Genealogy in the Woods 2007
Genealogical and Family History Retreat
Sky Ranch at Cave Springs
October 19-21, 2007
Same Venue as 2003 & 2005!

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Refund Policy General

Q. I'd like to come, but what if I can't afford the cost in a single payment?
A. If you prefer, you can charge it to Visa or MasterCard for a 5% user fee. If this doesn't appeal, contact us about making payments. 

Q. Though this package is economical for all inclusive, is there any way I can come for less?
A. Referral Bonuses are new this year! Once you have paid your registration, for every regular paid registration (Speakers and Returnees not applicable) who verify you referred them, you will earn a $10 referral bonus. Referral bonus (refund) checks will be included in camp packets. Attendees can earn free registration this way. Accepted/paid speakers have no limit.

Q. What if I want to come, but can't make "check in", would like to combine this with seeing friends, or need to leave early?
A. While we like to foster the "back to camp" atmosphere, we can make any arrival/departure arrangements you need to.  Please be advised though, the earlier you let us know, the more seamless your plans will fit into the larger agenda. 

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Q. What if I prefer a private room, or another number than 6 to a suite?
A. We offer supplements for from 1 to 5 per suite/room upon request. Be advised, it is simply buying the other bunks in the room, so it can be expensive. 

Q. What if I don't have 5 roommates in mind?
A. Reserve your space and leave the roommate lines blank, we'll match you up with other genealogists to fill rooms - this is a free service to attendees whose friend's schedules are too busy to attend this year.

Q. Can I bring my pet?
A. While pets sometimes need retreats, no personal pets are allowed on campus.  Contact us before registering if you require a service animal.

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Q. Will there be extra paperwork and releases like in the past?
A. Yes - Attendees will be getting these in their camp packets:
Click here for Cave Springs Example Release
Click here for Gregath Health & Safety Policy/Release

Q. I don't agree to everything covered by the above releases, what then?
A. You can contact us with questions or concerns about either release, however if you don't agree with them, we can not welcome you to the retreat.

Q. I have special dietary concerns - will there be any adjustment allowed for me?
A.  Our standard offerings will not take into account any special dietary needs.  However, if you contact us as soon as you register (or before 10-1-07), we will do our best to see that there is something to meet your needs, however, no one with special requirements that have made prior arrangements will go hungry.

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Q. Do we need to pack pencil sharpeners?
A.  We will have a single electric one available.  If you have one you prefer, please bring your choice - we had rooms that brought a room sharpener in 2003, and individuals in 2005.

Q. Are there electrical outlets in the rooms?
A. Yes - though we can't guarantee the number or placement in any given room/bath.

Q. Any ideas on how to get HOT water to make tea, etc.?
A. As part of our snack area, we will have a microwave available to all attendees at all times.

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Q. Will there be lots of shopping opportunities?
A. No - no vendor/exhibitor space is being sold, as the retreat should be free of all stresses, including what books can you buy with this month's budget.  However, speakers may have supporting source material for sale. Additionally, you'll be able to catalog shop with the items in your goodie bags.

Q. Where will the sessions take place exactly?
A. This is somewhat up to the presenter.  There is a meeting room in the back of our dorm where sessions may be scheduled.  This is unless the weather is good and the presenter decides to offer the session outside. 

Q. Will there be vending machines?
A. Yes and No - While the campus usually has a few, being a fall weekend, they are may not be stocked the entire time. Additionally, if you are not into distance walking, getting to them may seem like a hike. We will be offering refreshments at all times, but as your camp packet and all packing suggestions note you should bring anything you'd miss having to the Retreat.

Q. I only drink decaffeinated coffee, will it be available?
A. At this time, we will not be offering decaf coffee in our snack area or breakfast.  Decaf coffee is usually available in the dining hall around meal times.

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Q. What if I register and can't come?
A.  These registrations are fully transferable - give it to someone, or even turn it into a fundraiser for your organization with a silent auction - gifts to non-profits are tax deductible.  We only ask that you let us know, as soon as you know the new attendee, so that we can have correct name tags, etc. Also, if the gender of the registration changes, rooms will need re-assigned.  Change in attendee registration is free - no extra charge.  You are also eligible for a partial refund (see next).

Q. What about a refund, if I so desire?
A. Various refunds are available only until October 1.  After October 1, you surrender the total fee.  See above - these are transferable.
From paid reservation until April 1, 2007, a full refund minus $10 fee.
From April 1-July 15, 2007, a refund of 50% is offered.
From July 15-October 1, 2007, a refund of 15% is available.

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