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QuickSheet: Citing Online African-American Historical Resources Evidence! Style, by Elizabeth Shown MillsQuickSheet: Citing Online African-American Historical Resources Evidence! Style, by Elizabeth Shown Mills. 8.5x11", 4 page laminated fold out card. Fitting squarely in the tradition of Mrs. Mills’ acclaimed QuickSheets, which are used by genealogists everywhere as a guide for citing online sources. The basic citation models given here help researchers evaluate the reliability of online historical sources by recording all relevant information about both the historical material itself and the website that provides the material. While it provides standards for citing online sources, this QuickSheet is, of course, tailored to the African-American experience, so source citation models bear on subjects such as slave manifests, slave narratives, Freedmen’s Bureau records, and slave census schedules. AD2396-$9.00

QuickSheet: Citing Databases & Images. 1st Revised Edition, by Elizabeth Shown MillsQuickSheet: Citing Databases & Images. 1st Revised Edition, by Elizabeth Shown Mills. 8.5x11", laminated fold out card. is the largest and most widely used genealogy site on the Internet. As an user yourself, you've looked at databases with billions of names, so now you want to be sure you can get back to a specific record or lead others to the same record; and you need to identify your sources, to verify and cross-check them for accuracy, using the correct citations to Ancestry's online databases and images. Help is at hand with Elizabeth Mills's fabulous QuickSheet, which provides rules and models for citing the myriad databases and images you use on With this new QuickSheet, you'll know instantly how to cite databases that include census records, vital records, passenger lists, city directories, and family trees; and how to cite images that include manuscripts, maps, newspapers, and online books and articles. First published in 2009, the QuickSheet has now been completely revised to reflect changes and new wrinkles at In QuickSheet: Citing Databases & Images you'll find the standards you need for the correct citation of Ancestry sources, as well as help in judging the reliability of those sources. For most sources, sample citations are shown here in three styles: Source List Entry, Full Reference Note, and Short Reference Note, each showing you how to deal with author/creator, title, website, URL, date accessed, item type, source of sources, and so forth. Arranged in tabular format under each of these headings, the sample citations are easy to follow and can be applied to your specific needs in citing your sources. AD2398-$9.00

QuickSheet: Citing Online Historical Resources Evidence! Style. First Revised Edition, by Elizabeth Shown MillsQuickSheet: Citing Online Historical Resources Evidence! Style. First Revised Edition, by Elizabeth Shown Mills. 8.5x11", 4 page laminated fold out card. First Revised Edition with updated sample citations and style changes. Elizabeth Mills's QuickSheet provides a template for citing historical sources on the Internet. It also lays down rules to help you judge the reliability of these sources. Published in the form of a laminated folder, the QuickSheet contains a series of sample citations showing the correct way to identify online sources such as databases, census images, and digital books and articles. Based on the premise that online sources are publications that have the same characteristics as printed publications, it provides rules and models for common record types such as passenger lists, vital records, and newspapers. Since a website is the online equivalent of a book, the QuickSheet shows you how to cite author/creator/owner of a website, title of the website, place (URL), date posted, and so forth. AD2397-$9.00

QuickSheet: The Historical Biographer’s Guide to Cluster Research (the FAN Principle), by Elizabeth Shown Mills. 8.5x11", 4 page laminated card. In this QuickSheet Elizabeth Mills introduces us to the concept of “Cluster Research” based on the FAN principle, the idea being that to prove identity, origin, and parentage individuals must be studied in the context of their FAN club--family, associates, and neighbors. Historical information, she says, is like real estate: the true value of any piece of information is unknown until it is put into community context. To apply the FAN principle in order to establish a set of facts concerning identity, parentage, and origin, several questions must be asked: Who are the known members of the FAN club? What did they do together? When did they have this association? Where did this association occur? And why did these people interact? Since most individuals left comparatively few records, the answers we seek to specific research questions may not appear in any surviving record, but by expanding our research to include family, friends, neighbors, and associates we increase the number of resources available to assemble a historical biography. AD2465-$9.00

QuickSheet: Genealogical Problem Analysis, by Elizabeth Shown Mills

QuickSheet: The Historical Biographer's Guide to the Research Process, by Elizabeth Shown Mills. 8.5x11", 4 page laminated card. Building on a lifetime of experience, Elizabeth Mills argues that successful research can be achieved by following four specific models: The Research Process Model; The Research Analysis Model; The Identity Triangulation Model; The Reliability Model. The first of these, the research process model, involves several indispensable steps: analyze the problem, place it in legal and social context, identify related and associated individuals, identify relevant resources, identify pros and cons in their use, and, finally, develop a research plan. The second model--the research analysis model--contains this simple bedrock principle: Sources provide information from which we select evidence for analysis. A sound conclusion may then be treated as “proof” until and unless new evidence emerges to the contrary. The third item in the research process is the triangulation model, which states: Identity is more than a name. It is every known detail of a human life. Identity is determined by triangulating three things: persona, relationships, and origin. Finally, the capstone in the research process, the reliability model, offers this principle relating to proof: Proof is not a source or a citation. It is a body of evidence accumulated in the process of research and analysis, and is arrived at by problem analysis, research, documentation, record analysis, correlation, conflict resolution, and explanation of evidence and conclusions. AD2466-$9.00

QuickSheet: Genealogical Problem Analysis, by Elizabeth Shown Mills. 8.5x11", laminated fold out card. Offering a 10-step solution to genealogical problems, this new QuickSheet will help you leap the proverbial brick wall and save you hours of frustration. The outgrowth of a lifetime of professional experience, the 10 steps provide a systematic basis for problem solving unique to genealogy. When faced with an elusive person or missing or contradictory information, these steps will be your lifeline, helping you to resolve tricky problems related to sources, evidence, and proof. In addition to the 10 steps, this new QuickSheet contains a "Life Stages Worksheet"--a form to be filled in covering most life events from birth to death through six specific stages of life. This single-page form allows for a systematic listing of records which you can review at a glance. AD2399-$6.00

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