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Electronic Publishing
By Disk E-Book Online
DIY: Digital Design Suggestions | Electronic Book Design Service
Don't already have your manuscript digitized? We offer that service!
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If you completed your manuscript using a computer, or plan on placing it on computer, electronic publishing is an option to augment your printed book project, or a way to keep the information "in print" once you no longer wish to produce, market, and sell traditionally printed books. This can be achieved by selling/giving disks, direct transfer, and/or posting to the internet (pages/files ready for viewing or email) with or without copyright restricted access. Select the basic format link you are interested in and read on to see a few of the varied ways to publish and promote your book (and more) electronically.

Your E-book may be produced in a variety of universal formats - GEDCOM, HTML, ASCII (text/txt or rich text/rtf), PDF, EPUB, etc. as well as many formats that are either PC or Apple (not universal) are possible - Word Document, mixed/assorted files, etc. from our publishing company. For E-reader formats (EPUB, mobi, palm doc, LRF, etc.), we offer some pre-press services and support through other vendor's (such as Smashwords). The type of format will determine what hardware and program (application) the buyer needs to be able to access their book purchase. A general goal should be a publication accessible by both Apple and PC users. Though it may take a bit longer to prepare an e-book in PDF, for the genealogist, it's universal enough that rarely does new hardware or software need to be purchased. Truly universal files, such as PDF, can be read in most popular ebook readers such as Apple iPad, Sony Reader, Barns & Nobel Nook, Amazon Kindle and more. PDA, Smartphone, tablets, etc. make good PDF book readers, if they have a comfortably sized display.

Top reasons to publish electronically:

  1. Budget will allow for publishing now, rather than fundraising in preparation for publishing later.

  2. Full color at no extra charge.

  3. No need to narrow your content down to fit in an affordable or easy to handle printed book.

  4. Large books are easy to carry when you travel

  5. You don't have to worry about breaking the spine - no matter the page count.

  6. Allows for inclusion of non-print items such as audio and video

  7. Allows for format augmentation that may not be budgeted for in print.

  8. Easy to update and enlarge - little to no waiting to sell out of stock for new "improved" edition.

Did you produce your original formatted work as an electronic edition? Consider offering true print on demand (POD) hard copy editions to complement all electronic editions you may publish. Produce a manuscript suitable for print production, on the page size of your choice, choose your binding preference(s), and keep a current quotation for single books. Offer POD for all electronic editions based on your cost.
Gregath's POD program
Contact us for single book quotations.

Regardless of whether your e-book choice is by disk, download, or secure internet site, there are several advantages to publishing electronically - the most obvious is the lower cost of publication.

General Advantages

  • Most e-book reading software has the option of the software reading the file out loud. This makes the electronic book also an audio book and handicap accessible.

  • The average data storage device (laptop, desktop, tablet, Smartphone, cloud storage, PDA, dedicated eBook reader, memory card/stick, or USB drive) can hold several books (or libraries) in very little space.

  • There may be better Digital Rights Management (DRM) of your electronic file than a printed book. Through DRM, you can restrict file copying, installing, and even printing for the casual reader/researcher.

  • Electronic books on your "e-shelf" are easy to pull up - no visual scanning your library shelves, sorting through stacks, or digging in packing boxes to find the book you want.

  • E-books are easy and lightweight to carry. Today's readers can carry an entire library - to the corner store, on vacation, or on research trips.

  • No book dust - fewer books can contribute to a healthier air quality and environment.

  • Most e-books can adjust in size of page to read. From font size (large print anyone?) to overall percent (%) of zoom - the book can tailor itself to the readers wishes.

  • Manuscript may be produced that is much more interactive with the reader than traditionally printed books. Click for DIY suggestions or paid service.

An E-Book for all occasions tip:
If your e-book reader is portable, but not waterproof - don't leave it at home: Place your reader inside a water-tight zip-closure bag and enjoy your e-book at the beach (or in the bath).

By Disk E-Book Online
DIY: Digital Design Suggestions | Electronic Book Design Service
Marketing via Website or Page
Website Production ServiceWebsite Basics
Don't already have your printed manuscript digitized? We offer that service!

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