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Actual Guidelines
Working Example

Guidelines lay the foundation to your group project.The guidelines below were used by the group for a publication project to be published in 2009. This wide-ranging group is committed to sharing their Confederate history in printed form and has a history of publishing several books. These guidelines have evolved from the first set established for another book 12 years previous. The committee for this publication project was in place for three years and the single publisher contact in periodic communication with both the selected publisher, committee, and membership:


This book will begin 1 September 1996 and run through 31 August 2008 encompassing the Presidency's of (names withheld for privacy).

REPORTS: (If using Computer)
Microsoft Word document
(Because MS has changed it's default format, specify .doc, or .docx)
Times New Roman
Font 12
Margins: Top: 1 inch
Sides: 3/4 inch
Bottom: 3/4 inch
Single space report with no blank lines between paragraphs. Indent paragraph beginning 3 spaces.
If typed on typewriter please use the margins above and follow spacing instructions.
If handwritten, please Print legibly so that the editors can type them correctly.

LENGTH OF REPORTS (word count could be used):
A. Presidents-2 pages front and back-includes Individual and Committee picture if desired .
B. Directors-1 page front and back
C. Chapter Reports-1 page front and back
D. Specialty Groups -1 page with each Chapter getting a maximum of 1/2 page.
E. Committees - 1/2 page If you were a committee chair during the allocated time frame and feel that your committee had something that needs to be included, please send directly to the Editor. All reports submitted by the same committee will be combined and edited to fit into the allocated space by the Editor.

A. President's Individual 3" x 4"
B. President's Committee 4" x 6"
C. Honorary Presidents 3" x 4"

There will be a section in the back of the book for activity pictures that the sub-groups have participated in for the past 12 years. Please send group shots of activities such as dedications, grave markings, picnics, field trips, etc. in which members participated as opposed to pictures of individuals. Please submit your photos preformatted to the following dimensions: 3" x 5" or 4" x 6" if possible. Submit no more than 10 images per chapter and we will try to include as many as possible. Please do not forget to include caption information for the images (event, date, place, members shown).


Chapters have reports to Directors NO LATER THAN 1 FEB 2009.

Directors will distribute to Editors upon receipt. Editors will edit report for grammar, spelling and report length and return to Directors. Those reports that need to be retyped by the Editors into electronic format will be done so using the above formatting rules.

Directors have reports to Editor NO LATER THAN 1 MAR 2009.

Pictures are to be sent directly to Editor NO LATER THAN 1 FEB 2009 with all people in the picture identified, and event identified. Also state whether the picture is to be included on the chapter page or if it is for the activity section in the back of the book. If the picture is to be used on the chapter page, information must be included about the size the picture is to be on the page. (How much of your page space is the picture to take up).

 Presidents and Committees send reports directly to the Editor NO LATER THAN 15 FEB 2009.

Reprinted here with permission.

Go to Sonoma Co. Gen. Soc. ongoing project information for another example

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