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Quality Hardbound Book Services
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Services of several binderies in the United SHard Bound Bookstates, are utilized by this company. There are a select few binderies that are preferred, for all books of a genealogical or historical nature. Deluxe cover with bronze foil - title is out of print.Each has it's own area of expertise and Gregath staff will help you by matching your needs to the best bindery and services. These are all the "cream of the crop" because the distinctive types of books not only need to have exceptional strength, but maximum flexibility to compensate for photocopying problems that can arise with low openability (such as from "tight" oversewn books).  Whether you are needing services for printing and binding, binding only (thesis, dissertations, genealogy, fiction, etc.), or rebinding services, Gregath Company, Inc. has a service for you!

Providing authors with the finest quality and best workmanship, at a reasonable price, is a common goal shared by all involved with a successful publishing. Nothing but the very best is offered.

Because of the importance of books, they must be durable, as well as beautiful. This statement counts double for genealogy and history publications, due to the heavy usage books receive while in library, family or individual circulation. Indeed, four primary characteristics of any hardbound book should be considered and weighed carefully:

  1. The binding should not alter the text block in a major way, nor should it waste materials;

  2. The binding should not contribute to a books degeneration;

  3. The binding should allow for easy openability to a 180° position so copying will not be a damaging factor;

  4. A bound book, when laying on a flat surface, stay open for hands free use of the reader (sometimes called "lay flat").

For these reasons, the general hard binding we wish everyone could afford the traditional oversewn binding type, rather than the less durable smyth(e) sewn, side sewn or adhesive options for family and history books. However, we realize that the face of publishing is still quickly evolving. Indeed, today's printed and bound books are rarely the only way one's work will survive and therefore economy dictates many of today's publishing's include ever-popular (and lower cost) adhesive options or side sewn hard bindings with other editions being plentiful (soft cover, eBooks and/or electronic "back ups").

Currently, our most popular (and economical) hard bindings are Library Binding Institute (LBI) side-sewing, case adhesive, and double fan adhesive with full color covers!

Get even more technical! The full set of current LBI standards can be freely downloaded in PDF format by going to their website.

Runnels & Their Relationships, "The Governor's Line", by Don Runnels Standard (custom foil) versus Color Pink granite color cover - Garrett

Also included in standard and deluxe hardbound books (unless specifically requested otherwise) are quality end papers, corners that meet the Library Binding Institute (LBI) standards, further reinforcements, milled sides and your choice of first rate cloth and other man made stock, over strong binder boards. All rigid, hardcover books provide the text imprint on the spine included FREE in all quotations.  Our standard and deluxe covers also include either the finest Buckram or distinctive man-made cover choices as a quality base for a custom cover imprint (standard black, white, silver or gold foil). Additionally, any hard cover package can include more than one artwork engraving or computer system-set type that is heat imprinted in our standard color foils. Basic foil colors included in price list costs include: Downing Booksmatte/flat white, brilliant/shiny gold, brilliant/shiny silver (recommended for dark material) or matte/flat black (recommended for light material) foils. More foil possibilities such as other colored metallic or matte, different shading tones of color, pearl or prismatic are available at higher price points.

Our hard cover prices (deluxe, standard or color) for books with 1/2" spine and larger can include header and footer bands, and rounded backs. Spines can economically have standard text added and spine bars other die embossing upgrades are also optional. Standard hard binding prices assume books bound on the long edge, however books can be bound on the short edge for as little as $1.00 extra (paper grain running parallel to binding edge). Even ribbon bookmarks can be sewn into the spine for a price upgrade.

Deluxe hard covers also include a sizable front cover imprint of text and/or graphics in your choice of foil colors. Specialized custom artwork plates can be applied to the standard binding - a savings when binding many hundred. Special plates can also be made to imprint in a second, third or more colors - each plate in a different color. This is but one option that can turn an economical deluxe binding into the machine equivalent of fine binding.

For Standard and deluxe covers, please consider the color of cover you choose when deciding on your foil imprint color.

Another popular library option is the text mount, buckram binding. Seen in many libraries and some schools, this can be done with new books, or is a great re-binding option.

So many choices and now there are more options with spine choices beyond sewn or glued: Click here for further explanation.

Alexander Family Collection Volume 1, compiled by Fredrea & Carrie Ann Cook, 2003Due to an ever increasing request for 4 color covers, we have been able to arrange a very economical machine-sewn, fully illustrated four-color binding, as well as an library approved adhesive method. For stability, the number of pages is the general determining factor about sewn or adhesive books. In many instances, these are more economical than traditional books with color dust jackets

The Mathews StoryLots of books that have dust jackets are rather plain (or even blank) underneath with a binding band along the spine.  One way to have this band and still save money is to forgo the dust covers in favor of a 4-color cover.  The spine can still have the same banded look along with most, if not all, of your original dust cover layout thoughts.  This cover won't get rumpled or torn Runnels & Their Relationships, "The Governor's Line" Front Color Coverthrough reading and shelf wear as dust jackets so often do. The absence of printed inside flaps isn't a draw back when you think of all those dust jacketed books that have lost their jackets during their lifetime.

Please note that, though LBI standards do not endorse lamination, this product meets or exceeds as many standards for quality, durable binding as we could find.

Elkhorn Tavern, 1860 by Patrick & Sharolyn McCoyMost authors that do not favor four color covers, choose to imprint front and spine, with title of book and author, and possibly decorative spine bars. Special borders, spine panels and artwork, are also available.

We also offer further special designer covers, personalization, marker ribbons, genuine leather bound creations, slip boxes/cases, clam-shell cases, CD pockets/storage, designer end sheets and much, much more. Specially designed or custom work can also be added, for an additional cost.

Inserts such as sales material, last minute addenda material, corrections, or even supplemental data CD/DVD can be added to any style book project as well.  Optional handling and shipping of individual sales for our customers have proven successful, time wise, and cost effective in the information age.

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We also offer blank hardbound books for diaries, journals, gag gifts, novelties, etc.

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