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Publish It!
This 'little print shop in the woods'
can take you from shoebox to book

by Earnestine Helmick, Marketing Specialist
Copyright The Northeast Collection May 2003
from the Northeast Oklahoma Electric Cooperative

Okay, so you have researched your family tree and now have piles of handwritten notes, typed sheets, and even information scrawled on napkins and scraps of paper.  Your photographs are either stored in boxes or spread all over your workroom.  You have material for your manuscript but are wondering, "What do I do now?"

Or have you ever thought, "I could write a book about this subject, or that craft, but where can I go to have it printed?"  Or maybe you've wondered where to find someone who cannot only publish the history of your family, but who can also help with the organization of materials, photographs, and printing? Or perhaps you need prepublication flyers or business flyers or brochures printed, as well as a host of other items?

Well, wonder no more.

Gregath Publishing Company can provide expertise an assistance with not only these questions, but with many more.  Fredas, Fredrea and Carrie Cook of the Gregath Publishing Company can be the answer to your prayers.

As a child growing up, Ann Gregath, founder of Gregath Publishing Company, listened as her mother, Dora Pearl Lockhart Cochrane, related stories of her parents' pioneer run for the Cherokee Strip north of Bramen, Oklahoma.  Hearing stories of the family history inspired Ann to write her first book in high school and then a book about the Oklahoma Land Run and other family history books followed.

These first efforts prompted Ann to begin helping others publish their genealogies.  She began teaching at Wallace State Community College in Hanceville, Alabama.  She also established the college's genealogical library.  Ann then went on to establish the eastern division of the Gregath Publishing Company with her mother, Dora, in the early 1970s in Alabama.  They began by publishing genealogy and history books, launching out into speaking engagements and tours of libraries and sponsoring genealogical and family history workshops.

The eastern division formally closed its doors January 26, 2001 when Ann retired, leaving the mid-west division the only current Gregath Publishing Company office.

Ann instilled in her daughter, Fredrea Gregath Cook, the love of history and family heritage that Fredrea built upon when she, in turn, began working in the family business.

Fredrea is the president of Gregath Co. based in Wyandotte, Oklahoma near Twin Bridges.  She is a published author of genealogical and historical material, including college level textbooks.  Fredrea has also developed and taught genealogical research and writing courses of study at colleges and universities.

Fredas Cook is the chief of operations for the physical plant and also a nationally published photojournalist.  Fredas established the printing and photography part of the business previously handled by sub-contractors in 1985 when the Goodrich Plant closed its doors.  Learning the business from the ground up, Fredas has gained expertise in print quality.

"We could not have made it without his expertise, as far as the in-house printing," explains wife Fredrea.  "We started this business as  family with the objective of producing full-service archival quality books that will not yellow, tear out, nor stick together.  Our goal is to be a printer of quality material, and we offer a specific and far reaching guarantee.  We have built our reputation on the best quality, for the best price."

And now, Carrie Ann Cook who has grown up in a family dedicated to helping print the history of families and assisting with the preservation of family stories and traditions, is carrying the torch for the fourth generation.  In 1982 she became very active in assisting with tours and also found time to develop and maintain the company's website.  She is also a  published author, illustrator, and photographer in her own right and is the vice-president of the company.

Fredrea adds that "Carrie has always been a big part of the quality control section of the company.  And, with all of these duties, she still finds time to teach Genealogy, Writing and Computer Use classes at Northeast Technology Center near Afton."

Gregath Publishing deals primarily in printing and publishing in the field of genealogy and history books, monthly and quarterly publications, newsletters and magazines.  Each of the employees is required to be knowledgeable in genealogy and history.  They are one of the few publishers of genealogy and historical books who print their own books and also print for other publishers.

They offer electrostatic offset printing for ink print books and as of 2002 print-on-demand (POD) books.  They are one of the few print businesses that will offset a few as 100 books.  They help their customers with research tools, county or regional histories and cemetery records.  They also offer a multitude of other services, such as editing, proofreading, collating, indexing, design and all types of bindings, web page design, advertising, sales and distribution.  This in addition to printing from your original copy, or typing, typesetting, or using word processing to aid you in brining your book from dream to reality and insuring its success.

Fredrea believes that, "We are all potential authors," and the company's goal is, "To help each aspiring author to achieve their dream of producing successful and profitable publications!"

Carrie adds, "We have been known to take material from a shoebox to book form."  That type of dedication to helping people preserve the histories of their families, counties, local cemeteries, and regional histories is what Gregath Publishing Company is all about.

Tours and genealogy conferences are also a by-product of all their services.  This year on June 21, Fredrea and Carrie will be featured speakers at the Cass County Genealogical Society at Harrisonville, Missouri.  They have also set up a genealogical and family history retreat at the beautiful and serene campus at picturesque Cave Springs Retreat near Miami, Oklahoma for October 24, 25, and 26.  Numerous topics and speakers are scheduled at a variety of times throughout this retreat.  Applicants can choose to participate in as many, or as few, of the scheduled genealogical activities as they prefer.

The Gregath staff will also present lectures at your genealogical conferences or events.  Some of the topics they can provide speakers for are: Writing Family History for Pleasure and Profit; Expanding Horizons - Early Colonization and Westward Movement; Beginning Your Indian Research; What to do if the Courthouse Burns; Materials Conservation/Preservation; E-Marketing Your Publication; Beginning Your Search, and many more.

In addition to being genealogical researchers, the staff of the Gregath Publishing Company conducts tours as a benefit to the genealogical community.  At this time they are looking into a tour of Salt Lake City and/or Washington D.C.

You can conduct the Gregath Publishing Company for more information about any of their printing and publishing services at, or email them at
.  You may also mail them at P.O. Box 505, Wyandotte, Oklahoma 74370 or phone/FAX 918-542-4148.