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Graves County, Kentucky
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Graves County Kentucky Birth Records 1852-1859, softbound book. AD161-$18.00

Graves County Kentucky Cemetery Full Name Index, softbound book. AD162-$26.00

Graves County Kentucky Circuit Court Records 1867-1881, softbound book. AD170-$20.00

Graves County Kentucky Confederate Pension Applications, softbound book. AD171-$15.00

Graves County Kentucky Death Records 1852-1859, softbound book. AD172-$18.00

Graves County Kentucky Deed Books, Volume 1-7 (ca 1890's), softbound books.
AD173-$22.50 Volume 1
22.50 Volume 2
22.50 Volume 3
22.50 Volume 4 - 1888
22.50 Volume 5 - 1888
22.50 Volume 6 - 1889
22.50 Volume 7 - 1890

Graves County Kentucky Directory 1905-1906, softbound book. AD007-$15.00

Graves County Kentucky Genealogical Records, softbound book. AD180-$10.00

Graves County, Kentucky History of the 3rd, 7th, 8th, 12th, Kentucky Confederate States of America, 8½x11", softbound book. AD2016-$31.25

History of Mayfield & Graves County Kentucky (1823-1923), by Davis, softbound book. AD181-$15.00

Graves County Kentucky Lunatic Inquest Book, softbound book. AD183-$15.00

Graves Co., KY Map

Graves County Kentucky Marriage Books, softbound book:
Volume 1 - Vital Stat. 1852-1859 AD184-$15.00
Volume 2 - Newspapers thru 1887 AD185-$15.00

Graves County Kentucky Misc. Court Records (Records before 1887 except CSA applications which start in 1912), softbound book.
AD186-$19.00 Volume 1 - Guardian Notices
Volume 2 - Confederate Pensions
Volume 3 - Civil Suits
AD189-$19.00 Volume 4 - Confederate Pension
Volume 5 - Civil Suits
Volume 6 - Confederate Pensions
Volume 7 - Attach. & Garnish.
Volume 8 - Confederate Pensions

Graves County Kentucky Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Minutes (1834-1881), softbound book. AD194-$15.00

Graves County Kentucky Newspaper Abstracts

Graves County Kentucky School Census 1899, softbound book. AD262-$18.00

Graves County Kentucky Tax List, softbound book:
1824-1833 AD263-$13.00
1834-1835 & 1837 AD264-$18.00
1839-1840 AD768-$18.00
1841 AD266-$18.00
1844-1845 AD267-$18.00
1899 AD268-$19.00

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Graves Co., KY Deeds

Graves Co., KY Misc. Court Records

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