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Silhouette and Stencil Clip Art

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This catalog section contains a wonderful treasury and variety of various clips from black and white line art to full color photographic representations. Most are royalty free and ready to use by the amateur or professional. These collections are great for scrapbook enthusiasts, as well as book authors and newsletter editors. They are great for crafters and artists and fit to use in a multitude of design opportunities. A great pick-me-up for a website, wonderful to make your own stickers, bookmarks, original/custom greeting cards, holiday decorations, highly personalized stationary, tons of scrapbook possibilities including altered books, T-shirt and mouse pad designs, apparel, business cards and more! Most artwork collections offered below come with the cut & paste book (printed on one side only) for those "old school", as well as high-quality scans, in a variety of popular universal formats for direct use on both Apple/Mac and PC based computers. Note, some stock art titles do not include CD, but the buyer may make their own disk by scanning the books. For a little "do it yourself" clip art selection, visit the coloring book section.

SilhouettesStencil Clip Art l Stencils

150 Silhouette Designs CD-ROM and Book, by Rico Prosperoso150 Silhouette Designs CD-ROM and Book, by Rico Prosperoso. 48 pages. Included are silhouetted portraits of women in elaborate headdresses, graceful images of woodland sprites, beautiful floral vignettes, a powerful likeness of a Chinese dragon, and much more. Ideal for any art and craft project — from business cards to decoupage — these cuts appear in all shapes and sizes. 153 black-and-white designs. ADD766-$17.00

Big Book of Silhouettes, Ed. by Carol Belanger GraftonBig Book of Silhouettes, Ed. by Carol Belanger Grafton. 8½x11”, 128 pages. Over 1,700 images of animals, couples embracing, men and women working, children playing, human profile and much more. ADD196-$11.00

Decorative Silhouettes - CD-Rom & Book, by Dover. 64 pages, softbound book: 690 silhouette. B/W 600 dpi scan. Hundreds of charming images, adapted from rare sources, depict a wide array of subjects--from animals in assorted poses and children playing, to couples embracing and people working. The high-quality, royalty-free illustrations are ideal for artists, illustrators, and craftworkers who want to make a bold, graphic statement. 690 black-and-white illustrations. ADD152-$15.00

Easy-to-Cut Silhouette Designs, by Betty ChristyEasy-to-Cut Silhouette Designs, by Betty Christy, 2011. 8.5x11: 48 pages, softbound book. Twenty-nine charming, traditional silhouette designs that are so easy to use even children can join the fun! Designs include youngsters playing, leprechauns and fairies, butterflies, birds, florals, and many more. Perfect for framing, decoupage, and other craft projects. Instructions included. ADD2271-$13.00

Old-Fashioned Silhouettes - CD-Rom & Book, by Dover. 64 pages, softbound book: More than 400 bold, black-and-white silhouettes offer graphic artists a rich source of eye-catching, royalty-free motifs with a vintage touch: male and female profiles, elegantly clad couples, youngsters boating, fishing, and flying a kite, ladies reading, painting, and playing golf, and much more. Perfect for enhancing greeting cards, posters, ads, and other print projects. ADD151-$15.00

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Japanese Designs - CD-Rom & Book, by DoverJapanese stencil Designs CD-ROM and Book, by Dover. Japanese paper stencils, called katagami, are exquisitely rendered textile motifs carefully cut from delicate paper and used for printing designs on cloth. This unique treasury boasts a wondrous selection of these stencil designs, including lush florals, exotic birds, graceful butterflies, marine life, geometric figures, and filigree. Perfect for any art project. ADD800-$15.00

Nature stencil Designs - CD Rom & Book, by Dover. 48 pages, softbound book printed on one side only with every image on the CD-ROM: 562 bold, attention getting b/w illustrations of flora and fauna that work on both Windows (PC) and Macintosh (Mac). TIFF graphic format files. ADD629-$15.00

stencil designs - CD-Rom & Book, by Dover. 64 pages, softbound book: 902 striking images in a treasury grouped according to subject: Nautical, American and Pennsylvania Dutch, festive patterns for Christmas and other holidays, Celtic, Native American, Egyptian and more. B/W 600 dpi scan. ADD173-$15.00

Traditional stencil designsTraditional stencil designs - CD-Rom & Book, by Dover. 48 pages, 8.5x11", softbound book. Scores of attractive designs, selected from a rare, early-20th-century catalog depict ornamental borders, corners, and repeats featuring florals, animals, mosaics, and other popular motifs. An important source of royalty-free materials for artists, illustrators, and craftspeople. 444 black-and-white designs. ADD174-$15.00

Street Art Vector Graphics & Stencils CD-ROM and Book, by Jeremy ElderStreet Art Vector Graphics & Stencils CD-ROM and Book, by Jeremy Elder, 2011. 48 pages, 8.5x11”, softbound book, 505 royalty-free images. This fresh collection features over 500 original black-and-white graphic images in four categories: Retro: '60s, '70s, and '80s motifs with an urban flavor; Pop: references to popular culture and iconic works by Warhol and Lichtenstein; Mod: mid-century images related to fashion, furniture, and architecture; Tech: illustrations of computers, radios, cameras, and other technological devices.  ADD2243-$20.00

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Conditions for use of publications marked “Royalty Free”: You may use the images on the titles marked Royalty free or Copyright free, but it is a limited release. No more than 10 separate images may be used for a single publication or product with graphic or craft application free and without special permission. Reproduction by another graphic service in book form or any other design resource is strictly prohibited.

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Silhouette Clip Art

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