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Flyer, Brochure, Etc. Services
A Few Marketing Tools That Work
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Examples of promotional flyersFlyers (including sell sheets) and brochures have proven themselves to be an inexpensive and successful marketing tools - in not only the historical and genealogical market but others as well.  Other options for your campaign can include art cards, business cards, post cards, book marks, posters, over-run covers, gift certificates, transparencies (for your classes and/or speaking engagements), themed stationery/order tracking supplies, etc. Evaluate your individual style and adapt elements of marketing into it. Authors who ignore who they are, in favor of the "hard sell", rarely find marketing a positive experience.

Pre-publication flyers and brochures are very useful for taking book orders, but also help establish the number of books to order from the printer/publisher. To further assist your, these flyer and brochure services have been expanded, over the years. A free gift to book clients is even available, upon request.  While the options are almost endless for marketing, we can help you! The most economical options are listed below. Free quotes on anything you can design or describe, are only an email away.

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Promotional pieces can take any form you can think of. Above are just a few things that have proven themselves in promoting genealogy and family books. Contact us for free, custom quotes on any promotional pieces and quantity you would like to do. Graphic design for PR is very reasonable with our company as we understand how important these are.

When making choices on how to put any direct mailing out, it may be a good idea to be sure valid address are delivered. If you are mailing something of regional interest, address the piece to your intended target or current resident (Ima Bookbuyer or current resident): This works with any class of mail. This way, your postage will be used to get your item into the hands of a potential book buyer - however if you've used an address USPS doesn't deliver to, first class items will still be returned to sender. If you are unsure of your mailing list, or don't think whoever lives in a particular house is a potential sale - allow your first class postage to return undeliverable mail to you so you won't use it again - and can try further to find that potential book buyer. Don't expect to get any returns with standard/marketing mail - the reduced mailing rate doesn't include return to sender.

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Basic Mailer Package

one color mini-poster or flat flyerWe can design and prepare your brochures (bi-fold or tri-fold are popular) in a wide variety of color and texture choices. These are printed both sides in the self-mailer style and can include title, author, information about your book artwork, order form and in some cases, comment from the publisher, etc. Your brochures are then printed, folded, labeled (if not variable data) and mailed for you. Currently, we offer USPS First Class, EDDM, Marketing mail imprint (standard/bulk), and others. Your name and address appear on both the order form and return address, unless you instruct us otherwise. In this way, you take your own orders and any mailing that is undeliverable is returned directly to you. Design and layout fees are generally higher, if not producing quantities of at least 200. Below are prices for house paper, but note USPS suggests heavier stock (at least 24/60#) to come through their high speed sorting machines better for self mailers.

  • half page brochure - colored self mailer with white insert pagesB/W Package A: 8.5x11", 20/50#, 2 sided, self mailer or envelope insert [using customer supplied addresses - envelope not included] Cost: 75¢ each - permit imprint mailing included (200 minimum)

  • B/W Package B: 8.5x11" 20/50#, 2 sided, self mailer or envelope insert [using customer supplied addresses - envelope not included] Cost: $1.00 each - permit imprint mailing included (200 minimum)

Inquire about services using a database or spreadsheet of addresses.

Flat printed on any other size paper are available for other prices.  Thermograph (raised printing), quad-fold and fan-fold can also be commissioned. Many other options also available.

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Special Address (Label) Services

Library Mailing Lists: A list of US Libraries known to purchase genealogical and historical books. Minimum of 100 names and addresses of libraries. Available to customers printing at least 100 books, FREE of charge, upon request. Not printing 100 books? Inquire about current service fee.

Library Mailing Labels: Computer generated, sensitive labels for US Libraries known to purchase genealogical and historical books. Cost includes shipping and handling for a minimum of 200 names and addresses of libraries to the single address of your choice. 
Cost $25.00

Custom Mailing Labels: Computer generated, pressure sensitive labels from your own mailing lists or card file. Cost includes one set of labels, master list, shipping and handling.
Cost 15¢ per label, $30 minimum

Other options also available.

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Home > Support Services > Stationery > Flyer & Brochure Services

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