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Writing Family History
Or Genealogy
For Pleasure and Profit
Complete Edition
By Gregath Company, Inc. Staff
ISBN: 0-944619-00-2/978-0-944619-00-1

NGS/GENTECH 2005 Press Release

G550-$20.00 2015 Complete Edition

Table of Contents | Forward

This book was originally formulated as a broad-knowledge textbook for college classes at what is now Wallace State University in Hanceville, Alabama by the company's founder, Ann Gregath. Since then, it has been added to, and updated by other staff members. This edition includes how-to information for both the computer user and the typist. The book includes even more basic content information then is already available on the company website.

Original work by Ann Cochrane Gregath and updated in 1998 with the most recent updates, additions and revisions in 2011 by Carrie Ann Cook and Fredrea Gregath Cook, this 8½x11" large format book perfect/soft bound format, contains 150 pages with suggestions & examples of all facets of your project for the typist and/or computer user. Also available on disk.

Having been updated several times, the 2011 edition began focusing on computer users (novice through seasoned veteran) without leaving behind those who still prefer to produce books at a typewriter keyboard. It includes up-to-date web links as well as addressing acid free and archival quality from raw book materials to delivery. The marketing section is vastly enlarged over twentieth century editions as well.

Electronic Book Review of 1998 edition.

Note: This book can be special ordered in a long lasting hardbound version - contact us for details.

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2011 Table of Contents (index)

Author Introductions

Table of Contents


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Part I - Establishing Goals

Work Area and Equipment

Manuscript Preparation Supplies

Family History Versus Genealogy

Organization of Researched Materials

Book Contents                                                                                               

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Part II - Writing the Manuscript                                                    

  • Frontispiece                                                                                               

  • Title Page and Verso                                                                                    

  • Copyright Ó Copyright

  •   Rights, Length and Using of Copyright                                              

  • Theft and Placement of Copyright Information                                   

  • Library of Congress Card Catalog Number                                               

  • International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

  • Introduction to Author

  • Dedication                                                                                                     

  • Foreword of Preface                                                                              

  • Acknowledgments                                                                                 

  • Contributors or Research Sources                                                     

  • Alphabetical List of Abbreviations                                                       

  • Genealogical Numbering System                            

  • Table of Contents                                       

  • List of Illustrations                                   

  • Other Fore Pages      

  • Primary History  

  • Subsequent History   

  • Individual or Family Histories 

  • Sources and References   

  • Addendum             

  • Index                     

  • Bibliography           

  • Afterword                                                                                                     

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Part III - Preparation of Manuscript For Offset Printing

·        Do it Yourself Hard Copy

·        Do it Yourself Disk      

·        Professionally Prepared

The Page Format        

Layout and Design        

·        Photographs    

·        Color work       

·        Sketches, Maps, Documents and Other Items       

·        Proofreading            

·        Indexing      


Soft Binding    

Hard Binding    

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Part IV - Advertising and Selling Your Book

Magazines and Newspapers Advertising (Paid)

·        Display Advertisements   

·        Classified Advertisements     

Magazine and Newspaper Coverage (Non paid)       

·        Book Reviews                       

·        Newspaper Personal Columns 

·        News Releases and Letters to Genealogical Columns and Editors

§         Press Release Tips                

Postal Sales Tools (postal cards, flyers, letters, brochures, etc.)

·        Assembling the Mailing List           

·        Preparing the Mailing List          

·        Preparing the Sales Tool          

Library, Hereditary, Genealogical and Historical Organization Sales


Network, Network, Network      

The Advertising Budget        

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Part V - Etc.    

Contributor and Customer Information Control System    

Keeping Records and Paperwork 

The Economics of Publishing    

Become Acquainted with Some
            Printing and Binding Terms   

Acid Free and Archival Quality      

·        Internal Factors         

§         Paper                 

§         Binding         

·        External Factors 

§         Production   

§         Beyond Production  

·        Archival Summary    

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2011 Foreword 

“May the rewards of your endeavor be great now and last forever.”
                                                                                     - Ann Gregath 1982

Writing Family History or Genealogy For Pleasure and Profit has been written to assist and help other writers to publish their work with as little time, energy, and money expended as possible. However, no one book can contain all the knowledge required to write and publish a successful article or book. The imagination and common sense of the individual writer must be used in order to achieve the best results. The ideas, directions and aids contained in this book are presented in a step-by step format with numerous examples.  

While this book was originally produced when manuscripts were mainly compiled on typewriters or typeset, that process has diminished in popularity due to the ease of computer preparation. However, there are still authors who wouldn’t dream of giving up their typewriter, and we are not advising conversion. For those tireless individuals, several areas throughout the text are set off with a µ symbol. These are geared primarily for traditional typewriter preparation.  

Occasionally, a reference book or periodical will be set off by & for ease in locating the items that deserve further study. These may not all be full bibliographic references, as quality titles sometimes changes publishers. Additionally, as a general rule, we advocate using the newest edition of reference titles available.  

Spot – Our curious cat may provide you with special information you need to know throughout this book! 

Even with specific areas set off by icons, all readers should read the entire text, as it may give an author additional insight or ideas. Utilize everything you learn and combine it with your own knowledge and style. Computer users and typists both should realize that while manuscript preparation is much easier in the 21st century than it was even in the late 20th century, there is still no substitute for good planning. 

As the reader pages through this book, many things may appear mismatched. This is because this edition attempts to show several different types of design elements. From photos without borders (look at Spot), to borders of different sizes and styles elsewhere, this edition gives different examples while trying not to distract. Further ideas and examples can be found online at our website –  

As an author beginning the book process, never be afraid to ask questions, but also take the time to do your “homework”. In the publishing world, as in many other “cultures”, the average person may run into jargon – words or terms they are unfamiliar with. While used by many, the meanings of many of these change from printer to printer and sometimes over time with the same company. A very brief Gregath glossary listing can be found in the economics section (page 116). Because current terminology is something that reflects ongoing revisions, we maintain an updated online glossary web page at for easy access. 

If you have any problems, please feel free to contact Gregath Company for more information or assistance. Arrangements may be made to do all or part of your planned publication. Services presently available include: research, writing, editing, proofreading, manuscript typing, indexing, printing, collating, binding, electronic book preparation - production - marketing, graphic art, photography (including reproduction - restoration), design, layouts, advertising, sales, distribution, website design and support as well as written reports of persons, places or events. Other services for the writer or researcher will be made available as the need arises. Your inquiry for assistance or quotation of cost on any of the above mentioned services are always welcomed.  

Carrie Ann Cook
February, 2011
Wyandotte, Oklahoma

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All book excerpts carry the original book Copyright - reprinted here with permission.

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wholesale price eligibleother formats available by special orderWRITING Family History Or Genealogy For Pleasure and Profit, Complete Edition by Gregath Company, Inc., *updated* 2015. ISBN: 0-944619-00-2, 8½x11", softbound book, 132 pages. Answers your manuscript preparation questions and provides suggestions & examples of all facets of your project for the typist and/or computer user. G550 - $20.00

CD: WRITING Family History Or Genealogy For Pleasure and ProfitWRITING Family History Or Genealogy For Pleasure and Profit, by Gregath Company, Inc., 2011, CD PDF*, searchable, 132 pages, suggestions & examples of all facets of your project for the typist and/or computer user. wholesale price eligibleEG550-$18.00

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Writing Family History

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