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FREE Gregath Catalog, Smashwords Electronic Edition ISBN 978-1-4658-2185-0 - available now: just click and load

EGC/CD-$FREE Catalog on CD with bonus material. Request with any order at no additional shipping charges, or send $3.00 for USPS Media mailing of this free catalog - reduced from standard $15.00 S&H fee for any item. Catalog formats included are PDF, MS Word, and HTML. Bonus materials on this disc include some genealogical clip art, special fonts, floral bitmaps ready to use for wallpaper, screen savers and themes. Order by email!

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(Specializing in Family History & Genealogy)
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PDF* - These books include bookmarks within each file and a cross-linked Table of Contents and can be read with the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader program.

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Q. Why are your electronic books so expensive?
A. As a traditional publisher that watch trends come and go, we are still not ready to abandon hard copy, published books that may be preserved archival for all to access without special equipment (unless reader has special needs). Because of this, almost every book that we offer from Gregath (G order numbers) is also offered in a traditional format. Our set electronic book prices are for the value of the work, not the cost of electronic materials - thus nearly the cost of the printed format.

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Q. Why can't I install an e-Book on my hard drive?
A. All Gregath e-Books on CD are Copyright protected, as with any other book. While a printed book can't economically be copy restricted (your conscience is your sole guide), books in electronic format can. A person that purchases a single e-Book is entitled to a single copy of that material only. If one were to install it on their hard drive, they would have two complete copies (1-the original CD and 2-on the hard drive). Even if an e-Book doesn't physically prohibit making a copy into a computer, readers please note that making copies - even for personal distribution - is illegal.

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Q. Why can't I print pages from my e-Book?
A. All Gregath e-Books on CD have full Copyright and, therefore have some Copyright protection built into their design. While it is rare to find printed book that is copy restricted (safety paper, such as you find with checks, is cost prohibitive, Gregath e-Books assist the reader in not inadvertently breaking the law. Someone who purchases one e-Book is entitled to one copy of that material only. Even if an e-Book doesn't physically prohibit making copies, realize that the popular idea of getting an e-Book and printing all the pages off and binding your "hard copy" is illegal - the purchaser will have the single e-Book purchased and a second (or more), unauthorized copy, that has been printed out.

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