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Stauber Books
62753 E. 313 Rd.
Grove, OK 74344-8509, USA

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All prices are per book plus shipping and handling
tax for Oklahoma Residence.

Oklahoma residents add 5.5 percent sales tax on mail orders
8.5 percent in Grove

S&H $3.50 first book, $1.00 each additional

To order by mail, send full payment to the above address.

Elk River Cemeteries, McDonald County, Missouri

This book is a compilation of history found in the cemeteries along Elk River from west of Pineville to the Oklahoma line.

Hard cover ISBN 0-9703375-4-X
Soft cover ISBN 0-9703375-5-8

Cemeteries include Noel, Shelt Noel, Stone, Saratoga, Fairview, Manning, Langley, Butler, and numerous more, 32 in all, some never before recorded. The location, brief directions, and some history are given for each cemetery.

The book has an illustrated cover showing the river at Noel with the old arched bridge. It comes in both a handsome hard cover and a laminated soft cover. It is 8.5x11", vi+126 pages, illustrated, plat, and index.

Hard Cover price $25
Soft Cover price $15

Cemeteries of Southern Ottawa County, Oklahoma

By the Delaware County Cemetery Readers

This book is a complete reading of all cemeteries in southern Ottawa county, except Afton. The tree major cemeteries are Fairland, of which there is no previous reading, Wyandotte, and Council House. Also included are St. Paul Lutheran, Hudson, Berry (Conner), Sulpher Bend, Hawk, Washington, Bland, Johnson, Walker, Lofland, Wright, Hodgkiss, Brown, Ottawa County Cemetery and others.

This large-format book includes a map locating the cemeteries, cemetery histories, photographs, and a full-name index. There are viii + 186 pages. Cost is $31 hardcover, $25 softcover.

Grove, Oklahoma 1936-1997
Rose Stauber, Editor

hardcover $ 39.00 - softcover $ 32.00 + S&H

The records of the Worley-Luginbuel Funeral Home are believed to be the oldest existing funeral home records in Delaware County. Their publication is an important addition for researchers of Delaware County families.

Information in the book, taken from the records, includes, if available, the name of the deceased, the date and place of birth and death, names of the parents, name(s) of spouse(s), and place of burial or other disposition. A full-name index includes all persons named in the book to include maiden and married names when given.

The large format book contains 366 + viii pages. It is available in both hard and soft covers.

Cemeteries and Burial Places of Delaware County, Oklahoma

Compiled by the Delaware County Cemetery Readers.

All Delaware County Cemeteries, indexed, illustrated, diagrams 4 volume set, hardcover $108.00, soft cover $89.00
contact us for prices of individual volumes. S&H $4.50 the set

This four-volume set is a reading of all known graves in Delaware County.

contact us for prices of individual volumes. S&H $4.50 the set

The books are perfect bind in both hard and soft covers. The set is $108 hardcover and $89 softcover, plus $4.50 s&h and Oklahoma sales tax for residents (see above).

Volume I, vi + 141 pages. Includes Grove's Olympus Cemetery, historic Polson where Gen. Stand Waitie and Major Ridge are buried, Cayuga where Mathias Splitlog and his wife lie, Bassett Grove, Butler, Bud Fields, Carr, Pollan, and several other cemeteries in the northeast section of the county. Price $25/$22.

Volume II, viii + 178 pages. Includes Grove's Buzzard, Hickory Grove, Sixkiller, Ballard at Berniece, McLaughlin, Rolston, Hilderbrand, Zena, and much more in the northwest section of the county. Price $30/$25.

Volume III, viii + 158. Includes Jay's Duffield, Jumper, Indianola, Mt. Herman, Joe Ward, Piney, O'Field, Colcord's Row, Beck, Clouds Creek, and many more cemeteries in the east central section of the county. Price $30/$24.

Volume IV, viii + 245 pages. Includes Allen, Elm, Eucha, Euwasha, Johnson, Kansas, Long Prairie, Mose Ridge, Oaks/New Springplace, Round Springs, Yellow Tree, and many more cemeteries on the west side and across the south end of the county. Also and update of all cemeteries to June 15, 1997, and an index to cemeteries. Price $39/$29.

Provisional Government of Nebraska Territory
The Journals of William Walker,
Provisional Governor of Nebraska Territory

Edited by William E. Connelley


This book, originally published in 1899 by the Nebraska State Historical Society, is about the Wyandottes who had removed from Ohio to the present site of Kansas City, Kansas. Here they found themselves again faced with white encrochment, the bitter controversy between slave and free states, and the looming Civil War.

William Walker was one of the key leaders of the Wyandotte. He was a man of intellect, wide-ranging interests, and strong opinions. His journals, written between March 29, 1845, and June 25, 1854, shed much light on a man, his times, and the Wyandottes. The book includes extensive genealogical information for some of the families, particularly the Walkers. The book includes portraits, a map of the Wyandotte reserve, and an annotated full-name index to places and tribes.

Reprinted in a very limited edition, the 6x9 book has a beautiful hard cover, and is perfect bound. 455 pages.

Southwest City, Missouri, Cemetery
and some Records of the
Nichols Brothers Funeral Home

Hardcover $30.00
Softcover $23.00

By the Delaware County Cemetery Readers

This is a cemetery book plus much more for anyone with roots in the Southwest City area. Southwest City and its cemetery lie in the southwest corner of Missouri on the state line they share with the former Delaware District of the Cherokee Nation. Much information in this book applies to both sides of that line.

The book opens with a complete row by row reading of the cemetery to include all information of genealogical interest found on the gravestones. The reading is supplemented by names of the parents and children of those buried in the cemetery as supplied by family members and other sources.

The Nichols Brothers Funeral Home Records for the years 1928 to 1939 add much information not previously published. The records include burials at Southwest City and at numerous other area cemeteries, especially in Delaware County. This is the only known record of some burials. Information extracted from the records includes, if available, the name of the deceased, date and place of birth and death, cause of death, residence, occupation, names and place of birth parents, name of spouse, and place of burial.

The 1900 Census of Prairie Township and Southwest City is included to give more information on the families in this corner of Missouri nearly a century ago. There is no known previous publication of this census.

A six-page section, "Southwest City Times", taken in large part from "The Republic" but also including family input, provides a flavor of times past. Included are portraits of some of those who were a part of Southwest City and its times.

This is a commemorative book for anyone with ancestors in Southwest City and the surrounding area.

The large format book has 186 + viii pages, is perfect bound in soft cover (previously available in hard cover - out of stock), includes plats of the area and the cemetery, photographs, and a full-name index to all persons in the book.

Index to the 1920 Census
Delaware County, Oklahoma

This is a full-name index to every person on the 1920 census of Delaware County, Oklahoma, taken from National Archives microfilm T625-1458.  The index gives the full name of each person and the page number where that person is found on the microfilm. This index will be a valuable resource for everyone researching Delaware County.

The book is large format, 66 + iv pages, and comes in hardcover and softcover with perfect binding at $16.50 and $10.50

Index to Heritage of the Hills,
A Delaware County History

This index is a must for Delaware County, Oklahoma, Researchers. Now all the names in this 1,064-page history are readily available in a full-name index. Women are indexed by maiden and married names whenever possible. As much as possible entries for each person have been consolidated in one entry. Nicknames are shown in quotation marks.

The book includes a Delaware County place index, which includes such places as creeks, schools, mills, churches, and more.

The book is 8.5x11", perfect bound, hard and soft cover, iv + 104 pages. Cost is $20.00 and $13.00.

Last updated January 09, 2019

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