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Genealogy in the Woods 2013
Sky Ranch at Cave Springs Ranch House
October 26-27, 2013
Same Venue as 2003, 2005, 2007, and 2011!


Unfortunately, after booking to near capacity, Sky Ranch at Cave Springs informed us our ranch house availability was reduced by at least 5 hours, due to a new group's needs. This was unforeseen as our 2013 schedule mirrored 2011, and the completed SRCS contract did not address timeframe. While still welcome on this Christian campus, alternatives would have drastically reduced the retreat experience.

We are sorry to announce that have found no comparable alternative and have canceled. We thank Julie McClain, Guest Services Specialist and Doug McClain, Camp Director for their efforts of August 28, 2013.

We have enjoyed our relationship with Cave Springs, since 2003, and everyone seems to have a wonderful time there. We wish all those attending SRCS during our originally scheduled dates the best.

Join us in 2014 for

Genealogy in the Woods 2014
October 11-12, 2014 Resort Retreat

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Packing Ideas

Attendees will be staying family-style in the ranch house, where meals and instruction are also given. The two story house is climate-controlled, with stairs on the interior and ground level doors on both floors outside. Because we are self contained, the weather may only be a problem for loading and unloading, as well as any walks, etc. you choose to take.  Those that are native to the area know that middle to late October, almost any weather can strike.  From Indian Summer, to wind and rain, to sunny and cool.

If the attendee utilizes a walker, chair, or motorized cart/chair due to health, such items should be addressed before arrival.

Ask about couples accommodations - limited.

Below are some general suggestions.  It should by no means be taken as a "master list".

Linens:  The ranch house provides basic linens and towels. This doesn't include maid service. If you would feel more comfortable with your own, feel free to bring them. Typical additions to your bag may include pillow, pillowcase, comforter, wash cloth, and hand/bath towels, etc.

Clothing:  Wear comfortable clothes - this is a retreat, not fashion week.  If you feel comfy in sweats, skirts, jeans, slacks, etc. - pack them! Because one may be in and out of buildings, some may think layers are a good idea, where others tend to plan for the inside and just have heavy outerwear. Some additional ideas: hat/cap, jacket/sweater/coat, raincoat/poncho, rain shoes/boots, pajamas, house shoes.  Past attendees liked the temperatures inside, while others felt it too warm and still others felt cold.  Bring clothes accordingly. Our staff will probably again be in their Genie Junkie t-shirts/pants & layers.

Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, deodorant, hairbrush/comb, hygiene items, lip balm, personal mirror, nail file/clippers/tweezers, razor, shampoo/conditioner/additional products, soap, sunglasses, glasses cleaner, contact lenses/solution. 

Lawn Chair: Even "comfy" seating doesn't always agree with our backs or joints for a full day of sitting.  Classes on the deck or elsewhere would benefit from one as well. This will also allow you to pick your spot if staying up for movie night Saturday evening.

Snacks: Alternate food and drink choices may be brought - however we try to have some snacks out at all times.  Please remember if bringing items that require refrigeration that it is polite to share - and there are only 2 units for everyone (including meal needs) in the entie house.  Contact us if you need refrigeration for medical reasons - arrangements should be confirmed.

Other Useful Items: Genealogy, Genealogy, Genealogy!

  • favorite note taking material/office supplies (pen, pencil, eraser, highlighter, post-its/flags, paper, folders, paper clips, etc.)

  • prescriptions (medical list and instruction copies)

  • neck supporter

  • small sewing kit

  • aspirin/Tylenol

  • antacid/Pepto, etc.

  • band-aids

  • camera/film

  • alarm clock

  • hair dryer

  • personal snacks (some refrigeration available)

  • coffee mug (go green!) - rather than use disposable cups (provided)

  • sport bottle/lidded mug or tumbler - to carry your beverage with you (disposable cups will be available onsite)

  • laptop or other wireless device (wireless internet service provided)

  • other electronic gadgets as you see fit

  • reading material - printed or eReader


Limited snacks and drinks will be available during the event as part of the all inclusive package.

Absolutely no firearms, alcohol or illegal drugs allowed on the premises.

Smoking is allowed outside of buildings only.

No Personal Pets - contact us if planning to bring a service animal

No road vehicles on campus during the weekend

Click here for our general travel packing tip page.

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Lots of  genealogy and history information and fun throughout the weekend!

October is Family History Month!

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