Genealogy in the Woods 2011
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Sky Ranch at Cave Springs
October 29 & 30, 2011
Same Venue as 2003, 2005 & 2007!

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Health and Safety Policy Sample

Note: This policy must be agreed to and all of its instructions followed, before attendee will be allowed to check into the retreat. The signed policy may be returned by mail or at time of check in.  However, potential attendees who arrive at the retreat and do not agree with this policy will not be allowed to stay, nor will they receive any refund monies. A copy of this will be included in attendees camp packets as well as available upon check in.

The retreat campus is in a fairly remote area of Ottawa County.  Because of this, cell phones and/or pagers may work poorly or not at all.  Do not rely on your personal communication devices for any needs.  Additionally, if you choose to carry phones or other electronic devices (except computers) while on campus, please place in silent mode.  If you wish to use your phone, please step outside or check to make sure you won't be disturbing anyone else in the room before dialing.  We are striving for stress-free J.  While for some, this means the absence of phones, etc. we realize that stress-free for others means communication at your fingertips.

Attendees can bring any apparatus (cars, trucks, etc. excluded) to assist them in getting from place to place such as walkers, wheelchairs, motorized carts, etc. However handicap accessible, to the ranch house, means a trip "off road" outside the building to move between floors - interior connection via staircase.  All road vehicles (cars, trucks, etc.) will be parked in an area to be specified by Sky Ranch at Cave Springs staff for the duration of attendee's stay after unloading.

During the retreat, paved roads, unpaved paths, or (uncovered) sidewalks connect all areas of the campus you are likely to utilize.  Depending on possible rain and/or temperatures, both routes may be treacherous.

For smokers, the good news is that smoking is allowed on campus during the retreat.  Smoking is not allowed inside the buildings, however.  It is your responsibility, once you arrive and complete registration, to find out from the staff about smoking arrangements.

In compliance with the campus policy, no personal pets or live animals should be brought to the retreat.  Even if a loved pet is used to spending the weekend in a vehicle, it can’t be stress-free for them, and we don’t want our genealogists having any extra duties, such as ‘ye old pooper scooper’.

For those with pre-existing medical conditions that may affect emergency medical treatment (if needed), we suggest keeping pertinent information with you at all times during the retreat.  Things like current medications, allergies, home doctor and contact information, as well as any other preferences can be of great help if the need for emergency medical treatment should arise. If you are carrying a cell phone (even without reception), don't forget to program ICE (In Case of Emergency).  Attendees will be expected to take responsibility for any of their prescribed medications.  Refrigeration will be supplied for those medications requiring such, if previously arranged.  You are also encouraged to bring any over-the counter, or “medicine cabinet” items that you may need.  However, no illegal drugs should be brought. 

No alcoholic beverages or firearms are allowed
on campus at any time for any reason.

Gregath Company, Inc. is not responsible for loss, accidents, injury or illness during this event. 

  I, ___________________________________________________________________________

have read the above policy and understand these guidelines.  I will act in accordance with this plan during the retreat.

(Signature Required)

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