Genealogy in the Woods 2007
Genealogical and Family History Retreat
Sky Ranch at Cave Springs
October 19-21, 2007
Same Venue as 2003 & 2005!

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Carrie Ann Cook, National Genealogy Speaker Carrie Ann Cook

VP/Webmaster Gregath Publishing, Teacher & Author
Rural Northeast Oklahoma

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Carrie Ann Cook is a published author, illustrator and free-lance photographer. She holds an AA and BS in Elementary Education. Having certified for teaching in several states, she has taught elementary grades as well as genealogy, writing and computer classes at the Northeast Technology Center, Afton, Oklahoma. She has also served the Miami (Oklahoma) Public Library as Genealogy and Local History Specialist.  Currently, she is the Vice President of Gregath Co. and Webmaster to assorted sites. Carrie has been active in various service and lineal organizations throughout the years.  At age 37, she has been public speaking on genealogical and historical topics for nearly two decades.  A life long learner, she enjoys new insights offered while attending educational opportunities such as Historical Preservation Conferences, NIGR, and most recently, the Federation of Genealogical Societies Library Day in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, 2007.

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Power Up With PowerPoint
PowerPoint Presentation
Mid-America Speakers Topic - All Attendees Welcome

Saturday, 3:30PM

Basic introduction and exploration of Microsoft PowerPoint as a program and what it can do for you. A guided tour of the PowerPoint work environment and basic slide deck construction as well as the pros and cons of several techniques as well as Q&A will be included.

Mid-America Speakers will be providing something special for all of those who choose to attend.

Using eBay to Increase Your Research Library
PowerPoint Presentation

Sunday, 6:30AM

Time saving techniques to let eBay work to help you find perfect auctions. eBay is great for getting basic "must have" books for any research library to finding that specific out of print family book, to buying parts of another library to sort through and possibly resell.

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Lots of  topics throughout the weekend!

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