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Specialty Hard Binding

Specialty binding can be on a book-by-book basis, or by the 100's. However, every project is different. If you have an idea of what you want and can describe it, we'll be happy to quote the project. Below are a few popular options.

Custom binding material - Do you like the deluxe or standard product, but want to switch covering material? Other materials available include Kennett, Pearl Linen, Portofino, and more.

All covers are available as part of a complete publishing package, POD (small quantity charges may apply), and binding-only services: GCI does not make available raw materials for direct sale.

Spania print hardbinding cover fabric samples: Blue, Green & Grey

Optional binding - Do you like the basic deluxe or standard product, but want to explore other binding types? Quotes can be obtained for any combination oversewn, side-sewing and adhesive hard bindings with different spine inlay types (size may dictate some choices).

Hand Set Type - On foil imprint, hand set type offers much greater options of size and font than system stamping, without going to the expense of an artwork plate.

Ribbon book marks - Quotes for ribbons sewn into the spine can be made, but average $3.00-5.00 per book.

Dust Jackets - Quotes for these additions to hard bound books can be obtained. Prices may range up to $5.00 per book. Economical alternative is color binding.

Text Mount | Fine Binding/Leather | Re-casing | Debossing/Embossing

Spiral bound book binder | Custom End Sheets | Custom Portfolios

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Buckram, square backed book with front and back covers applied - text mount hard coverText Mount - sometimes referred to as an overlay cover: Starting with either an existing softbound book or a fresh book block with cover art, the books are bound with a quality Library Binding Institute (LEI) binding in buckram (other material may be arranged). Thin books may be stitched or double fan fold adhesive. Thicker books will be notched for a stronger adhesive bound book. The cover art, or original cover (paper or fabric) is then adhered to the front of the book, creating a durable and dynamic cover. This is a way to get that important color cover, without sacrificing the buckram durability. All text mount books feature the following as a strong basis:

Above photograph is example of binding, this book is not associated with this company.

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Custom photographs - sometimes referred to as an overlay cover: Using text mount is the way to add photographs to a standard or deluxe bound book. This carries all the standard costs, plus the extra material and hand application. Today, most authors opt for the more economical color cover.

This cover just has the photo glued on to a foil imprinted cover. This doesn't protect the edges at all and as photo is above cover surface, shelf and usage wear starts immediately.

This deluxe binding has a custom plate stamped in gold, as well as one blind debossing to provide the concave area to glue the photo in and the frame. Blind stamping saves wear on the added photograph and provides a polished look.

A plain blind debossing provides the concave area to glue the photo with one line foil text (system stamping) imprint. Blind debossing saves wear on the added photograph.

Above photographs are examples of binding, these books are not associated with this company.

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Fine Binding: The sky is the limit. Choose any binding material from high end fabrics, fine papers and superior man made materials to bonded leather or genuine lambskin. Choose your cover material, then choose your imprint foils from a large selection of specialty impression material from pearl color pigment to holographic foil and back again. Work with our staff to design a single foil imprint, or an interlocking set of specialty artwork plates to energize the book with a variety of imprints. For a touch of understated elegance, stamping plates can be stamped without any impression material. This blind imprint creates a more subtle impression, not seen on most books. All fine bound books can feature the following as a strong basis:

Click here for cover plate artwork ideas

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Debossing (sometimes referred to as embossing): Standard and deluxe bindings can have any number of specialty plates made for the project. Not only can larger spines have their own special plate, but the back as well. They can be used together to create more depth by using different foils. Blind debossing can also be done for a more subtle effect or to improve the book's lifetime if adding photographs or other material.

Double debossing - metallic gold and matte red foil.

Double debossing - metallic gold and matte black foil.

 Double debossing - gold foil and blind or blank around the photo.

Above photographs are examples of binding, these books are not associated with this company.

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Custom Portfolios: Sometimes a durable folder is needed. This can be anything to a hardcover notebook cover to an elegant folder of a custom size. These can be singular, or reproduced in quantity for family of fund raising. These can be produced in anything from genuine lambskin, to durable buckram. The inside is finished with a coordinating cover material. These can be stamped or plain, in your chosen size.

Outside of our Calumet hard cover notebooks - custom debossing:


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Spiral (softbound) book binders: A quick and easy solution developed specifically for spiral (coil) bound books, works nearly as well with comb bindings. This option can be a "do it yourself" project, or softbound books may be sent in for binder insertion. Insertion entails slipping the spiral of the book over the strap, attaching the polypropylene lock through the spine hole and strap or wire, applying the lock nut on the inside of the binder and clipping the end of the shaft to the appropriate length. Flexing the covers in the opposite direction once before inserting your spiral book helps the continuous board binder lie better. The binder is available in a variety of dimensions that accommodate several spine thicknesses.

The sandstone archival back board (.040) is scored and flexed to form the binder’s spine. The clear front cover (.020 PETG), attached with durable C grade cloth, shows the cover of the book you insert. The size of the spine determines whether a strap or other attachment will work best with your book.

Contact us with your project information and quantity for a quotation on services or materials.

Please click here current binding selection page.

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Custom End Sheets - Quotes for special colors, printed papers, or special materials.

Black Watered Silk End Sheet

Pattern printed custom end sheet
Black and White Pattern Printed Paper End Sheet

Black and White Custom Artwork Printed End Sheet
Black and White Custom Artwork (full bleed) Printed Paper End Sheet

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