton-Dobbins-Riggins/Reagon-Cooper) Genealogy & Family History, by Naomi Ruth Jackson Chasteen (1988)

A Jeffreys Family, 1765-1984, by Allen R. Jeffreys, revised 1986

The Ancestors and Descendants of Andrew Jackson Jenkins and Frances Jane Loggins of Habersham County, Georgia and Related Families, Loggins, Crocker, Denham, Meeks, Napier, by Joseph P. Jenkins

Jones-Reese and Allied Families, by Montez DeMonia Jones, 1982

John J. Jordan of Moniteau County, Missouri: Some of His Ancestors and Descendants by Robert Atkin Jordan, 1995

Descendants of William Judson of Connecticut, by Linda Jeanne Dolby (nee MacLoon) (1999, 2000)

Karl Family's Pride, by Roy G. Karl, 1986

Karter-Otte Families, by Sister Benedicta Karter, O.S.B., 1982

The John Cears (Kear) Family: Descendants and Their Families (The), by Donald L. Kear, 1984

Keel and Related Families, Part I (by Hilda Barnett, Ola Johnson, and P. B. Keel) Whitaker Wanderings, Part II (by Harold Whitaker) 1983

Kennady: The other Kennadys, 1812-1983; plus, That Jinks!: The adventures and misadventures of Jinkie Noel Kennady, by Hazel Kennady Lewis, 1983

Kiefer & Their Relationships “A Collection of Family Information” (a research in time), Don Runnels, 2003

kiernan, David W. Derwin

Kilgo (Kilgore) Cousins and Kin, by Darrell Brock, 1984

Killingsworth Family, by LaFrona Foshee Mouser, 1986

Kitchel Family History, by Deloris Kitchel Clem, Dwain L. Kitchel, 1989

Klein, Kasting, Sheppard, Ford, by Martha L. Ford Winchester, Edna J. Kasting Ford, and Wilson W. Ford, 1991

Klepper: History and Genealogy of the Family of Jacob Clepper and Family of Malcomb McAlpine, by Lucille Mehrkam, 1987

Knox-Stewart, Passengers on the Wings of Time, A Knox - Stewart Genealogy Including Allied Families, by Margery Stewart Knox, 1992

Family Reunion, by Dorothy Lacey Landoll, 1987

Landrum, Life and Times of Rev. John G.

lannon, David W. Derwin

Lavender Line (The), by Dess Parker (reported out of print)

Leach-Standish-Hendrick Genealogy: "Sarah", by Ardith A. Snyder, 1986

Learned Family in America, 1630-1967, by Eugenia Learned James, reprint of 1967

Lee Lineage: The Jonathan Lee Family of South Carolina and Westward 1810 - 1981 Volume 1, by Edna Earle Lee James, 1982

My Sister's Story by Betty J. (LEESE) Brodrick and Marilyn J. (Leese) Fritz, 1990

Leigeber Family Tree, by Kaye Marie Couch Leigeber, 1981

Lenderman (Linderman, Lenamound, Lenamon, Lenderman) Links, 1762-1982, by Ranelle Hemrick Brown and Margene Hemrick BlackBlack deluxe bound book with silver foil embossing.

LINCH/Lynch Lineage and Family History Volume 1, by Ray Hanford Linch, 1993

Lincks' Trunk and Branches, 1795-1985, by George Lincks, 1985
Lincks' Trunk and Branches, 1795-1985 Second Edition, by George Lincks, 1987
Lincks' Trunk and Branches, 1795-1985 Second Edition, by George Lincks, 2012 Reprint

Lockhart Family in America (A), by Ann Cochrane Gregath, 1972 - updated by Fredrea & Carrie Cook ISBN 0944619010

Lockhart-Moreland, Letter to My Grandchildren, by Sunshine Moreland Wilson, 1986

Luckey Family of Tennessee: A genealogical history of John Henry Luckey, William Franklin Luckey, and Samuel Joseph Luckey of Gibson/Madison counties, ... Their ancestors and descendants, 1732-1987, by Ann Colvin Luckey and Elizabeth Luckey Bennett, 1988

Luton - 2009

Gone Before: James Luke of Kemper County Mississippi and His Descendants, by Bettye Boyles Forster, 1990 (reported out of print 1991)

Lyon, Reflections of a North Alabama Boy, A Personal History, A Short Step to Eternity, by George El. Lyon, 1986

Mainwaring, John of New Jersey and Allied Families, by Charles William Mainwaring, 1982

Solomon Mangham, His Ancestors and Descendants, by Vaughn Ballard, 1989

Marlow Family in America, Early 1800's to 1984, by Odalene Ponder, 1985

John Marsh of Craven & Kershaw Counties, SC & His Descendants & Research Notes on Marsh, by U. Bowdoin Marsh

John Marsh of South Carolina and Research Notes on Marsh, by U. Bowdoin Marsh, 1993

Martin-Ray Book, by Barbara E. Newman, 1985

Martin: Thomas Alexander Martin Family History, by Montez DeMonia Jones, 1982

Massie: The Family of John Massie, 1743-c.1830: Revolutionary Patriot of Louisa County, Virginia, Including Early Immigrants to Kentucky and Texas and Related Families, by Dr. Mavis P. Kelsey, M.D. and Mary Wilson, Kelsey, 1979

The MATHEWS Story, by Robert M. Maninger, 2008

May Those Who Come Behind Us Find Us Faithful..., by Kathryn Jones; Eva Gray Matthew Stephens; Terry Tucker Fields

My Paternal Grandparents, by J. Marie McBride, 1995

McCarty & Other Southern Roots, by Etta Jackman, 1989 - OOP

James McConnell (ca. 1715-1764) of Sherman's Valley, Tyrone Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania" by Colleen McConnell Eagan, 1994

McDaniel, Causey, Tisinger Family Ties, by Gwyn B. Clay, 1986

McGehee Descendants, Volume 1, by Ethel C. Woodall Grider and  Jane N. Grider, 1987

Our McGehees, A History of One Branch of the McGeehee Family from 1659 to the Present, by Elizabeth McGehee Johnson, 1993

McKinley Memories, by Gay & Ruth McKinley

Deluxe hardbound book cover sample photograph.

McMahan Blood II A Genealogy of John and Dicy (Clark) McMahan II, Their Descendants and Allied Lines of Gaines, Pollard, Wiggonton, Burgess, Robinson, Massey, Wigley, Cook, Groover, Smith and Hudson Families. by Albert Neal McMahan, 1990

Metes & Bounds I: Dugal McQueen & Some Descendants, by Donna Porter

Our McRight Family in America, by Gilbert S. Dill, 1993.

Mehrkam, Conrad of PA & Descendants

Gayen Miller, an Irish Quaker/American Descendants, 1675-1993, by Elmer K. Miller, 1993 (Reported out of print with no plans to republish January 14, 2009)

Memories of the Miller and Wiebe Family, by Norma Lord, 1992

The Scotch-Irish Milling Families of the Southeastern United States, by Francis W. Milling, Ph. D., 2001

Nasby Mills of Knox Co., KY: His Descendants & Ancestors, by M. Virginia Mills (1996, reprint 2001)

Millwood Genealogy, by Shelia Cochran McCoy, 1984

Mitchell: Descendants of Thomas Mitchell and Allied Families, by Lottie Painter Hudson and Cathie Mitchell Davis, 1990 (ISBN 096262070X)

Mitchell - Those Who Have Gone Before Us, by Virginia D. Mitchell, 2000

Mockbee Family Roots in Maryland, Kentucky, Ohio and Descendants, by Shirley Mockabee Ames, 1988

The Book of Ancestry of John Singleton MONTGOMERY and Sue A. Pearson, Lois F. Patton Olzawski & Julie F. Olzawski York, 2008

Moody, Steele, and Allied Families, by Ruby Gamble and Carolina Nigg, 1985

Michael MOONEY 1828-1881 Book One - 2002, by William R. Allen, 2002, 2008

Morrell, North, Denton, and Stout Families Among Others in the Long Island Ancestry of Amanda Fitzland Steel, by Marilyn Squires Mills, 1988

MORRIS A Family History, by Mary Ann Morris Thompson, 2013

Our MORRIS Family, by Connie Daniels, 1998

Morton & Allied Families

A Genealogy of the Mouser Ancestry, by LaFrona Foshee Mouser

The Mullers of Dittweiler: And related Knorr and Geuder families, by Marilyn Isabel Miller, 1993

Genealogy of Randolph S. Murff, 1784-1955, by Paul B. Murff

Myhand-Daniel, by Bettina Higdon Burns, 1988

The Nalley and Vaughan families of Forsyth and nearby counties in Georgia, by Dorsey Everett Nalley, 1985

Nally, Footprints of the Nally Family Along Little Pine Log Creek (Georgia), by Winnell Watson "Ben" Nally, 1986

Needham Families from Virginia, Descendants and Allied Families, by Wynelle Holloway, 1988

Tee Rocky Road Home, by Frank A. Neuhold, 1991

Noble Families, by Elsie Noble Weeks, 1986

One Man's Story, by David NORVELL, 2008

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Ottawa County Families (Oklahoma)

OSTHOFF Austif & Austiff, by Dorothy Austiff Chute, 2013

When Pabst Became Bobst, by Constance Young, 2000

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Carolina Page's: a compilation of Genealogical information on Page Families in the Carolinas beginning in 1521 to present time, by Robert E. Page

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Patterson Family

Pearson Volume III

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Popejoy Family in America: 1700-1976 (The), by Charles L. "Jack" Popejoy, 1976

Popejoy Past & Present 1680-1980, by Charles L. "Jack" Popejoy, 1982

Popejoy Family Update – 1990 (A), by Charles Popejoy

Darrell and Avis Porter Family Letters Volume I, compiled by William S. Porter, 2007

Darrell and Avis Porter Family Letters Volume II, compiled by William S. Porter, 2007

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Raulston and Russell Genealogy, by Barbara Gonce Clepper, 1986

Ray Kinfolks, by Ovin Ray (2003) ISBN 0944619703 - not available as of 6-15-2010

Descendants of Amos C. Reed & Jemima Kennard (The), by John H. Cunningham III, 1992  - 2013 reprint

River Reeves & Then Some, A compilation of the genealogy of Jesse Tinion & Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Reeves of Pike Co., AL & that of David Reeves & Moses Reeves of Pike Co., AL (The), by William Flake Joiner (2001) ISBN 0944619649

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Richard Shelly Family History

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Supplement to Smith Family Ties, by Ruth McKinley (1995)

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Stovall Family & Related Lines, Volume 2 (The), by Lyle Keith Williams

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Ancestors and Descendants of Robert Henry Tapscott, Alabama State Representative, 1925, by Bettina Pearson Higdon, 1988

Leaf, Stem, Branch and Root: Muskegon County, Michigan - Thompson Ancestry Walker County, Texas - Baldwin Ancestry Prominently including the surnames Anders/Andrews, Baldwin, Berry, Boatwright, Burnett, Clarke, Coleman, Comfort, Covell, Doughty, Erickson, Gilleland, Guerrant, Hill, Jones, Kuiper (Cooper), Landrum, Marshall, Pegoda, Rankin, Spencer, Thompson, Traylor, Vandermade (van der Made), White, Womack, and Worsham, by Kevin Paul Thompson, 2011 (978-0-944619-99-5) - Out Of Print

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The ULRICHS of Fuerstentum Waldeck (Waldeck, Hessen, Germany) A Dynamic Family History That Began Centuries Ago in the Small German Principality of Waldeck

Ulrich’s of Fuerstentum Waldeck (Waldeck, Hessen, Germany) A Dynamic Family History That Began Centuries Ago in the Small German Principality of Waldeck (The), by Fred W. Billerbeck, Ph.D., et al, (2004) Currently out of print.

VAN DEEST Family (The), by Velma Van Deest, 1989

Van Hoose and Gullett, Descendants and Ancestors, Holland, England and America, 1480-1990, by John See Van Hoose and Doris Jean Van Hoose Jones, 1990

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WADE A Family Histoyr, by Mary Ann Thompson, Spring 2011

The Charles Bartlett Walls Family Tree, by Warner Wendell Walls, 1985

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All Known Lines of Our Family, WArren-Cragett (Craighead), Dianne Warren St. Clair and Caroline Warren Atkins, 1986

Charles Young WEbb, Mormon Pioneer, by Susan Webb McClellan, 1991

Hieronimus Weller Family in America (The), by Ralph H. Weller, 1999, reprint 2000

The Weaver Family, by Alice Weaver Sekanick, 2008

Weaver, McKnight, Haggerty/Clute Families

John White of Virginia and North Carolina, with Supplements on Jordan, Toms, and Henry White, Woody, Thompson, Perry and Lanman Families, by Helen White DeWard, 1989

Wildman-Huckaby (all spelling), by Bettina Pearson Higdon, 1983

Williams and Hammock, Ancestors and Descendants of Welsey C. Williams and Malinda P. Hammock Williams, by Bill Nuss and John D. Williams, 1981

Walking Through Life Our Way, Gary Williamson, 2008

Robert Wilson 1750-1826 of Blount County, Tennessee; Some of His Descendants and Related Families Including Gould, Cook, Brooks, Huson, Sherer, Stribling, by Mary Wilson Kelsey, James Cook Wilson and Louise Kirk, 1987

Wiltbanks of America A Compilation of History and Stories with a Genealogical Record, by Elon Marion Downer, Jr., 2007 - Reported Out of Print November, 2008

Winkler, Gossett and Haynes Families - of Sourwood and Honeysuckle: A Book of Memories as Told by Lonia Mae Winkler Hawkins and Her Children, by Joseph L. Whitten, 1989

Jacob Wolfe of Scott County, Virginia (and many of his descendants), by Beverly U. Wolfe, 1987

Woodford-Newsom: The Story of Marianne Woodford and William Blount Newsom, by Willodene Cranford Brumbach, 1986

Chips from the Woodyard, by Robert R. Woodyard, 1993, 1999

History of the Woolfolk Family Their English Origins and Early Generations in America Volume I, by Col. Robert Shean Riley (Ret.), June, 2011

John Bryson Word 1796-1882 His Ancestors and Descendants, by Mary Florence Arthur Word, 1990

Yeager Family Circle from Hither to Yonder: Yager, Yeager, Jager, Germany to America, 1600's to 1991 (The), by Daphine Yeager McPherson

Yeldell and Hartsfield Families of Colonial Philadelphia, The Carolinas and Alabama and the Weaver Family of Butler and Wilcox, Counties Alabama, by Oliver C. Weaver, Jr., 1993

Deluxe cover with bronze foil - title is out of print.

Jeremiah Youngblood, by Dorothy Morris Quaife, 2002 (out of print)

ZORNES Family History, Being the Descendants of Brothers Andrew & Martin, by Shirley Campbell Ramos, Jane Zorns-Burrows & Patricia Campbell Kratz, 1999, reprint 2000 (reported out of print August, 2010)

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