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The Mathews Story
Click here for softbound information.

Click here for more information on using color.

Full Color
Hard Cover Design Layouts

Go here for more on HB Cover Files

Runnels & Their Relationships, "The Governor's Line" Back Color CoverRunnels & Their Relationships, "The Governor's Line" Front Color CoverColor cover art files can be submitted in a variety of ways, click here for more details. We suggest either a single file that contains the entire cover (back, spine, front, and overlap), or for component files (back, spine, front, background-for overlap). If supplying one file that no additional work is needed on, there will be no additional fees associated with the cover, provided you are publishing at least 25 quantity. If publishing fewer than 25, a set up charge will apply. If supplying component files, or a list on instructions, the minimum service fee is $80.00, and additional hours are billed at $20.00, per.

If attempting your own graphic design, please keep this information in mind:

A single, PDF hard cover file should include additional space on all four sides (regardless of actual book size), back cover, front cover, and spine allowance.

Adhesive Information Page

Oversewn Information Page

My Branch of the Family, by Roy Denman Front Color CoverMy Branch of the Family, by Roy Denman Back Color CoverBe careful if scaling (enlarging or reducing) graphics. You can have a very high quality graphic, but if you enlarge it 800% to fit your idea of the cover, it will generally loose focus and/or pixilated. The lower the quality, the less you can enlarge a graphic. As a rule, reduction is not a quality issue, unless it is shrunk so small that little or no detail is visible. Keep in mind, if using a photo quality, or other high quality computer printer to view your graphic print outs that production machines do not always match or exceed this high end, consumer quality - unless specifically commissioned.

Graphic files that are layered should be sent in their native format, as well as being flattened into a single layer, for original artwork. If sending PDF, be sure that the conversion "locks down" all fonts.

Ottawa County Oklahoma Families Volume 1 - Second EditionCover register runs 95-99%. Because of this, many collage type covers designed by authors don't always come out as desired. We suggest that your background continue throughout all cover elements, leaving at least .25" between your outside photos/graphics and the "edge" of the cover. Otherwise, you could end up with important elements folding around the edge of your cover, and/or spilling onto the edge of your spine.

A printed cover flat can be mailed for approval before covers are put into production. We'll recommend this step (approximately $50.00 service), if the project seems to warrant it. Depending on the register or bleed of the design, an exact physical bound ARC may be an integral part of the process. Color hard bound ARC services begin at $125.00 and include shipping.Shumate book, 2013 Reprint by RileyShumate book, 2011 Reprint: note different cover artwork

Color links for reference:
Color Work
Color Book Pages

Color HB Cover Files
Color SB Cover Files

Click here for royalty free clip art and cover design tools for sale.

All cover services are available as part of a complete publishing package and POD (small quantity charges may apply), as well as binding or graphic design only.

A Band of ANGLEAS, by Robert W. Anglea, 2017 Omnibus edition 

Page Last Updated: January 25, 2022

Note: All full color bound books shown on this page were printed and/or published by Gregath Company, Inc.  Not all books are available for purchase through this publisher.

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Home Page > Book Preparation Tips > Publication Design > Cover Design > Color Hard Cover Design

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