Genealogy in the Woods 2007
Genealogical and Family History Retreat
Sky Ranch at Cave Springs
October 19-21, 2007
Same Venue as 2003 & 2005!

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Sharolyn "Sue" McCoy

Author, Publisher, Historian
Joplin, Missouri

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Sharolyn McCoy is co-owner of Three Sons Publishing, Inc. and Rex Technologies, Inc. A family history researcher for over 20 years and has done volunteer research work for many others in her spare time. With a primary interest is in U.S. history from of the mid-1800's to the early twentieth century, She focuses on the central mid-south, primarily in the states of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas. Her writing projects are developed with a "layered historical" approach to family history, augmented to include family information from sources such as available historical records and public and private documents. She finds this methodology gives to the reader a more comprehensive look at individuals studied and brings to light a more personal history to the subject matter.

Elkhorn Tavern, 1860 by Patrick & Sharolyn McCoyHer first offering, Elkhorn Tavern, 1860, The Pea Ridge Community (now out of print), was First Place and Grand Prize winner of Tulsa, Oklahoma's Genealogical Society New Writer's contest for 2005. As an example of her writing approach to family histories, Elkhorn Tavern is a unique look at the 172 families (1040 names) who received their mail at the Pea Ridge, Arkansas Post Office that summer before the Civil War began. Beginning with a complete transcription of the 1860 Benton County, Arkansas census for Sugar Creek and Mount Vernon Townships, the contents of the book are the product of careful records' examination gleaned from available historical records and public and private documents including service records of eligible age males who served in the Civil War. In addition, this work includes information and notes from family stories, pension applications and other recollections of period participants. It is a unique look at the community and families caught up in the vortex of one of the bloodiest battles west of the Mississippi.

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Session Information: 

Layered History
Sunday, 9:00AM

The "nuts and bolts" of how you can use this vital technique with your own research and genealogy. Sharolyn specializes in "Community Genealogies" with an emphasis on "layered history." Every individual in every household in a particular community, is researched from 1850 through the Civil War period and sometimes beyond to prove ancestry. A short history or vignette is then written about each household "layering" each family's history to tell a story. The stories relate to nativity, migration, relationships, interrelationships, family histories, and the family or individual's interaction within the community as a whole. This will be so much more than a simple case study. These researchers bring their experience to this facet of genealogical research too many family historians neglect. Question and answer time to follow.

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Lots of  topics throughout the weekend!

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