Librarian Event Registration Form

Collection Development - TBA, 2007
Until TBA, 2007!

Please send form and payment to:
Gregath Co., BOX 505, Wyandotte, OK 74370.  

Name: ___________________________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________________

Phone Number:_______________________________ 

Email: ________________________________  

Only 1 Repository OR Genealogical/Historical Organization (for nametag): ________________________________________________________

If registering more than one attendee, supply their name, nametag information, and email (if applicable) for each.

Registration discount eligibility: If your repository or group has more than one attendee, return all registrations in the same envelope with one full registration. All may register at the discount. If everyone is paying their own registration, we suggest you total your group fee, then divide by the number registering.

Collection Development - TBA, 2007
Until TBA, 2007!

____ Registration-@ $TBA.00 = $_______________

____ Additional Registration Discount @ $TBA.00 each  = $_______________

Total Enclosed  = $______________

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