Genealogy in the Woods 2007
Genealogical and Family History Retreat
Sky Ranch at Cave Springs
October 19-21, 2007
Same Venue as 2003 & 2005!
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Dining hall (left) and far end of campus - taken from flagpole.

Cave Springs Dormitories tucked into the fall foliege - October 2003
View of dormitories taken from dining hall during 2003 Retreat - Copyright Jean Bohannan

"Gas" (Session Areas)

Food Lodging

Campus Map


Absolutely no firearms, alcohol or illegal drugs on the premises.

Smoking allowed outside of buildings only.

We're Cookin' With Gas Now! (session areas)

Genealgoical seminar held during Genealogy in t he Woods 2003 Retreat.

Meeting Room at Genealogy in the Woods 2003 Retreat did double duty as lounge/snack room and class room.
 Lounge/classroom during 2003 Retreat -
Copyright Jean Bohannan

All buildings on campus are separate, stand alone structures.  While the campus has a variety of paved paths, none of these are covered or protected from the elements.  Our sessions may take place in a variety of areas on campus.  The dorm has a room that will probably be used for most sessions.  If the weather is right, there are several outdoor venues that may be taken advantage of, as well.  The entire campus is handicap accessible. 
At this time, no session is scheduled against another.  However, we are looking at offering some alternatives that will be offered in an alternate room.

Covered bridge and fire circle between dorms and main building.

To Menu Examples

Family style dining snapshot from Genealogy in the Woods 2003 RetreatMost lunch and dinner meals will be served by Cave Spring's staff in their wonderful dining hall.  As with all other campus buildings, it is a separate, stand alone structure with a paved, but not covered, walkway leading to the building.

Meal Schedule (subject to change):

Friday Dinner 6 PM

Saturday (Day Trippers Welcome)
Breakfast 6:30-8 AM
Lunch 12 Noon
Dinner 6 PM

Sunday Breakfast - 8 AM

Saturday and Sunday breakfasts this year will be served in the dorm lounge area.  Breakfasts provided will be continental: coffee, juice, toast bar, fruit, etc.

In addition to regularly scheduled meals, limited refreshments will be provided to attendees.  Attendees should feel free to bring their own snacks.  Keep in mind that refrigeration is NOT available for general attendees.  Plans for 2007, again include access to a microwave in the lounge.

Photo of a dorm in October, 2006. Lodging

Our group will occupy one of the campus dormitories (housing unit).  Our standard accommodations will be six to a carpeted suite (these suites are built to accommodate 12 campers in bunks) with a small room to sleep 2, a larger room to sleep 4 (all lower bunks - use upper for storage), a hallway and a tiled double bathroom (in suite) unless other arrangements are made. Each dorm is equipped with a common room which will be used as our primary session room, & lounge at the back of each building. One suite will be used, like in 2005, for our breakfast/snack room. Dorm common areas are not carpeted.  The entire campus is handicap accessible with special dormitory facilities. Dormitories are heated and air conditioned.

Dorm hall, mini room door to right, bathroom door to left, large room in back. 
Views of a suite during 2003 Retreat -
Copyright Jean Bohannan

Click here for bathroom facility photos 

ALL linens will be provided by the attendees themselves. Click here for a suggested packing list!

As with all other campus buildings, each dorm is a separate, stand alone structure with a paved, but not covered, walkway leading to the building.

Activities that will be available to Genealogy in the Woods Retreat attendees include: Lots of genealogy and history related classes, strolling in the beautiful fall foliage/hiking/running/jogging paved trails (or blaze your own in 1,300 acres), "polar bear" swimming/wading, wildlife viewing/bird watching, basketball, Frisbee/disc golf, volleyball and more!

Campus Map - Courtesy of Sky Ranch

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October is Family History Month!

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