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Click here for softbound cover files information.
Click here for more information on using color in a book.

Full Color Cover Files
The Mathews StoryEconomical, graphic design available - or submit a camera ready file based on guidelines.

Go here for more on HB Cover Design

Alexander Family Collection Volume 1 Color Back CoverFinal color cover art files should be submitted in PDF. All color cover layouts should be flattened, high resolution - preferably 300 dpi or better - and will need to be a larger canvas then the exact size of the book. Designers will add their book dimensions to the allowances listed below to get their final file parameters:

Same book, two different editions with same basic color layout but much different impact:

Our office staff will work with you - many times at no extra charge on basic cover design.

The design process begins when the author provides the basis for the cover. This can be an itemized list, or as little as text to include and general colors of feeling that should be evoked. Finding Love at Home, by Corey Malik, 2009The more latitude the staff has, the more likely that all graphic design will be no charge.

Once cover idea(s) are produce, a low resolution sample is placed online and a link sent to the author for review - such as this one. Those involved in the design process may choose to collaborate using a cloud sharing service (Google, dropbox, etc.), or author may elect to accept email attachments sending back non-attached notes. Staff and author can continue to work toward a finalized cover in many ways. As many electronic (digital) samples that may be needed in the design process  are always free of charge.

Depending on the register or bleed of the design, an exact physical bound ARC may be an integral part of the process. Color hard bound ARC services begin at $125.00 and include shipping. Another optional step in design is to send a printed cover flat for final approval. These advanced, printed, art-only samples generally cost around $50.00 - shipping included.

Color links for reference:
Color Work
Color Book Pages

Color HB Book Cover Design
Color SB Cover Files

Click here for royalty free clip art and cover design tools for sale.

All cover services are available as part of a complete publishing package and POD (small quantity charges may apply), as well as binding or graphic design only.

Page Last Updated: April 24, 2022

Note: All full color bound books shown on this page were printed and/or published by Gregath Company, Inc.  Not all books are available for purchase through this publisher.

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Home Page > Book Preparation Tips > Getting Started > Publication Design > Cover Design > Color Hard Cover Files
Home Page > Book Preparation Tips > Publication Design > Cover Design > Color Hard Cover Files

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