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GlossarySome softbound books published by Gregath Publishing Company
Defining Softbound Book Options
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Authors enjoy these binding benefits:

  • Books cost less to produce, which means they can be sold for less.

  • Semi-permanence is a perfect fit for directories/programs, dated materials, periodicals/serials, etc.

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There are many wide and varied ideas regarding softbound books. Concerns range from the appearance to durability, in the finished books. Size and thickness of a book often make decisions for our clients.

All soft binding styles are available in a wide variety of colors and textures (matte, glossy, linen, leatherette, etc.) in cover stock weights. Softbound books: same title in tape and staple and plastic comb bindingsYour softbound books may be imprinted in one or more of our 36 standard ink color choices. We also offer foil imprinted covers in a selection of several colors - with sufficient quantity ordered. Covers can be designed and typeset by us, or you may supply the layout and/or artwork.

Standard soft binding as listed on our standard price lists is for a "one color cover" due to economic considerations.  Basically, this means the impression/printing on the cover is in only one color, as well as only printed on the outside of the book (front cover, spine, and back cover).  However, with a bit of creative book design, this can seem like a two color cover.  Think brown ink with cream stock cover for a sepia tone effect or navSoftbound books: Sailboat history title in perfect binding and comb bindingy impression on baby blue cover, etc.  This type of design is one color of standard book stock and one color of impression/print, giving you the option of two colors on the cover for a "one color" cover price.  In the past, many authors were hampered in design by the black and white thought processes they imposed on the inside of their books for economy for their covers.  Their default thought was white cover with black impression.  However, if budget is not a factor, if the customer can conceive a cover strategy, we can make it a reality.

Photos can be used on covers, as can four color process photos, at an additional charge. Most sketches, maps, or similar line artwork can be utilized in soft cover design at no additional charge.

Blood on the Border The Battle of Baxter Springs (Kansas), by Charles F. Harris, 2013Spot color and multiple colors used to be a way to increase your cover color selection, while not as expensive as four color process. This can still be found in many places, and we can offer it. We find most authors prefer the option of digital full color, as our production doesn't provide for much of a general cost difference between spot, multiple and digital full color. The white/red/black cover of Captain Tough, is an excellent example. Due to the fact the black and red connect, it would have to be at least a 2  color cover (on white stock for the photograph). However, production costs for a two color cover and a digital full color cover were the same. So, rather than run the risk of incorrect register between the colors producing some "off" covers where white could be seen between the red and black, it was produced in full color. Once the decision to go full color is chosen, the covers can be revisited and more color added is desired.

Reporting Live: Articles and Letters from the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair, by Lyndon N. Irwin PH.D., 2008We can produce your covers with color coat of arms in four color photo process with a combination of several inks. Four color process covers must be quoted after reviewing the coat of arms and your request.  For most publishing projects, the more economical full digital color is suggested, and can be quoted without seeing the cover layout.

Full color digital soft covers can be designed in many different ways and types. If keeping the final cost down is a focus, please note that, while full bleed is possible, and even encouraged, some designs require closer register near the edges or cover folds. These special layouts will cost more, as the amount of time spent producing the covers and finer quality controls are applied to the covers as well.2008 edition of Writing Family History or Genealogy for Fun and Profit cover photo - perfect bound book

Film or sheet lamination (glossy/slick), slip sheeting, and wrapping, packaging or boxing each book, direct customer shipping are available to our customers. Inserts such as sales material, last minute addenda material, corrections, or even supplemental data CD can be added to any style softbound book project as well.  Optional handling and shipping of individual sales for our customers has proven successful, time wise, and cost effective.

Working with a book project that needs to be durable,
but soft cover is still preferred?
Consider binding in soft cover using a thin, pliable plastic material, rather than cover weight paper. Cover imprint of ink is still available and the price upgrade is economical. Perfect for cookbooks and publications that updates are frequent, but durability is a goal.

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Softbound Method/Style Selections

  • Currently, the most popular is the perfect bound or wrap around cover. Size suggestion: no more than 300 pages/150 sheets.

  • Plastic comb binding is a lay flat option.

  • Plastic or wire (spiral) coil binding is a lay flat option - opening a full 360 degrees with ease.

  • For books under 80 pages, there is the wire saddle stitch binding. A hardcopy of our tips booklet or pre-2008 catalogs serve as examples of saddle stitch work.

  • We still offer the traditional tape and staple (or side stitch) binding.

  • 3-ring binding offers ease and flexibility for frequently updated book projects.

  • Post/Chicago Screw can use either plastic or metal fasteners.

A note to you from Gregath Company, Inc.

One item that remains constant with our books, regardless of binding type, that needs to be highlighted when discussing softbound or "paperback" books is the paper quality.  Many people equate softbound books with the paperbacks (perfect binding) with newsprint weight paper they buy at the bookstore. We feel that a book that is published deserves good quality, durable paper. Therefore, the standard paper used (8½x11" 50 or 60 lb. acid free book stock) is the same for hardbound or softbound books.  While you may save a little initially by using newsprint, the book will not stand the test of time. The question then becomes, "Did I really save anything?"  Increasingly, if this economic question is - save as much as possible, we suggest choosing to publish by disk - electronically.

All cover services are available as part of a complete publishing package, POD (small quantity charges may apply), and binding only.

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