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Family History H Section
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Hale Brothers Ancestry and Descendants of The Three Sons of Roger Hale of Glastonbury, ConnecticutHale Brothers Ancestry and Descendants of The Three Sons of Roger Hale of Glastonbury, Connecticut - Titus Hale (1802-1844), Israel Foote Hale (1804-1891), Marvin Hale (1823-1890), by David A. Helm, 1997. 8.5x11", 626 pages, hardbound book. Indexed, includes photos, maps and documents. AD2318-$40.00

Marc Hardoin (Mark Hardin [I]) and Descendents, by Col. Robert Shean Riley (Ret.)Marc Hardoin (Mark Hardin [I]) and Descendants, by Col. Robert S. Riley (Ret.), 2011 revised, 2013 reprint. 1,066 pages, ISBN 978-1-936091-04-1, 6x9", hardbound book. This book consists of three major parts. The first contains narrative chapters which provide a brief history of the French people, where the Hardouins/Ardouins lived in seventeenth century France, where they lived and to where they migrated: Colonial Virginia, Southwestern Pennsylvania, and Kentucky. The second contains Jack Hardin's book about early Hardin pioneers who faced danger from Indian attacks and experienced many hardships in settling Kentucky. And, lastly, supporting documentation from France, British Isles, and official court records extracts of Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky. Also, in Part III contains a series of Family Group Charts by which the Hardins and their Descendants may trace lineage back to the Immigrant Ancestor, Marc Hardouin (Mark Hardin [I]). Research for this Hardin book has spanned a period of approximately twenty-five years. R3805-$125.00 |  More about the book

AliasAlias Charley HART, William C. Quantrill in Lawrence, Kansas in 1860, by Charles F. Harris Charley HART, William C. Quantrill in Lawrence, Kansas in 1860, by Charles F. Harris, 2008. 6x9", softbound book, 130 pages, ISBN 978-0-944619-91-9, includes photos, documents, artwork, indexed.  AD2265-$15.00 | More about the book.

HENRY - The Cave Spring Henrys, by Benita Shields, original 1994, reprint 2018. 8.5x11", softbound book, 362 pages, indexed, includes coats of arms, photos, documents and artwork. R246-$45.00 Comb bound soft cover or Hardbound: POD

other formats available by special orderHERNDON - The Herndon & Inge Families, by George B. Inge, original printing 1973 - reprint 2018. ISBN 978-1-936091-16-4, 8½x11", hardbound book, 300 pages, indexed, includes photos and charts. Herndon origins, Charters of 833 and 968 A.D., deed and records from 1170 to 1400, England to Virginia. Inge origins from Sweden to England by 1066, to America. Many allied names are included. G250-$56.00

Hershey Family History Index: Companion to Hershey Family History by Henry Hershey - 1929, compiled by Deborah White Hershey, 2007. 5x7", softbound book, 84 pages - index. ISBN 978-0-944619-84-1 AD2149-$22.00

HILL - See Dusky

HOLLINGSWORTH - Mary, Mary Nine Generations of Hollingsworths, by Mike Smith, 1989. 8½x11", softbound book, 182 pages, indexed, includes photos, documents, and charts. G255-$15.00

HUBBELL - See Early New England Families

HULL - See Early New England Families

Huhn - Family Diversity, The Huhn, Pestorf, and Steck Families, by Nancy Lee Waters. 6x9", 182 pages, hardbound book, indexed, bibliography and end notes, 39 photos, includes over 200 surnames. documents the emigration of the Huhn family from Asbach, Germany, the Pestorf family from Germany, and the Steck family from Neckargerach, Germany. These families settled in Baltimore, Maryland where many of their descendants still live today. AD2478-$19.99 | Click here for a PDF file containing searchable partial name extract | Click here for more about author's work

HUTCHISON - The Hutchison Family Including Clore, Blankenbaker, Kaifer, Garr, Snyder, Leutert/Lyter, Huffman, Arledge, Featherston, Wade and Rabb, by Alice Sekanick, 1997 (revised). 8½x11", 362 pages, hardbound book, ISBN 978-0-944619-57-5, indexed, includes photos, documents, charts, and maps. R275-$55.00

For more books related to "H" see also Alabama Section

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