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Every Door Direct Mail Services
Let us deal with United States Postal Service to accomplish all your goals.
Direct Mailing | Drop Shipping | Standard Permit Discount
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More on Postal Explorer  | More user friendly see - Postal Pro
Note USPS will be increasing many prices 1-21-2018

Want to target a geographical area, but don’t want to worry about mailing permits, etc. to get the best postage deal possible? Consider Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) service available utalizing USPS. This is specially designed to help individuals and small businesses inexpensively reach local communities.

With EDDM, you select the area you want to reach and mail your piece to everyone with an USPS address there – no need to purchase or compile mailing lists that may not contain all you hoped for. EDDM options include post office box holders (or specific sections in large communities), some or all of rural or city customers – all specified by your geographic choices. This can be a great marketing tool, or even a wonderful way to get the word out for research, interviews, requested collaboration, etc. on an upcoming book or project.

Non-profits have a spectacular offer of only 9 cents postage per postcard (26 cent saving over retail – enough to mail 4 additional post cards).

Order the mail piece (card, letter, flat/large envelope, etc.) and quantity you desire and mail from the EDDM post office. Need to expand your reach into the northeast Oklahoma area? Gregath can drop off EDDM (with print orders) to Miami, Fairland, and Wyandotte free of charge (pay only exact postage), and to others in the region for a fee.

Having trouble navigating the USPS information about this program and want someone to take care of the learning curve? No problem - we can provide the service of sending the paperwork you’ll need and instructions on how to submit to the post office with your print order.

Interested in learning new skills? EDDM is not rocket science, but it’s a bit complicated for beginners. Additionally, how much individual assistance you get from your local post office may depend on its size and staff: Small, busy offices with only one clerk (or large, short-handed offices) may not allow for time so they can walk you through every process. They  should be able to provide targeted, specific information resources to get you started though. Otherwise, we recommend reading up on the subject as USPS provides great resources (downloadable guides, tips and sometimes phone numbers or email addresses) online. For more details about USPS EDDM click here.

Further Resources at USPS:

Go here to get started on selecting areas and options. We can do it all for you, or just handle your printing. Let us be a part of your solution. - EDDM discounts and beyond into business mail discounts (permit imprint, presort, full service, etc.)

Have you looked over this resource yet? Its more user friendly for mailers than (end user centered) - designed to be a quick reference to finding information on services, preparation and pricing.

Don’t think it worth the effort for your publishing project  - you’ll only use it for one notice? You might wish to reconsider: If you produce a piece about the upcoming project and ask for input, meetings and/or collaboration and get good feedback, you’ll wish to repeat at least once to offer the book for sale. Additionally, further uses may include further project volumes, book signing or other event, special offers, other projects such as subscription to other media, alternate editions, etc. Depending on your needs, EDDM may be your most economical marketing and communication channel when figuring in rate of return and time involved in overall cost. Already have a well-curated mailing list (or address book)? Direct mail may still be your best option.

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