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As a full service printer/publisher - let us bind for you!

Even if we are not a good fit for your total project, we do binding only* and library rebinding of library quality as well as printing only (bind yourself) or full publishing!

book binding/hardbinding clip artYour needs are the priority! Everything from binding the books you print (on your own computer printer) to library, archive, and family hard cover rebinds to newer Bibles and other well-worn books that have outlasted their covers - let us fulfill your needs. Binding methods, in a range of quality and price are available. Popular hard binding options include: traditional Full Color Covers, Library Oversewn, Economical alternatives to Fine Binding, Text Mount Covers, as well as adhesive/case hard binding. Though most expensive; Oversewn and/or LBI Certified is always recommended for maximum usability, flexibility and durability.

Soft binding options also available.

Call, email, or write us with your questions, selections and first payment. This program can do one of a kind books, or quantities of any range.

Standard hard bound book cover sample photographWhile we do not offer full, professional, archival restoration on extremely old or highly acidic books or Bible rebinds in soft cover, there are a great many things we can be of service with: 

  • Already worn the cover off your book? Let us refresh it for you: Have a book in need of repair - this may be an option, rather than full re-binding.

  • Wish the trade paperback was in hard cover? It can be - let us be of assistance. You get to pick the color!

  • Need your thesis or dissertation bound?  Almost every university or educational program requirements (color, size, stamping, etc.) can be met.

  • Have source files you wish you could keep together?  We can be of assistance in electronic or hard copy formats.

  • Reports, logs, minutes and records of all types, from business and industry to schools societies and organizations, can be gathered together and bound into a single volume or a series of matching books.

  • Have newsletters, programs, directories or other periodicals that you wish to bind for organization, easy reference, or collectors edition?  Quality books can be produced from new copies or your collection.

  • Trying to decide how to maintain a newspaper morgue? Solutions include custom hard case folders, binding for newer papers or hard case storage boxes that can be foil embossed or labeled for easy reference.  

  • Magazine organizers out-lived their welcome?  Custom quotes for binding or storage cases are always free of charge.

  • Bought a source book (hard cover, or paper bound) that you will be using as a workbook so much, you wish you could get at the pages easier?  Let us turn the book into a three ring binder wonder.  We can cut the spine cleanly from the book, punch the individual book pages to directly (if enough spine margin exists) place them on the rings, or use archival sheet protectors to allow easy access for personal copies, check lists, etc.

  • We also can help with more temporary paper-bound solutions for short term items such as comb binding, specialized/customized 3-ring binders, post binding, etc.

  • Storage solutions range from case bound folders and boxes to clamshell storage for those books binding is not a viable option.

Let us give you the personalized service and attention with your non-rare book repair, binding or re-binding project you (and the work) deserve!  We can take care of as much or as little of the binding choices as you wish.  With us, your project can be fully customized, or let us make professional choices for you.  Provide a list of requirements/standards, or "must haves" for your project and we'll be happy to discuss the prices, processes and potential problems of everything with you.

The Bursons Who Came South, by Montez DeMonia Jones in assorted Malaga Print colors - ALA Library Oversewn hard cover.Have a limited volume-numbered set of something you wish hardbound?  Consider making each book easy to find on a shelf, even without the reading glasses!  Choose a cover stock family that has enough colors to bind each volume in a  different color.  This also works great for the author who wants to coordinate hardbound books into a larger set, but not match them, or the author who wishes to make their book more "one of a kind" and less matching can even order their publishing run in assorted colors of a specific binding fabric.

Re-binding options that are considerations (and fully customizable) include trimming the outer edges, or leaving them as received; if originally in signatures, maintaining or separating them; staple removal of saddle stitch books/periodicals (rather than you having to do this chore yourself); custom binders and/or protective cases if standard binding is not a viable option, etc.

Wire staddle stitch or perfict softbinding is great for larger newsletters, and can be rebound by time period in hardcover. 

Rebinding rule of thumb: If you fold the edge of a page and it stays firmly attached - we can probably rebind the book for you.  If it breaks - it needs more professional help than we can give. If this test seems harsh to you, look into storage solutions such as archival boxes or encapsulation rather than new binding.

Please don't hesitate to email us about quotes for any binding order, from singles (one of a kinds) to thousands!

Contact us about custom pricing for all of your projects.

*Please note: For the most durable, best binding (and most economical), the paper for an 8½x11" book should be long grain. For a 5½x8½" book (printed two up), the grain should be short grain.  We can bind any grain, but please note that if the grain of the book is misrepresented, quotes are invalid.  If this occurs, customer will be contacted with differences in cost and explanation - allowing for the order to be modified or canceled. Quotes for unknown grain are also free of charge, but may be substantially higher than the actual production costs.

Click here for basic package information on original blank books: diaries, journals, etc.

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