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Books can be offered in hard and soft bound editions - these are full color
See South Carolina Rutledge photos below/right for another example.
Fink, Sak & Zoran Immigrants... book by Fred Billerbeck front cover
Deluxe hardcover -
FREE front foil imprint - cover plate
(black with gold foil)
The Mathews Story
Click here for full color HB options!

Youngblood book - out of print
Deluxe hardcover -
custom front foil imprint
(white material with bronze foil)
Elkhorn Tavern - Pea Ridge: Color Cover
Click here for full color HB options!
Deluxe hardbound book cover sample photograph.
hardcover (buckram) with custom front and spine imprint  - black
(note line and text direction)
The Cave Spring Henrys, by Benita Shields, reprint 2009
Click here for full color hardcover!
  Black deluxe bound book with silver foil embossing.
Deluxe hardcover -
custom front silver foil imprint
Ottawa County, OK Families Volume 3: Color Cover
Click here for full color hardbound!

duotone one color cover perfect bound softbound book
One color perfect bound books - 1 color on colored stock (not coated)

Same book issued in hard and soft cover edition

Color hard cover with Coil and Perfect soft cover booksBound To Be Impressive!

Hard bound,
soft bound,
loose leaf
and everything in between:

A book is only a manuscript until it is bound.

Multiple types of soft cover bindingsHave you ever really looked at the types of bindings you find on a library or book store shelf? There are so many options these days it can make you head spin. To make choosing the binding for a book easier, we suggest carefully evaluating what you want out of a book cover before even seeking quotations. Regardless of prices, durability, options, and jargon, the current project should begin with a wish list that can be tailored using other factors (budget, sales price, durability, custom suggestions, etc.). Below are helpful defining points that should assist in your cover type decision.

  • Deluxe, standard and color hard cover bindingsWhat type of material is being bound? i.e. event program, heavily used reference material, coffee table book, etc.

  • Total number of pages

  • Type and weight of paper

  • Physical dimensions (may alter page count - spine side and binding margin should be considered as well)

  • Appearance desired

  • Durability desired

  • Budget (and any target retail pricing)

Color hard cover and Perfect soft coverAll cover services are available as part of a complete publishing package, POD (small quantity charges may apply), and binding only. While we offer other binding options, the ones below are most common for the economical minded:

Hard Covers
Standard ¨ Deluxe ¨ Full Color ¨ Specialty

Soft Covers
Perfect ¨ Fastback ¨ Tape & Stitch ¨ Plastic comb ¨ Plastic coil (spiral) ¨ 3-ring ¨ Saddle stitch ¨ Post/Chicago Screw

¨ Electronic Publishing ¨

South Carolina Rutledge Color Hard CoverSouth Carolina Rutledge 2 volume softcoverBook design can extend into what type of cover you are looking for. Sometimes, it's a good idea to start a your cost, while other times, it is better to start with your needs concerning durability. We encourage you to visit all the information pages above that look like they might fit your goals. If you are having trouble deciding, please note we'd be happy to discuss your options with you at any time.

Too many choices to decide on cover design?  Consider choosing a color (scheme - cover, text, endpapers, etc.) that matches a favorite color, allow the publisher to select something, or take the color (scheme) from family crest or tartan.

One of many ways to make your book unique is considering a slightly "off size". Many people are familiar with 6x9" and 8.5x11". However, lesser used sizes, like 7x10", or even 8x10" or 5.5x8.5" allow your book to stand out on a shelf without presenting storage problems.

Perfect if producing POD, consider personalizing each book's cover. This can be done with a simple name, different backgrounds or photos, graphic and fonts. The cost differences depend on type of cover which may also make total quantity ordered a factor. For large hard cover orders, have personalization done by extra line stamps for the most economic. For soft cover, the economical personalized options are more suited for non-printed spine options such as comb and saddle.

Back cover: West Tulsa Oklahoma 1939 Before and After The Greatest Little American Town That Once Was, by Cecil Gomez, 2008
Color perfect bound book - full color (front and back)

The Batchelor Family - Deluxe Hard Cover Sample
Deluxe Cover -
custom front gold foil imprints
2008 edition of Writing Family History or Genealogy for Fun and Profit cover photo - perfect bound book 2006 edition of Writing Family History or Genealogy for Fun and Profit cover photo - perfect bound book
Color perfect bound book - full color (two different editions)

 Spania print hardbinding cover fabric samples: Blue, Green & Grey
Custom fabric
hardcover books

Perfect bound paperback: two color on white gloss cover - side bound
Color Perfect bound books

NOTE:  Please contact us for more information.

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Page Last Updated: January 09, 2019

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