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Adair County Kentucky Census 1810, softbound book. AD059-$9.00

Adair County Kentucky Tax List 1810 1852-1894, softbound book. AD060-$9.00

Kentucky Ancestry, A Guide to Genealogical and Historical Research, by Roseann Reinemuth Hogan. Approx. 5½x8½", softbound book, 398 pages. AD956-$25.00

Ballard County, Kentucky BIRTHS and Deaths 1852-1894, by Barbara Smith. 8.5x11", softbound book. AD2013-$22.50

Click here to go to our Ballard County Kentucky Census books.

Ballard County Kentucky Dr. Moffitt's Medical Book, softbound book. AD064-$18.75

Click here to go to our Caldwell County Kentucky books.

Click here to go to our Calloway County Kentucky books.

Sketches of Early Catholic Missionaries in Kentucky in 1787-1827, by Spaulding, softbound book. AD692-$14.00

Click here to go to out Christian County, Kentucky books.

Click here to go to our Fulton County, Kentucky books.

Garrard County, Lancaster, Kentucky Volume 1: 4760 Deaths Reported in and Chronological Index to Selected Articles from Lancaster, The Central Record, by Kenneth E. Weant, 2009. 8.5x11", 210 pages, softbound book, covers April 5, 1895 to December 31, 1914. The weekly Central Record was a Democrat paper which reported on the Political and Editorial topics of the area. It featured local reporters from Marksburg, Nina, Paint Lick, Manse, Buckeye, Preachersville, Lowell, Flatwood, Bryantsville, Mt. Hearon, and Buena Vista, among others reporting on local news of their neighborhoods. Many of the pages are difficult to read due to ink bleed-through, fading, foxing, and wear - including where copies have turned totally black. Most deaths, births, and marriages were reported as one liner news notes under local correspondents reports. Few obituaries were reported in the early issues, since the editor charged extra for obituaries. Because many cemetery records only list the year of death, all deaths - however small the article - were indexed. As many occurred other places than Garrard County, or even Kentucky, they may provide invaluable clues for further research. This volume reports deaths from six foreign countries, 36 of the United States and 46 of the 123 Kentucky Counties. AD2278-$28.00

Click here to go to our Graves County, Kentucky books.

Click here to go to our Hickman County, Kentucky books.

Click here to go to our Jackson Purchase of Kentucky books - includes Hickman.

Click here to go to our Jefferson County, Kentucky books.

Click here to go to our Leslie County, Kentucky books.

Livingston County Kentucky Funeral Home Records, by Steven A. Birchfield, softbound books, indexed.
AD293-$15.00 Volume 1 - 1929-1946 (Kennedy)
Volume 2 - 1946-1958 (Kennedy)
Volume 3 - 1950-1967 (Smith)
Volume 4 - 1968-1979 (Smith)

Livingston County Kentucky Tax Lists, softbound books:
1801-1802 AD291-$8.00
1817-1820 AD292-$8.00

Logan County, Kentucky Census and Tax List 1820 & 1830, softbound book. AD2024-$15.00

Lyon County Kentucky Birth Records, softbound books:
1853-1862 AD298-$13.00
1874-1910 AD299-$23.00

Lyon County Kentucky Death Records 1853-1877, softbound book. AD318-$23.00

Lyon County Kentucky Marriage Records, softbound books:
Volume 1 - 1854-1877 AD319-$23.00
Volume 2 - 1875-1890 AD320-$23.00

Click here to go to our McCracken County Kentucky books

Click here to go to our Marshall County Kentucky books

Click here to go to our Jackson Purchase of Kentucky books - includes McCracken

Click here to go to our Trigg County Kentucky books


Union County Kentucky Crutcher Account Book 1857-1893, softbound book. AD484-$25.00

Warren County Kentucky Marriage Records 1797-1851, softbound book. AD485-$22.50

For more KY books see also "C", Kentucky Census, Military Records, Family History, and Kentucky Electronic Media Sections

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