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Family History S Section
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My Own Patriot From a Teenage Dare-Devil to Professor Emeritus (John R. Sample - Lt. US Air Force, Retired)My Own Patriot From a Teenage Dare-Devil to Professor Emeritus (John R. Sample - Lt. US Air Force, Retired), by Wilda J. Sample. 2003, 8½x11", hardbound book, 196 pages, ISBN: 978-0-944619-68-1. AD010-$35.00

SCHMIDT - See Smith Family Ties...
Scoville - See Barnes

SHEATHER - See Early New England Families

The Family History of Charles Shields, Including Wolgast, Budd, Frakes, Albright Keck, Stevens, Falkenburg, Cathey and Other Families by Charles Shields, 1993. 8.5x11", hardbound book, 278 pages, indexed, includes photos. AD1105-$38.00

Shumate book, 2013 Reprint by RileyHistory of the Shumate Family Kentucky Pioneers, 1475-1992, by Col. Robert S. Riley (Ret.), 1982, revised 2011, reprint 2020. ISBN 978-1-936091-01-0, 6x9", Hardbound book, 898 pages. This Shumate family history consists of two major parts. The first is a narrative account of the family in seventeenth century France and their battle to be free of religious persecution; the immigrants--Jean de la Chaumette and his three sons--John, Samuel, and Daniel--who settled in early Stafford County (now Fauquier), Virginia; the first five generations to include the Descendants of John [II] and Daniel [I] in Virginia; and Daniel Shumate [V] and his Descendants, many of whom living today are widespread throughout the United States. The second part of this book contains supporting documentation for the narrative account and genealogical lineage charts. There are twelve appendices which document and clarify the lines of descent contained in part one. They consist of church and other records of the family in France and England; extracts of primary and secondary records of Virginia and Kentucky to include probate, deed, tax, and marriage documentation; Federal Census extracts; gravestone inscriptions; and lineage charts constructed to trace one's own particular line of descent. I want to assure the reader that professional researchers and I, myself, obtained the documentary extracts appearing in these appendices from the Federal Archives, the Virginia and Kentucky State Archives, and various county court files in the United States; from the official national and department (provincial) archives in France; and from well known Huguenot libraries or societies in France and England. A complete reference has been provided for each of the documentary extracts, indicating where it can be found in the official files of those records depositories. R3804-$110.00 |  More about the book

Sivills - See Trigg Co., KY

SMITH - A Drive Back into History with the Smith, Texada, Trevillion, and Culpepper Families, by Mrs. Loyce Margaret Smith Robbins

SPENCER Family of Lincoln County, Tennessee, by Donald Spencer. 8½x11", hardbound book, 298 pages, indexed. AD460-$25.00 See also Lincoln County, Tennessee

SPENCER - See Early New England Families
SPLAWN - See Givens
- See Early New England Families
STEEVENS - See Early New England Families

Stevens Family History, softbound book. AD689-$20.00

Strong - See Barnes

Randolph Stoner Family History and Descendants, by William Curtis Stoner, Jr. and Girtha Lee Boydston StonerSTONER - Randolph Stoner Family History and Descendants, by William Curtis Stoner, Jr. and Girtha Lee Boydston Stoner, reprint 2003. 474 pages, 8½x11", hardbound book, includes photos, crests and documents. R464-$56.00The STOVALL Family and Related Lines Volume 2 spine photo

The Stovall Family and Related Lines, by Lyle Keith Williams, 1984 revised second printing, subsequent reprint. 8½x11", hardbound (hardcovers may vary), indexed by volume. Covers the English heritage of Bartholomew Stovall, the immigrant to America in 1684 and the lineage of all his children and their known descendants (Volume 1 - with the exception of John, who is covered in Volume 2).
R465 VOLUME 1 $75.00 - 698 pages, Index, ISBN 978-1-936091-17-1.
R466 VOLUME 2 $71.00 - 722 pages, Index, ISBN 978-1-936091-18-8.
R467 VOLUME 1 & 2 (hardcovers may vary) 125.00

STRATTON - See Early New England Families

STRICKLAND Genealogy & Family History, by Naomi Ruth Jackson Chasteen, 1987. 8½x11", softbound book, 146 pages, indexed, includes photos, documents, and sketches. Allied families of Arnold, Chasteen, Read, Monroe, Jennison, Stearns, Hastings, Pierce and Pettit. AD470-$40.00

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