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Free Advertising
Author or Book Events
Author or Book Events | Public Speaking

Before you market, you need to set your retail price and make s&h decisions - click here for more information and suggestions.

Fredrea Gregath Cook at Flying Eagle Book SigningA signing gathering or publication celebration can also help marketing in more than one way. The host and hostess may wish to contact their local newspaper and set up an appointment for a personal interview and picture taking session with the writer.  In which case, the writer should be prepared to make newsworthy statements of interest regarding his research, books, and himself. People that attend will also buy and carry your book to other people. While it is rarely effective as the sole marketing effort, it can be an effective element. If you have heard it once, you have heard it a thousand times, the best way to spread the word is by networking.

Locally, if no one has thrown you an autograph or release party, you can do one yourself.  Make sure you notify all the local media as well as book stores, libraries, etc. in addition to sending out personal invitations.

News Releases should be prepared in advance whenever possible and hand delivered or mailed to the newspaper(s).  Letters to specific columns or Editors are usually made during research and may also be made upon completion of the publication.Luretta Williams Book Signing

To look over an 8 week case study an no-nonsense check list of how to assist any event host in boosting marketing, foot traffic, and interest, read the article, How to Fill a Room by Ellen Cassedy (reprinted with permission). This is a great blueprint for every stop on a marketing tour or junket. However, for multiple local events, it would have to be adjusted, so as not to make friends and local contacts begin to tune you out.

Howell Joiner: Full Circle with a Tale at a book fair in Grove, OklahomaFree or nearly so:

Setting up a table or booth at a local, regional, or themed event is a great way to get the work out about your book. If you are still working on the project and want to get "the buzz" started, this can be a fun way to make friends and meet new people as well. You may find more material for this project - or the next - landing in your lap as well.


Sometimes exhibiting (or vending) is free or just a few Billerbeck Book Signingdollars for table space. You might get several friends together and share the space and expense. In addition free PR material, you may have something that you can sell to further offset the up front costs - bookmarks, stationary, crafts, etc. National events and trade shows be several hundred dollars of expense.

Click here for a few "store bought" display items we offer for sale.

Please don't forget that, if you choose to apply it to income tax, all costs associated with this are deductible in some way.

Once you've put together an event or two, you may decide that you can "take your show on the road" and travel to several different areas (stops) over a fairly short amount of time - book stores, organizational meetings, etc. For the writer that is not full time, this may work well in conjunction with a vacation. Regardless of the logistics, this is commonly recognized as a book tour.
Click here for virtual tour information.

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Public Speaking
Make Marketing Pay You!

You don't have to be the most recognized professional in the country or a cheerleader to consider lecturing. The fact that you have produced a publication on any subject shows you believe in your knowledge enough to share it. Consider what type of audience you would be comfortable speaking to and then seek out invitations to those type of gatherings, or host one yourself.

If you offer your time and chosen topic(s) to local groups, you may be surprised when they might net sales, as well as gas money, honorariums, and/or free meals, not to mention the networking possibilities - producing material for your next publication, etc. Schools may also be interested, though many of these programs may not allow for sales time. If you are comfortable lecturing, seek national or "big" opportunities, and the paychecks that are associated with getting "the job". This may be done through already established groups/organizations and events, or through your own booking talent for both "private" or public lectures.

Especially when speaking at an event that you are not otherwise compensated for, don't forget to ask those in attendance to, not only spread the word about your book, but also if they can think of any other groups who might enjoy you as a speaker. Don't be shy about taking contact information and following up the leads.

Where to start? You might try

  • using this database listing of Bloggers who interview authors provided by an author.

  • providing information about yourself (and book/topic) to organizations that may need a speaker.

Please don't forget that, if you choose to apply it to income tax, all costs associated with promotional speaking are deductible in some way.

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Also we suggest:
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