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Publish Finding Aids With Durable, Quality Materials

Don't withhold Finding Aids from other researchers! Many libraries, archives, museums and service/support organizations spend lots of time and effort in producing finding aids for a particular genealogy or research collection. The problem this presents occurs when only one copy is produced to place in a single public-access research area. Professional researchers as well as genealogists of all types should consider producing finding aids and research tools for all repositories and individuals that would benefit! Little explored options to enlarge accessibility include trading with other research collections for materials they produce.

Once a finding aid is complete, for a library or archive collection, the hard part is over. In addition to being an significant resource for your repository, it is a valuable resource for other researchers as well as fundraising. However, the world of publishing can be confusing - let us help. From a bit of "spit and polish" to shine up a camera ready manuscript to our helpful tips on marketing your inventory we are a full service printer/publisher. We can be of service with ideas to help in manuscript preparation/format, or let us perform that service for you. Our experience since 1970 can be put to work for you through low number print on demand (order the exact number of books you have pre-paid orders for) and economical offset printing to heavy-duty American Library Association Certified Library Oversewn Binding for books you've printed yourself. Preserve these finding aides in a durable format, ready for years of use. Publish these valuable research materials in quantity, or POD them to be available as needed.

Jefferson Co., KY Death Notices V1 cover photoHave a one of a kind finding aid already on the shelf? Consider making these research tools available to everyone. By making your finding aid available for trade or profit, you help out your collection as well as other researchers by making these research tools available to everyone. Once you obtain Copyright permission to reproduce it, let us handle all the arrangements to include quality, archival materials. In most cases we can produce an economical, viable, finding aid in quantity from the original that generally makes it's home on your shelf. Depending on the state of the original and it's binding (such as transcription/typesetting), additional services may be suggested to produce the best quality, most durable finding aid materials to share and sell to profit your group or collection.

Some Examples (of non-Copyrighted/Public Domain or Copyright released material):

Our standard quality paper is acid free.

Contact us about custom pricing for any of your printing needs.

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Finding Aid Ideas and Suggestions

  • Index to the 1930 King Jack Newspaper PICHER (Ottawa County), OklahomaIndexes for books, periodicals/morgues or collections that were not originally indexed

  • Supplemental/Expanded Research indexes for books, periodicals/morgues or collections that the original index doesn't help genealogists very well

  • Collection shelf list

  • Procedure on how to use particular resources that are not easy to use

  • Directories of where to find additional research resources for a particular subject

  • Guidelines on how research a particular local type of interest

  • Directories of where to find additional research resources for a particular geographical area

  • Cross reference information bank

  • Directory on local/regional/state research repositories or genealogy/history service organizations

  • Suggestions of alternate research options for a given topic or area

  • Vertical File information in book format

  • Timelines

  • Social History Correlations

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Page Last Updated: March 01, 2018

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