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Dusky and Allied Families Color Front Cover

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Dusky and Allied Families
The Families of
Finney, Gallimore, Gladfelder, Green, Hill, Lanning, London, McQuown, Neufang-Knifong, Reed, Wasley-Wesley and Whitaker

by Ann Cochrane Gregath
ISBN 0-944619-32-0/978-0-944619-32-2


Table of Contents | From the Forward
Index (PDF) - private use only

1991, 8½x11", hardbound book, 214 pages, indexed, includes photos, documents, maps, and charts.

Also available in Ebook

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Table of Contents

  • Dedication

  • Foreword

  • James and Lydia Hill Dusky

  • John William and Mary Jane Green Dusky

  • Sarah Ellen Dusky and Columbus Harrison Reed

  • Dusky Collection

  • Family of George Finney

  • Family of Reuben Finney

  • Family of John Wallace Finney

  • Family of Minnie Bertha Finney

  • Family of Cora A. Finney

  • Gallimore Collection

  • Elizabeth Gallimore

  • North Carolina Gallimore Collection

  • Glattfelder Family

  • James and Margaret London Green

  • Green Collection

  • Family of John Hill

  • Family of David Hill

  • Family of David Hill Jr.

  • Family of William Hill

  • Family of Archibald Hill

  • Family of Lydia Hill

  • Family of Armstead Hill

  • Family of Joel C. Hill

  • Family of James M. Hill

  • Hill Family Records and Documents

  • Early Map of the Waterways of Louisa County, Virginia (VA)

  • Hill Collection

  • Joseph Lanning Family

  • John Lanning Family

  • Aeshia Lanning Family

  • Lanning Family Records

  • London Family

  • McQuowan Family

  • McQuowan Collection

  • Neufang Family

  • John Reed Family

  • John Reed, Jr. Family

  • Eldad Reed I Family

  • Eldad Reed II Family

  • Eldad Reed III Family

  • Columbus Harrison Reed Family

  • John William Reed Family

  • A Page From an Early Reed Bible

  • Early Maps of Rowan and Buncombe County, North Carolina (NC)

  • Edna Reed Family

  • Pauline Reed Family

  • Helen Reed Family

  • Reed Family Records

  • Wasley - Wesley Family

  •  Index

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From the Foreword

History has always been fascinating to me. Family stories only piques my interest in learning more about the various individuals who in the past and present formed the seed from which we sprang.

Constant questions such as: Why did they move here? Why did they live in such a place? How did they travel? How did they teach their children so many different things? Many folks took time to answer and displayed a deep interest, and were very helpful. By pestering all my relatives, and yours, with so many questions, a good base for genealogical research was established.


Ann Gregath

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All book excerpts carry the original book Copyright - reprinted here with permission.


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