(Flying Eagle)
American Indian Warrior Hero
A Glimpse Into the Life of Leaford Bearskin Chief of the Wyandotte Nation

First Book Signing
Copyright 2009

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A book signing was recently held at the Wyandotte Nation Tribal Center, in Wyandotte, Oklahoma, for the release of a new book.   Kwa-hoo-sha-ha-ke, American Indian Warrior Hero, is a book about the life of Leaford Bearskin, Chief of the Wyandotte Nation.  Written by noted local author and historian, Fredrea Cook, it was released in very limited edition.  Published by the Gregath Publishing Company of Wyandotte, Oklahoma, books have already been shipped as far away as Australia.  

The book touches on the life of Chief Bearskin, from early childhood in the Wyandotte Reserve to his current position as head of the Wyandotte Nation.  His lengthy career as an Air Force bomber pilot in the South Pacific during World War II, where he flew 46 unscathed bombing missions, followed by 29 Berlin Airlift missions is covered in the publication.   It also looks at his Federal Civil Service career of many years and some of the achievements of the past twenty-six years serving as Chief of his tribe.

From modest conditions within the Wyandotte Reserve of the 1920’s to life as a head of state, the book gives a glimpse into the life of one man who has served his country for 40 years and his tribe for 26 years.  Recently re-elected to another term as Chief of the Wyandotte Nation, Leaford Bearskin continues to envision, and work towards, better things for his people and community.

A long time historian and genealogist, Mrs. Cook has written several books, including college level text books.  She has also developed and taught genealogical research and writing classes for colleges and universities.  A Director of the Genealogical Speakers Guild, she also belongs to the Association of Professional Genealogists, National Genealogical Society, Federation of Genealogical Societies, Oklahoma Historical Society and numerous historical and lineal organizations.

Mrs. Cook and her husband, Fredas, make their home in the Twin Bridges area of Ottawa County.

Gregath Co.

PO BOX 505, Wyandotte, OK 74370    918-542-4148

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