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Native American Genealogical Workshop
October 25 & 26, 2002
Artie Nesvold Community Center, Wyandotte Nation

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Each year, when our staff looks forward toward planning our next Workshop, we weigh many factors before deciding the main focus of the workshop.  The fact that Northeast Oklahoma was once Indian Territory was one of many reasons we decided to “go native” in 2002.  With the amazing differences and similarities between different Tribal cultures, not to mention their relation with the white man, it was felt that a strong, well-rounded, informational, workshop would be invaluable to many researchers.

Many researchers who delve into the ethnic group known as the "Native American" find, as they progress with their research, that it is sometimes more difficult than researching overseas.  Native Americans are perhaps the only ethnic group in the world that must prove their own validity.  They are also “helped” by a non-native ruling group (the U.S. Government).  Researching and living within Native America can definitely cause culture shock because of these and many other reasons.  It is hoped that by presenting many native and U. S. resources, researchers will come away with a better idea of not only what questions to ask, but where to ask them and how to do so.  While the main theme will focus on the research, customs and beliefs intertwine and all attendees are encouraged to ask questions.

Vendors are available with a variety of books and supplies for your consideration.  Door prizes and fun that are a part of any Gregath workshop will not be in short supply this year.  Come join us as we submerge ourselves in Native American Culture and Research.

Some things of interest within a 50 mile radius include:
Several Major Golf Courses, Harbor Village, Darryl Starbird's Car Museum, Off-Track Betting at The Stables, Cherokee Queen, Movie Theatres, Fishing, Several Indian Bingos, Historic Coleman Theatre, Dobson Museum & Family History Center, Miner's Museum, Route 66, several American Indian National Headquarters, Water Sports of all kinds, Quapaw Casino & RV Resort, Various other Resorts including Shangri-La.

Come Join Us!

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