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Genealogy Writers Reference

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Making Ads Pay Timeless Tips for Successful Copywriting, by John CaplesMaking Ads Pay Timeless Tips for Successful Copywriting, by John Caples, 2011. 256 pages, 5.25x8.5", softbound book. A veteran copywriter offers advise on how to spark ideas and then capture them in copy, how to write headlines that attract attention, how to make ads believable and motivate readers to act and how to learn from failure as well as success. Readers will discover principles, procedures, and practical suggestions for every medium and style of advertising. ADD2229-$15.00

The Elements of Grammar in 90 Minutes, by Robert Hollander, 2011. 112 pages, 5x7", softbound book. An eminent scholar explains the essentials of English grammar to those who never studied the basics as well as those who need a refresher course. Inspired by Strunk & White's classic The Elements of Style, this user-friendly guide focuses exclusively on grammar, explaining the individual parts of speech and their proper arrangement in sentence form. A modest investment of 90 minutes can provide readers of all ages with simple but important tools that will improve their communication skills. ADD2232-$5.00

Handbook of English Grammar, Style, and WritingHandbook of English Grammar, Style, and Writing, by Staff of REA, 1984. 320 pages, 7x10.5", softbound book. The ability to write and speak correctly and effectively is a prerequisite for doing well in all subjects, including the physical and social sciences, math and the liberal arts. Writing and speaking skills become even more important when seeking a job and trying to succeed in a chosen career. This easy-to-understand, straightforward English handbook does not use the hard-to-understand technical jargon usually found in English grammar books. Instead, this handbook provides hundreds of examples from which it is possible to easily see what is correct and what is incorrect in all areas of English grammar and writing. Learn quickly and easily: 1. Rules and exceptions in grammar, 2. Spelling and proper punctuation, 3. Common errors in sentence structure, 4. 2,000 examples of correct usage, and 5. Effective writing skills. Complete practice exercises with answers follow each chapter. The handbook covers the following in detail: nouns, verbs, adjectives, paragraphs, composition, punctuation, spelling, and much more. All the English essentials you need to know are contained in this simple and practical book. ADD2233-$22.00

Producing a Quality Family History, by Patricia Law Hatcher, CG. Approx. 5½x8½", softbound book, 280 pages. AD959-$19.00 Currently IN STOCK

Writing the Family Narrative, by Lawrence P. Gouldrup, Ph.D. Approx. 5½x8½", softbound book, 170 pages. AD958-$12.95 Currently IN STOCK

Writing the Family Narrative Workbook, by Lawrence P. Gouldrup, Ph.D. 8½x11", softbound book, 160 pages. AD972-$12.00

Scrapbook Journaling Made Simple, by Memory Makers. 8½x11", 100 pages, softbound book, indexed. Tips for telling the stories behind your photos. A must have for every scrapbooker who wants to write right. AD2084-$20.00

How to Write Successful Fundraising LETTERS, by Mal Warwick. 8½x11", softbound book, 304 pages, indexed, includes examples. AD025-$27.00 Currently IN STOCK

Guerrilla Marketing for Writers - 100 Weaponsguerrilla marketing book cover for Selling Your Work, by Jay Conrad Levinson, Rick Frishman & Michael Larsen, 6x9" SB, 302 pages, indexed. This book goes into some depth about each of the suggested marketing strategies & why they work. AD80022-$14.00 Currently IN STOCK

From Memories to Manuscript, by Joan R. NeubauerFrom Memories to Manuscript, by Joan R. Neubauer. 48 pages, 7.5x9", softbound book. Intended to help you write a quality autobiography that others will want to read. Each of the six sections--research, organize, write, edit, print, and publish--describes the steps that will lead you through the process professionals use when writing, and each step is discussed in detail. The methods described will assist you in looking at your project in smaller, more manageable pieces. This is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. "Tell it like it really was." The author helps you to undertake a great adventure and write the book you always said you would. AD2372-$6.00 

The Elements of Style: The Original Edition, by William Strunk, Jr.The Elements of Style: The Original Edition, by William Strunk, Jr., 2006. 64 pages, 5.25x8.5", softbound book. This is the book that generations of writers have relied upon for timeless advise on grammar, dictation, syntax, and other essentials. In concise terms, it identifies the principal requirements of proper style and common errors. ADD2231-$4.00

write your family history book coverYou Can Write Your Family History, by Sharon DeBartolo Carmack. softbound book, 246 pages, indexed. This book touches on everything you need to know to make a well rounded family book. This book treats the genealogist as a writer and includes numerous tips and ideas for "sprucing up" the statistics as well as mentioning the general categories that most surname books fall into. Case studies, bibliography and numerous suggestions abound! AD056-$19.00

You Can Write for Magazines, by Greg Daugherty, softbound book, 124 pages, indexed. AD042-$12.00 Currently IN STOCK

Write it Right A Little Blacklist of Literary Faults, by Ambrose BierceWrite it Right A Little Blacklist of Literary Faults, by Ambrose Bierce with a new introduction by Paul Dickson, 2010. 80 pages, 5.25x8.5", softbound book. This amusing A-to-Z compendium by a celebrated literary wit outlines common oral and written gaffes. it advocates precision in language, offering correct alternatives to grammatical lapses and inaccurate word choices. Times and usages have changed, rendering Bierce's strict rules inappropriate for modern writers. They remain, however, a timeless source of interest for lovers of language as well as a historical guideline. ADD2230-$6.00

Writer's Digest Handbook of Making Money Freelance Writing, hardbound book, 304 pages, indexed. AD043-$19.00 Currently IN STOCK

wholesale price eligibleother formats available by special orderWRITING Family History Or Genealogy For Pleasure and Profit, by Gregath Company, Inc. Complete Edition, *updated* 2015. ISBN: 0-944619-00-2, 8½x11", softbound book, 126+ pages. Answers your manuscript preparation questions and provides suggestions & examples of all facets of your project for the typist and/or computer user. Also available on disk. | Click here for more information. | Note: All G prefix books 100 pages or more, this one included, that are SB can be special ordered in hard cover edition - contact for details. G550 - $20.00

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