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Four Color Hard Binding Example - The Bingham BookFull Color
Double Fan Adhesive Binding

Economical, attractive alternative to traditional dust jackets!
Expand beyond the limits of foil!
Also available in fabric finishes.

Band of Angleas front coverThis binding option combines Library Binding Institute recognized durability as a lower cost alternative to library oversewing, and even offers some savings from thin side sewn books. These bindings can last generations. We suggest this economical method for up to 2" thick books (600-800 pages, depending on the weight of paper used). Because this is method is not quite as strong as sewn, it is generally only quoted upon request for books under 5/16". As with any book binding method, however, hard use and/or poor storage will take it's toll over time.

Square back, hard strip or soft strip measurement graphics can be of assistance in setting up camera ready cover files.

Recommended Project Specifications for this type of hard cover

This full color process is a cost effective hard binding alternative to the dust jacket and tailored to your book. Note, however, full color hard covers do not include flap or end sheet imprint/printing in standard pricing.  Special end sheets can be ordered, but the most economical is natural blank end sheets.  All books are guaranteed for quality of workmanship and materials.

Adhesive binding - Double-Fan: Hard type binding. Pages held together by adhesive/glue, applied first while binding edge is fanned in one direction, and second as finned in the opposite direction - may be notched. Meets library binding standard: ANSI/NISO/LBI Z39.78

The Batchelor Family; Bachelor in Virginia; Batchelor in North Carolina; Bachelor/Batchelor in Tennessee, Missouri and Texas; Batchler in Texas; and Bachlor in Oklahoma and California, by Lyle Keith WilliamsTo meet LBI standards, double-fan adhesive bound books must be under 2 inches (50.8 mm) thick. An appropriate binding margin within the text is suggested to further decrease stresses on the spine through reading. An emulsion copolymer (poly vinyl acetate) adhesive is used. A spine lining is added to the adhesive to further enhance durability. Thick books may be additionally notched to provide for maximum paper contact. Notching increases the surface area of the pages at the spine.

Please note that, though LBI standards do not endorse lamination, this product meets or exceeds as many standards for quality, durable binding as we could find.

Double-Fan Adhesive can also be used in our standard or deluxe bindings.

We offer full color softbinding methods in a variety of types as well.Four Color Hard Binding - The Tarheel Connection

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All cover services are available as part of a complete publishing package and POD (small quantity charges may apply), as well as binding or graphic design only.

Page Last Updated: January 09, 2019

Note: All full color bound books shown on this page were printed and/or published by Gregath Company, Inc.  Not all books are available for purchase through this publisher.

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