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Oklahoma City Skill Building & Research Trip
Oklahoma History Center
(Overnight Trip)

August 5-6, 2011
$150.00 per person
Contingent on early fuel cost projections and actual skill building date.

Planned Schedule + surprises:

Optional participation in Oklahoma Genealogy Society's Skill Building Event: Strong Roots, Smooth the way to success at all levels, presented by Carrie Cook. Make your own arrangements.


The Oklahoma Historical Society Research Center, combines the state archives, library and newspaper archives, do have a few rules and regulations to keep in mind when going "loaded for bear". You will have to have photo identification, sign in and get (or bring) your OHS Center research card, use pencils only, turn off cell phones and pagers, follow recommendations about white cotton gloves (provided) when handling some archival material. Note there is no smoking, eating, or beverages allowed in the research area, however a cafe is on the third floor of OHC. Plan to have pencil and paper with you in the research area - you will be provided with an easily accessible locker for everything else (includes phones, cameras, research notebooks, purses, etc.).

Microfilm readers are "first come, first serve" and are located in the archive area.

Quick Tip: Sometimes, depending upon volunteer staff, fanny packs are allowed to be kept with the researcher.

Oklahoma History Center Website

The Oklahoma History Center includes many exciting historical aspects of Oklahoma. Travelers will have the option of purchasing an optional $5.00 admission (free for OHC Members) to the Oklahoma History Center's museum galleries and outdoor exhibits. Museum offerings include Indian Lives, Origins, Spirituality, Languages, Dwellings, Living Ways, Sovereignty and Tribes; Voice, Vision & Vacuum Tubes, Wild West Shows, Sports, Diversity, Images of Oklahoma, Culture and the Arts; Land Run, Urban Frontiers, Farm & Ranch, Weather, Quilts, Government & Politics, Law & Order, Fashions and Education; People & Pathways, Natural Resources, Military Matters, African Americans, Business and Transportation; 14 Flags (important flags and Nations); Red River Journey through the Wichita, Arbuckle and Kiamichi Mountains, Oil and Gas Park and a Special Exhibits Gallery. (excerpted from the Oklahoma History Center Visitor's Guide)

Lunch may be purchased and enjoyed at the Winnie Mae Cafe on the third floor bridge. This is also an excellent place to enjoy a "sack lunch". Upon request, the van will make a lunch trip out and back for more lunch choices.

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