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Company sets trips for genealogists
Weekly Joplin Globe Genealogical Column
January 30, 2005

by Frankie Meyer
Copyright Frankie Meyer

Would you like to extend your family history research by traveling to other regions, but you don't enjoy traveling by yourself?  The Gregath Publishing Co. has scheduled several trips that provide opportunities for researchers to join others in traveling to interesting areas located at distances of 60 miles, 80 miles, 200 miles and farther.

Some are one-day trips, while others are for two days or longer:  On March 3, the company is organizing a one-day trip to the Muskogee area.  That trip will include research in the Grant Foreman Collection and the Five Civilized Tribes Museum.  On March 22, the company is offering a one-day trip to research at the Tulsa County Genealogical Library and the Genealogical Center of the Tulsa Public Library System.  On April 5, there will be a one-day research trip to the Colcord/Tahlequah, Okla., area.  That trip will include research at the Talbot Library and Museum at Colcord and the ballenger Room at the Northeastern State University at Tahlequah.

The most extensive trip will be to the Family History Research Center at Salt Lake City on April 24-May 1.  That trip is a package that includes round-trip airfare from Tulsa and a seven-night stay at a downtown hotel.  Some meals and other amenities are included in the package.  The deadline for reservations for the trip is Feb. 15.  A few of the trips planned for later in the year include a one-day research trip to the Wilson Creek Battlefield Library and a one-day research trip to McDonald County area and Neosho area.  The company is also organizing a two-day trip to the Kansas City area.  During that time, research will be done at the National Archives in Kansas City, as well as the Heartland of America Genealogy Collection in Independence, Mo.

For further information about the itinerary of the trips, their costs and the deadlines for reservations, check the company's Web site at  The address is Gregath Publishing Company, P.O. Box 505, Wyandotte, OK 74370.  The phone number is (800) 955-5232, and the e-mail address is

Researchers who have attended genealogy conferences will recognize the name of the company because Fredrea Gregath (Cook) and her daughter, Carrie Cook, usually have booths at those gatherings.  The two have also taught genealogy classes and organized several family history conferences in the Four-State Area.