Genealogy in the Woods 2011
Genealogy & History Back to Basics
Sky Ranch at Cave Springs
October 29 & 30, 2011
Same Venue as 2003, 2005 & 2007!

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About the Retreat

This year attendees will be going back to the basics. No, not roughing it - we don't even have to bring our own linens and towels this year! We will focus on what it takes to form a solid, basic foundation of knowledge to be an effective researcher. In recent years, the term "skill building" has been in vogue for a reason. This retreat is perfect for the basic beginner, as well as the "grizzled veteran" who is looking for new tips and tricks, or just a positive attitude adjustment. Immerse yourself in a great atmosphere, with genealogists and historian of all skill levels and amounts of experience.

Spend some time away from the everyday trials and tribulations! Come out for a weekend of genealogy and family history lectures, learning and sharing. Preliminary scheduling calls for lots different session times. 

Leave the cell phones and electronic devises at home, in the office (or in your room) and get back to basics in the natural beauty of this rural setting with a low-stress retreat. All lodging, meals, door prizes, refreshments, goodie bags and as much genealogy (with related topics) as you want are all included in the low price of the full retreat package. We are taking over the ranch house for family style lodging and meals. Our home for the retreat is 4,600 square feet, climate controlled  house with four separate bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths. Wireless internet, satellite TV, bathrooms, bedrooms, as well as kitchen and living areas are available on both floors. You (you know you want to come) may choose to participate in as many or as few, scheduled genealogical activities as you prefer. Come for the lectures or for the quiet time to finally get your workbook(s) in order or writing done!

This positive, friendly, environment will be filled (though space is limited) with genealogists and writers ready to learn and network while letting the fall colors and homey atmosphere sooth the stress of every day life away.  Our attendees will take over the Ranch House for the first time since the retreats have been held at Cave Springs.  While there will probably be other groups on campus, they'll be "down the trail". All groups understand and welcome the retreat concept and we do have a maximum number we'll allow in-house.  This is because, like shopping, while large crowds may be fun, a retreat should be getting away from it all - just not too far.

Full retreat attendees arrive  Saturday for a full day of sessions, meals and fun. Sunday, attendees rise to a crisp fall morning, more food and classes before the campus closes.

Referral Bonus - Bring your friends and save on the all inclusive weekend genealogy and history package.

Basic linens will be furnished (but not maid service) - come and revisit your earlier years as we combine history and modern conveniences, with echoes of summer camp.  

Lots of different topics throughout the weekend!

October is Family History Month!

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