Genealogy in the Woods 2007
Genealogical and Family History Retreat
Sky Ranch at Cave Springs
October 19-21, 2007
Same Venue as 2003 & 2005!

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Randy Scott, Speaker at Genealogy in the Woods 2007 Randy Scott

Genealogy Friends of the Library, Neosho, Missouri

Joplin, Missouri
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Since 2002, Randy has served as President of the Genealogy Friends of the Library (GFOL), a volunteer genealogy society based out of the Neosho-Newton County Library in Neosho, Missouri.  Randy has given lectures to genealogy groups, served as an instructor at genealogy seminars, and appeared on local radio talk shows discussing genealogy. He has lectures prepared on various topics and is always working on more.

Randy has been researching his own genealogy for a number of years, however, he greatly enjoys helping others get started learning their own family history. Upon learning the identity of his immigrant Scott ancestor, he plans on publishing his Scott family genealogy. He is also working towards becoming a certified genealogist and certified genealogist lecturer. He also has a special interest in Civil War history as it concerns the Western Border area.

Randy has completed a transcription of the 1840, 1850, and 1860 Federal censuses of Newton County, Missouri.  He and his wife, Karen, are currently transcribing the 1900 Newton County census. All of the above census transcription data is available free online at either  or

Randy and Karen have traveled extensively on genealogical research trips, including a trip to the Allen County Public Library in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. In 2005, they represented Newton County and the GFOL at the Missouri State Genealogical Association's 26th annual conference held in Columbia, Missouri.  Randy's interest in genealogical research is a natural extension of his work as a Detective for the Newton County Sheriff's Office in Neosho, Missouri.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice Administration as well as an Associate of Science degree in Law Enforcement with a minor in Computer Science.

In November, 2004, Randy and Karen completed and moved into an oak log home which they are planning to use as a "bed and breakfast" or "bed and stay" inn. Their desire is to cater to genealogists researching Newton County, Missouri or the surrounding four-state area, offering weekend research assistance to their guests.  Apart from his genealogy research, Randy works as a taxidermist in a family owned taxidermy studio, enjoys historical publications and movies, and loves fishing and hunting.

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Session Information: 

Genealogical Proof Standard
PowerPoint Presentation

Saturday, 7:30PM

Randy will explain and simplify the Genealogical Proof Standard, the standard used by genealogists since 1997 for defining classes of evidence. He will explain how to evaluate and weigh each source, bit of information or piece of evidence that you glean in your research. By the end of the lecture, you should be able to utilize evidence, sources, and information that you had before dismissed as inferior or sub-standard. His presentation compares GPS with other types of proof theories as they apply to genealogical research. Randy has learned to use his real life skills as a detective when researching his own family history and hopes to get you to thinking like a detective when using Genealogical Proof Standard.

Document Analysis
Joint Presentation

Saturday, 1:30PM

More info TBA.

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Lots of  topics throughout the weekend!

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