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Don't already have your manuscript digitized? We offer that service!

The Batchelor Family E-bookPublishing electronically, by disk or other removable media, can be the answer to budget prayers! Current basic textual media standard is compact disc (CD) for smaller work and digital video disc (DVD) for larger work or multi-media books. The down side is that, especially for genealogy books, the potential reader may not even own a computer, much less a handheld device. While readers may or may not enjoy all of the advantages of the newest technologies, most enjoy the lower cost of an electronically published book.

Top reasons to publish electronically "by disk":

  1. Accessible without internet connection.

  2. More easily definable and traceable sold "copy" then pure electronic file.

  3. Physical product to give to paying customers -  for something concrete "in hand".

  4. Low storage space requirements - a disk or few, chip, card, USB drive, etc. instead of 6 inches on the bookcase.

  5. Easily update customers by including update links, blog, cloud access, and/or emailing customers with provided update contacts for ongoing, value added, bonuses.

The total basic costs for publication and delivery include electronic manuscript preparation (converting your hardcopy or disk files to final "master" manuscript) plus media (CD/DVD/USB) reproduction, packaging (design and implementation), shipping/order fulfillment, and advertising. In many cases the electronic manuscript preparation for a book sent to us on disk can be waived if little adjustment is needed - email us for details.

The world is embracing the standard of PDF for E-books! A PDF book can be prepared simply by converting existing electronic files, or scanning hard copy. Most savvy authors provide "extras" in electronic format. Whether this means more content, better quality (color verses b/w), or improved functionality (searchable vs index, cross linked with itself and online, etc.).

PDF is just one easy way to make a compilation publication. Do you or your group have several research titles of a given theme or area? Whether they are all still currently in print in traditional book form or not, consider publishing a research collection on disk. This is a great alternative when an author doesn't  wish to keep a valuable title in print. While some choose POD as an option, others may consider electronic publishing. Offering this format, even if your books are hard or soft bound and in print, can appeal to many who are interested in bargain shopping.

Even if you offer the electronic edition at only a $5.00 savings. Those who choose to buy a $40 CD that you have $15 invested in electronic publishing increases your profit over $45 book that you have $35 invested in the printed book. For a book that required research, many already know that it is rare to actually recoup 100% of all research costs. However "profit" can be used for more research, funding collectors editions, or mad money!

Publishing electronically by disk is absolutely a less expensive avenue for publishing than a traditional printed book. Instead of purchasing paper, ink, covers, and a lot of production time, you are purchasing removable storage and computer production time - the finished product usually costs a lot less to ship as well!

Your book may be placed on a variety of removable media formats: Currently, an optical disc CD is the most economical option for small (up to approximately 650 megabytes/MB) or primarily textual books.  The information may be published in different formats in the same electronic book, or for different editions. For those who wish to forgo a physical book altogether, this data can also be published for e-readers or accessed online.

If you project is over 600 MB in size, we suggest looking toward DVD, as storage varies from about four and a half gigabytes to just under 18 GB - regardless of file type. If the book contains strong video components, DVD also lends itself well as it can be configured to be played on a home entertainment system rather than a computer. Some large book projects may be better suited to USB or memory cards - depending on your audience.

Want a book that's more multi-media? Microsoft Office users may be surprised at the ease of using PowerPoint, once they get used to the depth of possibilities.

Click here for more about audio.

Electronic book on "disk" (removable media) publishing may be accomplished with:

Different packaging options are all things to consider (most of which can be affixed to a hybrid cover)...

Do you have more than 500 pages in you book manuscript, but still prefer a printed hard cover?
Do you have so many good color photos, it's hard to make them black and white for economy?
Consider offering free "bonus" web content, or a "hybrid" printed book and CD/DVD combo package!

Cut the size "in print", but adding a CD (and/or DVD) to the back of the book. Place most (if not all) of your photos (color, black and white, etc) and documents on a disc for the back (or online). Place forms, charts, and additional material you may not have justified "in print" space for on the disc. Add video, audio, and anything else to the book that you can think of. Even photos that you place in the book b/w, if they are color, there is no reason to exclude them (click here for web example). Many times, this "hybrid" book approach can lend much more enjoyment to a book project, while saving money for the bottom line.

Anything else to the book that you can think of: Even photos that you place in the book b/w, if they are color, add them to the CD. Many times, this "hybrid" book approach can lend much more enjoyment to a book project, while saving money for the bottom line. The CD can be placed directly on a hub (or nub) attached to the book. Generally, you can find these on the inside of the back cover. They can also be placed in sleeves attached to the book. If it is an optional CD, they can even be placed in loose sleeves or jewel cases.

Have lots of stuff you wish to include? Instead of producing multiple discs to bind into a book, consider attaching a USB drive to a bookmark ribbon: this can be sewn into hard cover books.

CD's also make a great value-added addition to printed books.  Add as many color photographs as you want to a book project by including supplemental disks.  CD's included with printed books can also contain audio, video, GEDCOMs, etc.

Please contact us for more information.

Basic reproduction and packaging can range from under $3.00 to $15.00 (on demand) each depending on packaging and size of order.  Large quantities can be arranged for less!

Example pricing (CD or DVD)The Batchelor Family Electronic Book
(from camera ready disk)
30 day price from August 27, 2014

10 disks with color imprint in slim jewel cases $78.00 or $7.80 each
100 disks with color imprint in slim jewel cases $304.00 or $3.04 each

10 disks with color printing in window sleeves $63.00 or $6.30 each
100 disks with color printing in window sleeves $246.00 or $2.46 each

10 disks with color printing to be placed on hub/nub (included) in back of book (quoted separate) $64.00 or $6.40 each
100 disks with color printing to be placed on hub/nub (included) in back of book (quoted separate) $264.00 or $2.64 each

Click here for select full package eBook pricing.

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