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Genealogy Beginners Reference

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Genealogy 101, by Barbara Renick, softbound book, 242 pages, indexed - Book One in the National Genealogical Society Guides Series.  How to trace your Family's history and heritage. Great overall beginning tool. Provides glossary, suggestions, information, examples and more into an easy to use format. AD671-$19.00 Currently IN STOCK

Carmack's Guide to Copyright & Contracts A Primer for Genealogists, Writers & researchers, by Sharon DeBartolo Carmack, CGCarmack's Guide to Copyright & Contracts A Primer for Genealogists, Writers & researchers, by Sharon DeBartolo Carmack, CG, 2007 reprint. 5.5x8.5", softbound book, 144 pages, ISBN9780806317588. Answers lots of questions about copyright laws, rights and publishing agreements and how these items apply to genealogists, writers, and researchers. In scarcely 100 pages, Carmack's Guide to Copyright and Contracts informs its readers about all aspects of copyright law. Each chapter in the book lays out a specific principle of copyright or contracts and then addresses the topic with situations specifically applicable to genealogists. Subjects covered in this fashion include: (1) Copyright Basics, (2) Fair Use, the Public Domain, and Seeking Permissions, (3) Illustrations, Images, Photographs, and Maps, (4) Works for Hire, (5) Collaboration Agreements, (6) Journals/Magazine Contracts, (7) Book contracts, (8) Electronic Contracts, and (9) Self-Publication Contracts. The author also provides an extremely useful glossary of terms found in contracts and matters of copyright. Rounding out the volume are an up-to-date bibliography; a resource directory of websites, links, and online articles; and an index to the book's contents. AD900-$15.00

Family History Companion, by Mark PearsallFamily History Companion, by Mark Pearsall, 2007. 256 pages, 4.5x6.5", softbound book. Practical and portable, this easy to use A-Z handbook offers new insight into family history as it is practiced today. Drawing on the expertise of The National Archives, it summarizes terms, topics, sources and record types from medieval times to the present, explaining how and why they can help your own research. Equally suited to browsing or quick reference, it combines wide-ranging knowledge with practical tips and advice. AD2374-$8.00 Currently IN STOCK

Family History Cultures and FaithsFamily History Cultures and Faiths, by Michael Gandy, 2005. 256 pages, 4.5x6.5", softbound book. Explore how the lives of your ancestors were shaped by traditions of cultures and faiths and how communities maintained and celebrated their beliefs. For centuries, the patterns of our ancestors’ lives were shaped by traditions of culture and faith, and they left a rich legacy of documents, registers and possessions. This wide-ranging guide shows how to use religious records of life’s milestones – such as christening, confirmation, marriage and burial – in family history research, drawing on material in the National Archives and elsewhere. It covers the diverse faiths of Britain – Church of England, Catholic, Non-conformist, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu and others – and suggests the best sources for each, from the earliest records to more recent times. Full of practical advice for all levels of experience, the book offers solutions for common problems and advice on how to find out more. It also explores how and where communities maintained their beliefs, from celebrations and festivals to religious buildings and schools. Abi Husainy, records specialist in South Asian history at The National Archives, contributes a chapter exploring the establishment of Hindu, Muslim and Sikh cultures and faiths in Britain since the 1830s, and points to numerous record sources in the UK and Asia. AD2377-$8.00

Easy Family History, by David AnnalEasy Family History, by David Annal, 2005. 256 pages, 4.5x6.5", softbound book. This guide is for everyone interested in their ancestors whose research has not yet begun, or is in its early stages. It offers exactly what it says on the cover. David Annal introduces all the relevant sources of information in easy steps and most logical sequence, focusing on what you really need to know. The chapters are interwoven with practical features on issues that could crop up during research: for example different spellings of your ancestor's surname. Written with humor and minimum fuss, this is the most accessible guide on the market - and at a size and price to suit any pocket. AD2376-$8.00 

Family History on the MoveFamily History on the Move, by Roger Kershaw and Mark Pearsall, 2006. 256 pages, 4.5x6.5", softbound book. Family history can be relatively straightforward as long as one’s ancestors did not move around too much or change locality. However, with the mass migrations and empire building during the 19th and 20th centuries, most family trees will eventually get to those hard-to-pin-down men and women whose lives took often radical departures – and who settled in new countries or regions of the British Isles, or arrived in Britain for the first time. This book describes those movements into, within, and out of the UK from the sixteenth century to the present day, and shows readers which records to consult to track down their mobile ancestors. The chapters are interwoven with practical features on issues that could crop up during research and case studies to illustrate the sources. AD2375-$8.00

Smart Family History, by Geoff SwinfieldSmart Family History, by Geoff Swinfield, 2007. 256 pages, 4.5x6.5", softbound book. Geoff Swinfield takes you beyond the usual sources and offers a wealth of smart ideas on what to do next. He also shares his tried and tested strategies for when you are stuck, addressing familiar dilemmas, such as 'which of these possible candidates is my ancestor?' Every genealogist will find new things to try in this convenient and affordable guide. AD2379-$8.00 Currently IN STOCK

Family History in the WarsFamily History in the Wars, by William Spencer, 2007. 256 pages, 4.5x6.5", softbound book. As both wars begin to pass into history, this is the perfect tool for discovering how your family suffered and served. The World Wars of last century were the greatest conflicts ever known. Over a million men and women enlisted and served in British armed forces alone between 1914-18, and the figure for the Second World War was even higher. Almost every family has ancestral links to the Services, but finding details on individuals has often proved a difficult task. This clear, accessible guide shows how to get the very best from all sources now available. It gives expert advice on researching men’s and women’s service records for World War I and II, including Army, Navy, Air Force, nursing and merchant seamen. Wide-ranging in scope and practical in approach, it shows how best to trace an individual’s career, including medals and gallantry awards, prisoner of war files and casualty lists. Women who served in both conflicts are well represented, from the online releases of Women’s Auxiliary Corps records to First World War nurses, and newly available naval records open whole new avenues for research. Special techniques and tips are provided for tracing family members in the Commonwealth and Dominion forces and the Indian Army, and a special section considers how to use British and American sources to discover details of American servicemen and GI brides. AD2378-$8.00

Tracing Ancestors Among the Five Civilized Tribes: Southeastern Indians Prior to Removal, by Rachal Mills Lennon, CGRS, hardbound book. AD051-$25.00 Currently IN STOCK

Genealogy Made Easy, by Karen V. Sipe, 1998. 8½x11, softbound book, 48 pages. AD850-$4.00

My Family Tree Workbook Genealogy for Beginners, by Rosemary A. Chorzempa, 1982. 8½x11, softbound book, 64 pages. AD849-$4.00

Reading Early American Handwriting, by Kip SperryReading Early American Handwriting, by Kip Sperry. 8½x11", 290 pages, softbound book. This book is designed to teach you how to read and understand the handwriting found in documents commonly used in genealogical research. It explains techniques for reading early American documents, provides samples of alphabets and letter forms, and defines terms and abbreviations commonly used in early American documents such as wills, deeds, and church records. Furthermore, it presents numerous examples of early American records for the reader to work with, for it is the author's contention that by studying and transcribing each of these documents--letter-by-letter, word-by-word--readers will become proficient in reading and understanding early American handwriting. Arranged by degree of difficulty, from relatively easy-to-read documents of the nineteenth century to those of the sevententh century, the documents showcase examples of handwriting styles, letter forms, abbreviations, and terminology typically found in early American records. Each document--nearly 100 of them at various stages of complexity--appears with the author's transcription on a facing page, enabling the reader to check his own transcription. This strategy allows the reader to attain proficiency in reading the documents at a natural rate of progression. Also covered in the work, with particular emphasis on handwriting, are numbers and roman numerals, dates and the change from the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian Calendar, abbreviations and contractions, and standard terms found in early American records. In addition, there is a timely section on the Internet and compact discs, as well as an annotated bibliography of books and articles of particular interest to genealogists and historians. Taken together, these features describe a book that is absolutely indispensable in learning to read early American handwriting.  AD827-$30.00 More Handwriting

Finding Your German Ancestors: A Beginner's GuideFinding Your German Ancestors: A Beginner's Guide, by Kevan M. Hansen. 84 pages, 5.5x8.5", softbound book. Introducing the first true beginner's guide to German ancestral research: If you haven't worked with German records before, this compact guide will warm up your cold feet quickly and make intimidating foreign sources seem like old friends in no time. Anyone who has worked with foreign records knows that the language can be intimidating. In order to overcome this research barrier, author Kevan Hansen provides the tools and information that empower researchers to work comfortably with German records. Finding Your German Ancestors also offers a solution to one of the largest dilemmas German researchers face: shifting national and regional borders. Due to the continual changes of boundaries and jurisdictions in historic Germany, the types of records available vary from region to region. Finding Your German Ancestors explains the current locations of records from regions with names and boundaries that have changed. It even includes information for contacting each location! Researchers using this book will not only have a greater understanding of their ancestors' lives, but will gain a tremendous asset in finding more information on German records. AD2373-$10.00

Finding Your Irish Ancestors: A Beginner's Guide, by David S. OuimetteFinding Your Irish Ancestors: A Beginner's Guide, by David S. Ouimette. 186 pages, 8.5x11", softbound book. The ultimate resource to help you learn if the luck of the Irish is in your blood or not. This easy-to-use guide will teach you to make use of the many Irish family history records that have become available in recent years. Explore the best family history sources in Ireland, including birth, marriage, and death records; church records; census records; and much more. AD612-$15.00

Finding Your Italian Ancestors: A Beginner's Guide, by Suzanne Russo AdamsFinding Your Italian Ancestors: A Beginner's Guide, by Suzanne Russo Adams, AG. 202 pages, 8.5x11", softbound book. For millions of Americans, home means Italy, where their roots started years ago. In Finding Your Italian Ancestors, you'll discover the tools you need to trace your ancestors back to the homeland. Learn how and where to find records in the United States and Italy, get practical advice on deciphering those hard-to-read documents, and explore valuable online resources. The guide also includes maps, multiple glossaries, and an extensive bibliography. AD613-$20.00 Currently IN STOCK

Planting Your Family Tree Online, by Cyndi Howells, 2003. Softbound book, 260 pages, indexed includes examples, addresses/URL's and glossary - Book Four in the National Genealogical Society Guides Series. How to create your own family history web site. This book comes with information and key to unlock free online updates to keep this book current. AD791-$19.00 Currently IN STOCK

International Vital Records Handbook, by Thomas Jay Kemp. 8½x11", softbound book. Births - Marriages - Deaths - Application forms and ordering information for vital records you need for driver's licenses, passports, jobs, social security, proof of identity, etc. AD873-$50.00

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