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Genealogy in the Woods 2011
Back to Basics Retreat
Cave Springs
October 29-30, 2011

From: Gregath Archive Copyright - be patient for photos to load.
If you participated and have photos, information, or quotes you'd like seen here, please contact us.

Relax Time Classroom Food Outdoors Sorry to see it end...

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Relax Time

Sometimes people didn't even get away from the conference table at break time!


Relaxing on the deck before dinner

Even phone calls were not your normal experience

Some quality networking after dinner



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The ranch house kitchen was a new experience for
Gregath Retreat attendees: Fredrea gets caught fixing dinner.

What retreat isn't complete without SNACKS!

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The Great Outdoors

Welcome to the ranch house!

Breakfast view from deck

Good morning - here's that crisp autumn day!

Creek in the morning light

Evening is about as pretty

Blaze your trail - taken from deck

We were all about bridging our problems

 Happy Trails!  Until next time...

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