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Photo Gallery Archive - Some Past Gregath Tours

From: Gregath Publishing Company Archive Files - be patient for photos to load.
If you participated and have photos, information, or quotes you'd like seen here, please contact us.

Dates here are for individual photographs only and do not depict the length of service offered.
London - 1999 & 2002 | Washington DC - 1970-2002 | Classroom on Wheels - 1981-1998 | Independence, Missouri - 2005 | Fayetteville, AR - June 2006| Oklahoma City - July 2006 | Muskogee, OK - May 2007 | Wilson-Cobb/Roswell, NM - October 2007

Various trips over the years to Salt Lake City - see also classroom on wheels and other tour photo gallery:

Spring in Salt Lake City can be a bit nippy (yes, a track suit can feel great).  Here, Company Founder, Ann Gregath and President Fredrea Gregath Cook pause near the Capitol.

Happy researchers out to dinner (circa 1992)

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1992 Florida Research:

Company Founder,
Ann Gregath with sack lunch on the road, in Homestead, FL after Hurricane Andrew.

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