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Electronic Media
Note: E-books are not searchable, unless noted.

  • At this time, all Gregath E-books (#G) on CD are not licenses (or licensed) to be loaded into E-Readers or installed on computer systems.

  • No Copyright release is given or implied through electronic editions.

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General Non Fiction Books on Disk
FamilyIndexesMilitaryScotch-IrishElectronic POD
AlabamaGeorgiaIllinoisKentuckyMarylandMissouriNorth CarolinaPennsylvaniaSouth CarolinaTennesseeVirginiaVirginia ParishWest Virginia

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Click Here for Alabama/Civil War - CD

EASTERN SHAWNEE - Expanded Index of the Eastern Shawnee Census, Per Capita Rolls and Lists of Guardians and Administrators | EG585-$5.00 | Also available in print.


Gregath Indian Collection CDINDIAN COLLECTION - Currently includes Eastern Shawnee (EG585), Ottawa (G595), Peoria (G600), Quapaw (EG605), Seneca (EG610), and Shawnee-Cherokee (EG625), Wyandotte (EG627) and a bonus (EG631), by Gregath Company, Inc. CD(s) or CD - PDF*, searchable with newer acrobat versions. wholesale price eligibleEG630-$25.00 Internet Exclusive!  |  Also available in print.  | Also available individually POD.

Click Here for Indian Wars - CD

KentuckyMarylandMilitaryMissouriNorth Carolina

Oklahoma Biographical Index, Helen Lemley. 8½x11", CD, 292 pages. An index of biographies of residents of Oklahoma from twenty five different sources covering a time period from 1880-1957. Great resource for those looking for material on specific Oklahomans. ADE1016-$35.00 | Also available in print.

Expanded Index of the Ottawa Census, Annuity Rolls and Administrations | Also available in print. | More Information EG595-$5.00Forgotten Oklahoma Records "CHEROKEE Land Allotment Book", by Fredrea Gregath Cook

other formats available by special orderForgotten Oklahoma Records "CHEROKEE Land Allotment Book", by Fredrea Gregath Cook, originally published 1981. CD - PDF*, 460 pages, indexed, third printing. Transcriptions of the last land allotments of the Northern District of the Cherokee Nation, made in present day Ottawa County, Oklahoma. EG570-$40.00 | Also available in print. OTTAWA County (Oklahoma) School Census Records, 1912-1915, Vol. I

OTTAWA County (Oklahoma) School Census Records, 1912-1915, Volume I, by Fredrea Gregath Cook & Donna Seamon Reeves, 2005. CD - PDF*, 154 pages, Alphabetical Surname listings, cross-indexed. EG1035-$15.00 | Also available in print. | Click here for more details.

PennsylvaniaElectronic POD

Slowing the March of Time PRESERVING and PROTECTING Items of Historical Significance | EG541-$5.00 Smashwords Edition $2.99 | Also available in print | Free Website Edition

PERSONAL Estate Planner, from Gregath Company, Inc.PERSONAL Estate Planner, from Gregath Company, Inc., updated and reset 2000, CD, (disk includes both PDF* and Word .doc), 68 pages. Full of forms to follow and fill out, you can be sure all the information your estate needs will be in the right place when needed. A nice way to keep all your estate information up to date and in one place. Doesn't matter how your handwriting is, in Word, set for overtype, fill out the forms and print. With most other formats, print out and fill in. wholesale price eligibleEG542-$20.00 Binders available | Also available in print.

Picher (Oklahoma) High School Various Years Annuals, Full Electronic Edition by Fredas Cook, 2006-2007. Contact for more details.

Click Here for Pennsylvania - CD

QUAPAW - Expanded Index of the Quapaw Tribal Census and Issues | EG605-$5.00 Also available in print.


SENECA - Expanded Index of the Seneca Census, Annuity Rolls and List of Guardians and Administrators | EG610-$5.00 Also available in print.

SHAWNEE-CHEROKEE - Index to the 1889 Roll of the Shawnee Cherokees | EG625-$5.00 Also available in print.

South CarolinaTennessee

TOURING Washington DC | G549-$6.00 | FREE on Smashwords | Also available for purchase in print.

VirginiaVirginia ParishWest Virginia

CD: WRITING Family History Or Genealogy For Pleasure and ProfitWRITING Family History Or Genealogy For Pleasure and Profit Complete Edition, by Gregath Company, Inc., CD PDF*, searchable with newer acrobat versions, suggestions & examples of all facets of your project for the typist and/or computer user. wholesale price eligibleEG550-$10.00 Also available in print.

WYANDOTTE - Journal of the Wyandotte Legislative COMMITTEE | wholesale price eligibleEG626-$10.00 Also available in print.

Expanded Index to Various WYANDOTTE Tribal Rolls Between the Years 1872 and 1884 | EG627-$10.00 Also available in print.

Custom Collections! Mix and Match any EG#. Buy just what you want, when you want it - contact us for prices/formats.

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Indexes on Disk

PDF* - EG/ER# books include bookmarks within each file and a cross-linked Table of Contents and can be read with the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader program.

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