Genealogy in the Woods 2007
Genealogical and Family History Retreat
Sky Ranch at Cave Springs
October 19-21, 2007
Same Venue as 2003 & 2005!

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Scrapbooking Workshop

Shirley Ratliff and Luretta WilliamsLuretta Wiliams and Shirley Ratliff with their 2006 Tulsa Genealogy Society award winning books.
Genealogists, historians, and award winning Scrabookers
Ottawa County, Oklahoma

October is Family History Month!

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Both of our presenters are genealogists first and scrapbook hobbyists second. This brings a more balanced eye toward scrapbooks that last, as well as preserving "the facts" while producing a pleasing, eye catching book. Both are experienced researchers and accomplished genealogists. Through the years they have collaborated on many different types of genealogical and preservation projects. Scrapbooking is one of their newer talents, as they both state they have been organizing family material into albums for a good four years. Both are members of the Ottawa County Genealogical Society and past Miami Public Library volunteers. They share a deep desire to see family information preserved.

Shirley Ratliff

Shirley's approach to scrapbooking centers on stamping, and using stickers and repurposing wallpaper. She also loves to incorporate cut outs from old cards and the like. Stamped cards are something she had done for the enjoyment of family and friends for about three years. She also brings many other interests into her work. Shirley is very active in the Rebels Car Club of Miami, which has provided for some interesting scrapbooking. In addition to her award winning scrapbooks, she has most recently taken first place in historical media with her "family hankies" shadow box at the Tulsa County Genealogical Society annual contest in October, 2006.

Luretta Williams

Luretta is fascinated by the marriage of genealogical and historical preservation with the art of scrapbooking. She has won many awards for her work, the latest being blue ribbons in two different categories at the Tulsa County Genealogical Society annual contest in October, 2006. Her work bridges the worlds of genealogy and scrapbooking by including hard data into her artistic and accessible scrapbooks. In this way, information can be preserved in a more unique way then simple publishing.

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Web Information

Gregath Scrapbooking Resources Catalog Links:

Clip Art Fonts Paper Scissors Stencils Stickers

Please note that, if interested, anything listed for sale through Gregath may be purchased and picked up at the retreat (no shipping charges), if ordered by September 15, 2007.

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Session Information: 

Friday Scrappers 9AM-5PM Friday

Afternoon Scrapbooking Workshop and Forum
Friday Scrapper attendees welcome!
All inclusive retreat: Bonus Sessions 1-5PM Friday

Retreat attendees can schedule their day by arriving early to check in and then enjoying a full afternoon of scrapbooking instruction at no extra charge. Scrapbookers can bring their own finished items to share, bring projects to work on, exchange ideas and ask for opinions. You decide whether to bring the raw materials to complete a finished project, use community materials for guided practice and examples to take home, or sit back and observe others as they put the projects together. Whatever your learning style, this workshop fits! Afternoon scheduled topics include:

  • Family Tree scrapbook page/project - three generations in photos: Pages will be made that afternoon that include 7 photographs. This project works well as an individual scrapbook page, or is suitable for framing. Paper will be provided, but if you are interested in particular colors, or size to fit your book, you should bring your own. Skills include trimming, punching, layout, lettering.

  • Envelope portfolio - Hands on workshop focuses on how to make extra, ordinary envelopes into extraordinary organizers and theme scrapbooks. Morning classes work making other scrapbook styles. Basic materials included. Skills include a little bit of everything.

Sharing techniques and ideas, trying new things (including a couple or pages or projects with basic materials included), and breaking the ice are on tap!

Limited "community" supplies will be available to share. However, to make the time pass smoothly, scrapbooks should bring their own stick glue (or adhesive of choice), scissors, favorite ink stamping colors, stamps, coloring media (pencils, markers, etc.) of choice, stickers, paper.

Scrapbookers can additionally bring, but are not required, the following items to complete projects onsite:

  • personal cutter

  • preference of personal adhesive

  • family photos of a family line for three generations (7) approximately 1.5x2.25" (family tree page)

  • stamping tools and media

  • anything else!

Note: Please be sure to have any scrapbooking materials you bring identified. Examples include stencils and scissors that you don't mind sharing with a friend or the group for this workshop. These can be marked with colors (fingernail polish in a funky color works great), yarn, full contact information, etc. Just realize that you may not have the only pair of yellow, scallop, 5" scissors to be used within the group.

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Lots of  topics throughout the weekend!

October is Family History Month!

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Join the fun!

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