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Tips for using this catalog
Abbreviations | Special Symbols

Order Number: If it contains a G or R in it (G005, EG202, R002, etc.) the item will be shipped within 2 working days directly from Gregath Company - unless backordered. If not (AD005, AR305, ADAR2004, GR205, etc.), they will be drop shipped (usually within 2 weeks), as they are not generally kept in stock.

If you wish to order online, you have these options:

PayPal orders be sure to double check your total before authorizing! Some links will add S&H automatically and others you will need to add it manually. If in doubt, contact us, and we'll bill you.

If you wish to order by mail: Send full payment to us at PO BOX 505, Wyandotte, OK 74370

If you wish to order by Credit Card: We accept Visa or MasterCard at 918-542-4148, Monday-Thursday, 9am-3pm. Please have your credit card number, billing address, and expiration date handy.

Special Order (many AD#) - FREE SERVICE! These are books and items that we do not always carry in stock. Some books may happen to be in stock and be shipped immediately. Others may not be in stock. Additionally, we may not be the only business who carries them, nor are able to say exactly when these will arrive. Many "special order" books are drop shipped, however alternate formats (hardbound most notably) of some books are prepared by our company as the orders come in. Due to the nature of the published book, some special order books may be out of print - at which time full payment will be refunded.

The listings are alphabetized by key words. Each key word is in bold, all caps (no shouting intended) or may not be otherwise marked. If looking for a certain place or surname, check to see if your browser has a find feature (pull down menu: "Edit" then click "Find..." and follow instructions) - it may cut your search time on any given page. Otherwise, use the site search engine for listings on alternate pages.

If you are looking for a book that doesn't seem to have a clear keyword, after checking the General or Reference category. Next, try the state (geographical location) or surname the book deals with. If unsure, try the family category for the author.

This catalog is not fully cross-referenced. If, for instance, you are interested in Kansas records, just because there is nothing in the Kansas section, does not mean there are no books here for you. By the same token, if you are interested in the Rose surname, the Rose books (under R surname) listed are not necessarily the only books containing Rose genealogy. Do not rely on links or search engine to find all pertinent material, browse the entire catalog.

In addition to cross-referencing, note that books carrying alternate spellings such as Bachelder and Batchelor will not be listed together, but alphabetically.

The state sections of this catalog have been arranged alphabetically according to geography listed in title. This means that Kay Co., OK would be listed before Wyandotte, OK, etc.

This catalog contains books/items with different type of item numbers. These are provided for your reference but are not necessary for ordering. Click here for shipping & handling for a more detailed explanation.

All G prefix books 100 pages or more that are softbound can be ordered in hardbound version - some may be available unbound to institutions.

Some items are tagged new. This means they have been added (new) to this catalog within the last month (usually). The items may be new offerings through our company, reprints or totally new works.

Anything listed in (or as) new or spotlight sections will remain online for at least one month. After that time (generally), listings and tags will be changed to standard listings.

All sales final, prices and availability subject to change without notice.

Click here to read catalog shipping & handling information

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Catalog Abbreviations | Catalog Special Symbols

Catalog Abbreviations
(mainly in printed catalog - click here for general genealogical list)

Abt - about
Co. - County
Eng. - England
Etc. - Etcetera
F - Fleece
FF - Faux Fur
ISBN - International Standard Book Number
HB - Hardbound
LC# - Library of Congress Control Number
Misc - Miscellaneous
NGS - National Genealogical Society
OOP - Out or Print (used when oop is contained in a book that is in print)
SB - Softbound
SO - Special Order
States - all standard postal abbreviations
GCI - Gregath Company, Inc.
V(s) - Volume(s)

States - all standard postal abbreviations
Other standard abbreviations such as WPA may also be found.

Glossary of some standard abbreviations for the genealogist & historian.

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Catalog Abbreviations | Catalog Special Symbols

Special Symbols

= Wholesale offerings for qualified entities.

other formats available by special order = May be ordered in alternate binding or unbound for libraries - different pricing will apply - treat like special order. Contact us for more information.

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We now accept Visa and MasterCard catalog orders!
Information on ordering by credit card
- or -
Send check/money order by mail to 
Gregath Company, Inc., Box 505, Wyandotte, OK 74370, USA.

Numbers have been provided for your use but are not mandatory when ordering.

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