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Don't already have your manuscript digitized? We offer that service!

We can put our experience to work for you!

We have been a printer, publisher and bookseller since 1970. We are a family business of writers: because of this, our list of services are so extensive are the comprehensive, they can not be easily broken down into simple lists.  Digital machine with finisherIn the past years, it has been noted that there is an increase of authors who only want a few books for close family members, as well as those who wish to make it available on computer.  If this is your goal or you just don’t want to “hassle” with marketing your work to the public for a profit, a printing run of 100 may seem like overkill.  Because of this, and “quickie copy” horror stories, we would like to help you produce your book in any quantity you wish, on disk, or even over the Internet.  In today’s publishing world, full service means a great many things!  In addition to publishing as few books as are needed, there are almost as many options available to the small run publishing project as large runs, order one of a kinds, a publishing of 1, 2, 10, 27, 48, 9Hardcover books8, or your choice: on-demand without stashing inventory.  The economical costs may be much more reasonable for publishing manuscripts in book form than one might imagine. This is a way to keep your book "in print" with an inventory-less back stock.

 We now offer economical black and white, full color and mixed printing options.

Don't have money in-hand today to print? Take a quote for single a book quantity and advertise your book to collect paid orders for a few weeks. To offset the flat set-up fee one might budget it as promotion expense, seek a patron to pay for it (underwrite or sponsor), or offer "set up rebate incentive" based on the number of orders on a given date: The more books ordered by the date, the bigger the rebate enclosed with their book order. Then take your money in hand and order your books published! We'll even help you sell.

Benefits of our POD Publishing Offerings

  • We dispense with the traditional publishing "10% rule" (You may get - and pay for - up to 10% more or less than ordered.

  • For some soft bindings, we dispense with our normal set up fee.

  • We offer a wide range of bindings - even for single books.

  • True 600 dpi digital reproduction for high quality books.

  • Accomplished from printed or digital manuscript.

  • Our range of manuscript upload options keeps growing. Currently available Dropbox, Google Drive,, OneDrive, and mailed media such as CD.

  • Flexible shipping options from shipping all books to you, shipping to individual end buyer, or a mix of the two - in a variety of classes through several carriers.

  • Produced 100% in the USA with as much American made materials as we can.

  • Manuscript formatting and graphic design services are reasonably priced professional service upgrades.

  • Basic promotional pieces are easily designed, produced, and mailed as specified.

  • POD program makes it even easier - but less profitable.

  • Option of adding/exchanging a personalized page in each book, making them truly one of a kind.

Digital Printing - a low cost alternative to an extremely low publishing quantities.

Pricing Examples
One copy of a 40 page/20 sheet, 8.5x11", softbound book:

Gregath Company $2.80 print, $3.00 color bind $5.80 with full support (online, phone or mail)
Lulu minimum 82 page book $ 2.49 print, $2.75 bind $5.24 online
Blurb Information not itemized - add 25% if Blurb logo is removed. $18.99 online
Create Space ( Information not itemized $2.15 online

Gregath POD Price List current
Blurb, CreateSpace, Lulu,  1-27-2016

In print Electronic

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For POD Quotation Request Form

Dear Author or Copyright Holder,

Thank you for your interest in us in respect to your forthcoming publication. While information about our most popular services can be found online, the range of our services are so vast that not all of them have been placed on our site, so if you have additional needs, please feel free to contact us as often as is necessary to be completely confident in your work. Many small quantity publications (99 or less) benefit from digital printing in several ways. Picture heavy manuscripts can be more economical digitally printed, even if their quantity exceeds 100. Our goal is to provide you the best quality for the money and personal one on one service.

hardbound, softbound, and electronic booksWe have many textures and colors of both soft and hard cover materials for you to choose from. Both soft and hard bound books may be printed on the spine and front in gold foil, silver foil, alternate foil, or any color ink you may select. While most of our basic prices are for one color covers, full color can be achieved in soft and hard cover, though the set up fees for small quantities can be quite high, per book.  All are very attractive. These choices are the same high quality options provided to all of our customers, whether the order be 1 or 1,000! Electronic publishing is fast becoming another popular option.

Please let us know if we can help with your questions further. Our Company is always anxious to help a new client in every way with their publication. Again, thank you for your interest.

Carrie Ann Cook
from our family to yours!

Click here for another Gregath open letter.

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Digital Printing/Publishing Payment, Fees and Guarantee Policies

The Digital Payment Policy (click here for 100+ orders | here for Pre-Press & Ebook) of this company is to accept the full estimate including shipping and handling deposit, with the manuscript.  Any final adjustments that may be needed will be completed after the customer has received the book order.

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A Shipping and Handling Deposit (click here for 100+ orders) should be sent with the manuscript and estimate payment.  If shipping is less than deposit, a refund will be issued after books have been received by customer.  If shipping is more than deposit, customer will be billed after shipping is complete.  Shipping to and from bindery is included in digital customers deposit.

The Manuscript Return Fee covers the USPS return of the original manuscript, photos, etc. and is an add on service with print on demand - due to the nature of the project. If manuscript return is not chosen but manuscript is provided as hard copy, the materials will be retained a short time after publication and then destroyed. If digital manuscript is submitted by CD or DVD (without paid return), the disk will be filed for approximately 10 years in our archives before deletion/destruction. A manuscript on USB drive will not be "physically" retained, though file copies will be digitally archived for at least a year.

Upon receipt of the book order, the customer should check the order to assure that the correct number of books have arrived and that they are in satisfactory condition. If shipping damage has occurred, they should report it to the carrier.  If manuscript return has been selected, the customer should then contact Gregath in writing that the order has been received in proper order, to activate return service of their original materials.

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Guarantees - All digital reproduction is guaranteed to be within standards and all bindings are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials. With regard to the occasional defective book, it is our policy to replace, repair, or adjust on such books.

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Camera-Ready Digital Print Manuscript Basis (CRDPM or CRCMM): We accept two different types:  From disk (USB or CD - 3½” upon request) in formats such as PDF, MS Word and Publisher – inquire about your format.  Or: document feedable (no paste up, attachments, gummy labels, hole punch, etc.), single sheets printed one side, all same size. Note:  two sided manuscripts and pre-punched paper can sometimes create copy difficulties; therefore, we discourage such practices.

This is the basis of our standard print on demand quote. If you have special needs, ask for a special quote.

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For more suggestions on this subject and more, order our book:
wholesale price eligible G550-$20.00 WRITING Family History Or Genealogy For Pleasure and Profit Complete Edition, by Gregath Company, Inc., *updated* 2015. ISBN: 978-0-944619-00-1, 8½x11", softbound book, 132 pages, suggestions & examples of all facets of your project for the typist and/or computer user. Note: All G prefix books 100 pages or more, this one included, that are soft bound (SB) can be special ordered in Library Oversewn Hardbound version - contact for details. Also available on disk. | Click here for more information.| G550-$20.00

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