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Genealogy in the Woods 2013
Sky Ranch at Cave Springs Ranch House
October 26-27, 2013
Same Venue as 2003, 2005, 2007, and 2011!


Cave Springs/Sky Ranch Website

Unfortunately, after booking to near capacity, Sky Ranch at Cave Springs informed us our ranch house availability was reduced by at least 5 hours, due to a new group's needs. This was unforeseen as our 2013 schedule mirrored 2011, and the completed SRCS contract did not address timeframe. While still welcome on this Christian campus, alternatives would have drastically reduced the retreat experience.

We are sorry to announce that have found no comparable alternative and have canceled. We thank Julie McClain, Guest Services Specialist and Doug McClain, Camp Director for their efforts of August 28, 2013.

We have enjoyed our relationship with Cave Springs, since 2003, and everyone seems to have a wonderful time there. We wish all those attending SRCS during our originally scheduled dates the best.

Join us in 2014 for

Genealogy in the Woods 2014
October 11-12, 2014 Resort Retreat

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"Gas" (Session Areas)
Food Lodging
Campus Map


Absolutely no firearms, alcohol or illegal drugs on the premises.

Smoking allowed outside of buildings only.

We're Cookin' With Gas Now! (session areas)

The ranch house has a ground floor (with a 6" sunken living room)  with a wrap around, creek-side deck and a basement floor with deck (6" threshold) that overlooks the creek on the "back" side. All ground floor living areas (with the exception of the living room/deck) - are continuous and on the same level.

Additionally, a basement or second floor may be utilized. It contains a private room, bathroom, second kitchen/living area with a walk out covered patio overlooking the creek.

Most sessions will be in the ground floor living area (pictured) or around the big table (pictured). Weather permitting, day sessions may move outside on the deck, arbor, or presented as a learning walk (paved paths only).

To Menu Info

Current plans are for Gregath staff to provide all meals on the ground floor of the ranch house - dining area.

Meal Schedule (TBA):

  • Saturday Lunch

  • Saturday Dinner

  • Sunday Breakfast

In addition to regularly scheduled meals, limited refreshments will be provided to attendees.  Attendees should feel free to bring their own snacks.  Plans for 2013, include access to kitchen facilities on both floors for attendees - including clean up, just like at home.


Our group will occupy the Ranch House, a bit away from the "main" part of campus.

Basic, family style, linens and towels will be provided by Cave Springs. If you prefer personal towels, special pillows/pillowcases, etc. please feel free to bring your own.

Activities that will be available to Genealogy in the Woods Retreat attendees include: Lots of genealogy and history related classes, strolling in the beautiful fall foliage/hiking/running/jogging paved trails (or blaze your own in 1,300 acres), "polar bear" swimming/wading, wildlife viewing/bird watching, basketball, Frisbee/disc golf, volleyball and more! Arrangements through Gregath, for an additional fee, may be made with Sky Ranch for horseback riding, paint ball, zip line, and other activities, given enough notice.

Our Neighborhood
Campus Map Close Up

Campus Maps - Courtesy of Sky Ranch
Sky Racnch at Cave Springs Campus Map

Lots of  genealogy and history information and fun throughout the weekend!

October is Family History Month!

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