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Color hard cover with Coil and Perfect soft cover booksPublishing your family or local history is the perfect solution to the standard query, "Can I have a copy of that?": Today, there are no special tools a genealogist needs, to make an outstanding book while working with a quality, traditional, publishing house, such as Gregath. By economically making history, you will have preserved your family and/or history for generations to come.

Can't think of where to start? Many authors, who choose to inexpensively create a book begin, with information submitted from others, transcription and/or index projects and/or their own workbooks. Use this page as your launch pad to help publish a cost effective work of art, or contact us for personalized service.

From one or two to one hundred or two thousand and beyond: Each book or periodical can be exactly the same. Or a publishing can produce special, one of a kind, customized and personalized books. Let us use our over 45 years of publishing experience to guide you in selecting the best options with a budget in mind - or without! Free email consultation and assistance are just a phone call, email, or posted letter away. Guidance through a full range of comprehensive publishing options and services are waiting for you. Assistance is freely offered throughout the entire publishing process beginning with advice in the composition and editorial process to book design and layout - or our manuscript preparation division can do all that for you. A wide selection of printing methods and binding styles are available, as well as electronic publishing services which allow you comprehensive control on all aspects of your unique project to make all new, original works, or great reprints.

Don't get stuck feeling like a cog in a wheel by joining up with a publishing program promising large profits if you'll make your book fit their plan. Enjoy all the diversity the industry has to offer by setting your own rules. Comprehensive services available to you can fit about any scenario of your dreams. Begin with a consultant that always has one eye on the budget and use them to create your dream publication.

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FREE - black/white document reversal:
Change reverse documents to standard documents.

Patriotic clipartGregath is an American owned and operated business that buys all of it's supplies domestically. We work with several American owned and operated binders and can guarantee 100% of your US pubPeriodicals and Catalogslishing dollars will go directly back into the United States economy. You get to do your part in boosting the economy, while getting high quality, archival books that will keep your work alive for generations. This also supplies you with income, if you choose to sell the books, rather than use them for family gifts.

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